Yeonmi Park, the Young Revolutionary Activist who Seeks to Initiate Change in North Korea

At 21, Yeonmi Park is a fast rising human rights activist and North Korean defector. She is becoming a representative of the oppressed and an inspiration for freedom-loving people around the globe. She was raised up and taught on how to worship their Dear Leader, Kim Jong-Il. She was also taught on hating those against the regime of North Korea.
Currently, Yeonmi is pursuing her degree in Criminal Justice from the Dongguk University. Yeonmi has received much recognition and has been invited to different programs to share her story. Yeonmi has been making appearances on, Now On My Way to Meet You, which is a variety show that does it best enhance cohesion between North and South Koreans. Yeonmi has made speeches in various forums and helped the world comprehend about the life of people living in North Korea. It is important to assert that Yeonmi is a volunteer with NAUH (Now, Action, Unity and Human Rights). She is also a member of a nonprofit organization (Liberty in North Korea) that rescues North Korean refugees in China and resettles them.
Yeonmi is outspoken about tourism in North Korea. While in North Korea, tourists bow to statues of Kim Jong II and Kim II Sung. She views this gesture as enhancing the regime’s propaganda by portraying tourists obeying and loving the North Korean leaders. Through the film Titanic, Yeonmi came to the realization of the world from the freedom perspective. The movie gave her the first taste of freedom. She realized that there existed a different world where people were willing to sacrifice themselves for purposes of love but not the state.
Her journey to freedom was full of struggles and near-death situations. While fleeing with her mother, they were severally caught and threatened to be returned to their country. They managed to get to China and started a new journey of life by having first encounter with the benefits of freedom. Since her escape, she has authored many articles that have highlighted about her plight and her journey to freedom together with her family. Yeonmi has narrated her story in several well-known events like TEDx in Bath, the One Young World summit in Dublin and the Oslo Freedom Forum. She wants the world to know the repression that the North Korean refugees undergo besides encouraging people to embrace freedoms instead of authoritarian rules.
Given her painful experience as a North Korean, Yeonmi is determined to keep the plight of North Koreans in the minds of every person around the globe. Her belief is that change will eventually be brought to her country through young people like herself. She calls her generation, “The Black Market Generation”. This is due to exposure to capitalism and Western culture, which is slowly eroding the authority of the Kim dynasty. Meanwhile, the young generation must demand an end to a government that is built on total repression, deliberate starvation, forced labor camps and institutionalized atrocities. Yeonmi is fond of referring to Martin Luther King, Jr’s quote that “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Currently, Yeonmi is writing a book about her love for penguins. She resides in Seoul, South Korea.

How to Take Good Care of Your Pet

Pets are very important for owners and their well-being is a point of interest to them. Therefore, ensuring that your pet is well fed is one of the basic sense of responsibility. As result, there have been a variety of pet food in the market all specially prepared to give your pet the nutritional value it requires to lead a healthy life. Just like humans, pets require good care and one of the ways to show good care is by feeding your pet well. Beneful is one of the leading brands of dog food that has been doing very well in the market.

A pet just like a child will depend on its owner for everything not just feeding. When you plan to own a pet, you must be prepared to give it with all the necessary attention including nourishment, medical attention, routine practice, and protect it from all possible harms that may come its way. This is quite a task but the experience is quite refreshing and satisfying. As a pet owner, you will be relieved and happy to see that your pet has the best care that it can possibly get and this can give you tremendous joy and satisfaction.

A pet being an animal can fall sick and it can have complications just like humans. Therefore, to ensure that your pets is at its best health conditions, you need to regularly have it checked by the vets. This calls for a regular check up to prevent such problems like heart diseases, tooth aches, and many more probable ailments. Regular checkups and examinations are vital because they help identify such issues at their early stages hence preventing them becomes very easy. Vet visits are quite comprehensive because they include checkups on various issues such as nutrition, weight control, vaccinations, dental checkups, and screening for various health complications.

Pet care involves sheltering your own pet and giving it a decent place to live. The rising cases of homeless pets in the United States for instance has been as a result of pet owners abandoning their responsibilities. Pet care requires pet owners to put up a good shelter for their pets to protect the animals from harsh climatic conditions that may cause harm or expose the pets to diseases. In addition to having a decent shelter for your pet, it is also your responsibility to have your pet under proper surveillance to track its movements and whereabouts at all times.

Pets’ are highly vulnerable to pest infestation and this is the main source of their diseases. In order to give your pet proper and decent care, you need to protect it from parasites and fleas. To avoid such a situation, it is imperative to assume a round the year prevention strategy. Your pet should be dewormed regularly throughout the year and this should be a routine practice when the pet seems okay health wise. This ensures that your pet is well protected from infestation and assures it of a healthy living for longer.

CCMP Capital Remembers Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray was born on August 2, 1962 and has recently loft us on March 12, 2015 at only the age of 52. He was a man who helped cofound Stephen Murray CCMP capital on wikipedia, but before doing so he started off his career by manufacturer is handover Corporation in 1984 by becoming a part of the credit analysis training program. Throughout his years he has served on the board of such major companies including generic power systems, the vitamin shoppe and Legacy hospital partners. Stephen Murray was the CEO of CCMP and it was the last firm he worked with before he resigned A month before his unfortunate demise.

He was also man who was involved with his philanthropy by supporting the Make-A-Wish foundation of metro New York, The Stamford museum and Columbia business school. He served on the board of trustees of the Boston College where he was previously a student at and got his degree in economics back in 1984. He also earned his masters degree in business and ministration from Columbia business school in 1989. The beloved father or will surely be missed by his coworkers at Stephen Murray CCMP Capital.

CCMP Capital was the private equity firm that Stephen Murray, affectionately known as Steven, last worked at. He has help the company a stab Lish the reputation as a world-class investment partner. CCMP capital has earned the trust in the business of a numerous amount of the worlds most established and successful limit partners in the private equity asset class. It has made its market for major industries:
o Consumer and retail
o Energy
o Healthcare
o Industrial

CCMP capital has made itself quite a prestigious and well-known firm for major corporations to work with. Having over 50 employees with firms all of the world such as a New York (where are the firm’s headquarters resides) and Tokyo. There is still no word if Stephen Murray Will be replaced yet or if CCMP capital Will be relying on the other CEO that has co worked with Mr.Murray. Since the announcement of Stephen Murray’s resignation due to health reasons the companies stocks was questionable for a while but she has sense bounce back. The firm does not seem to be shaken by their President and chief executive officer. I sent separating from J.P. Morgan Chase in 2006 CCMP capital has invested about 12 billion in the leveraged layouts and growth capital transaction. It really wasn’t soon after separating that CCMP was ranked 17 among worlds largest private equity funds in 2007, only one year after.

CCMP capital has already such a prestigious name to carry-on, and many high end clients in their portfolio that helps make their future appear bright and prosperous.


Highland capital management is a private company that has its premises in Dallas Texas and majorly deals with private equity. It was started back in the year 1993 and has mainly channeled its interest to alternative investment management. Since it is a very big company, they considered it wise to split into several branches to deal with specialized needs at a time. These branches include structured investment and distressed funds. Their alternative investment involves several services like long-term equity, short-term equity, and emerging markets among several other factors. It also consists of very many clients who are acquired in several ways and they include government, corporations, and financial institutions. It ties itself down to only dealing with hedged fixed income market. It also boasts of a very vast amount of assets ($18.7 billion) and employees (more than 100). It consists of international branches located in London and Singapore. These two branches have accumulated new clients for them thus increasing the client base that is good for business.

Highland capital management is headed by one James Dondero. He co-founded this company alongside another individual back in the 90s. He had initially picked up his career on a low note by being a casual analyst. His hard work and commitment were entirely responsible for his promotion to become the Portfolio Manager where he was struck by the idea to pursue investment ventures like the Collateralized Loan Obligation, which majorly deals with cars. He was later employed at the GIC Company whereby he was able to accumulate assets amounting to $2bilion, and his sole duty was to manage them efficiently. James Dondero also took up an employment position at American Express. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia and pursued a degree in Finance and Accounting. His prowess is still notable in this university as one of the students who were able to graduate with the highest honors, which are Beta Gamma Sigma and Beta Alpha Psi. Currently, he has specialized in the occupations of a management consultant and financial analyst. He holds several positions currently including MGM of Board of Directors and American Banknote and also he is also the chairman of the Board of Directors of CCS. James Dondero is also a recognized financial analyst due to his great experience in the financial industry, Credit market, and equity market. His experience amounts to 30 years in the industry.

When it comes to the factor of philanthropy, James Dondero is the individual that stands to be used as an example. His act of philanthropy has been of help to several victims tied in the bondage of difficult circumstances. This act of kindness has been channeled out to several institutions and individuals who are genuinely in need of help. His prowess in his career has received a lot of praise and jubilation. This has made him receive accolades and awards thanks to his successful career. These awards comprise of the Lipper Award and Morning Star award that are extremely distinguished awards that everybody in the industry usually yearns to covet.

Doe Deere Gives a Shot in the Arm to Female Entrepreneurship

Doe Deere, creative genius behind the brightly hued Lime Crime makeup line, recently gave an interview to Stephanie Janetos of Galore magazine. Like most female entrepreneurs, behind Deere’s pretty face lies a razor-sharp head for business. She is also a creative artist who has been named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine. Janetos talked to Doe about everything from choosing the brand’s quirky name to the explosive rise of her mega-brand.

When asked about her upbringing, Doe of Lime Crime shared that she was an artistic and imaginative kid that always had creative tools at hand and loved color. It wasn’t a far leap into makeup as a means to bring her love of colors into the world around her.

Her first makeup memory involved a slumber party at the age of 9, where they were trying to conjure “spirits.” They decided to dress up, and Doe pulled out her makeup bag and began to pile the colors on all of her friends, saying “makeup made the whole experience more authentic for me.”

Her worst makeup moments, however, happened in the early 2000’s when she discovered theatrical makeup brands like Kryolan and Ben Nye. But those cringe-worthy makeup moments were also the birthplace of the elements of fun she tries to instill into her brand now.

In 2004, when she was trying to name her new eBay store, “lime crime” was just kind of the first thing that popped into her head. She felt it invoked a sense of revolution, of breaking the rules and not being afraid to color outside the lines – and of course was reminiscent of her favorite color of green. If she had to do it over again, she might have chosen a different name, but the name stuck and she’s come to see it as something of a blessing in disguise.

Being an internet based company, she gets a lot of feedback both positive and negative but all of it immediate. She takes the good and uses it to improve herself and her brand, and lets the rest go.

When asked why she calls her fans “Unicorns,” Deere shared that to her, unicorns are people that are born different but are not ashamed of that. She feels that it takes someone really unique and special to rock the types of shades they produce and she celebrates that.

When asked about the women that she gains the most inspiration from she admitted that she is genuinely inspired by everyone; although there are a few women that are more well known from whom she definitely draws a significant amount of her inspiration, like Dita Von Teese and some of her friends on Instagram, like Elena and Stella Rose.

Being a Top Inspiring Woman Entrepreneur was never really a specific dream of hers, but that doesn’t keep her from being pleased to be recognized. She did find it “surreal” to be featured on the cover of Self-Made magazine with women who are legends in the business world, like Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington, and she just hopes that she can be a worthy role model for other aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Skout: Savvy Online Dating

Online dating, the new phase in meeting that special someone, can be found on several reputable websites. People generally register on the site of their choice and start their search for romance. Some dating sites are free, some sites charge a nominal fee for additional perks.

Some sites give a battery of questions to ascertain compatibility between the participants. Some sites just ask the person what they are looking for in a relationship.

There are some sites that appeal only to people who are looking to get married while there are other sites that are for the people who just want to date. The sites are not gender specific, however, some sites are mainly interested in attracting middle age to older adults.

Skout is an online dating website that has been around a while. The difference in Skout and other dating sites is the flexibility in ways people can contact one another through mobile apps. There’s the opportunity for people to meet in their locality, there’s the opportunity to meet people in different localities and travel to meet them, there is what is called shaker chat where people who are shaking their mobile phones are called by someone, the opportunity for teen, adult dating and social networking is also part of the dating scene at Skout.

Forget the club and taking chances on strangers. Online dating gives people the opportunity to chat with and get to know someone before they decide whether or not they want to continue with the flirtation. Most sites also do background checks and verify phone numbers wich provides an element of safety to its members.

Forget set ups and the horrors of blind dates. Be secure and confident that the next person you date will be a real winner when you find them online.

The luxury to pick and choose will be a reward in itself. No need to hurry and fall in love if that is not a goal. Play the field, weigh the merits of the intendeds, decide who will finally be the right person to develop a relationship with.

Why miss out on all the advantages of dating online? People deserve to be happy and to eventually find someone to be happy with. There is no more logical way than internet dating for this kind of happiness to happen.

The best gift a people can give themselves is a partner for life who is compatible with them. This person will a soulmate and a friend. This person will be someone who will make them happy. This person will be the perfect choice. This person will be the person people wait their whole life for.

Highland Capital: Innovative and Rewarding To Investors

Highland Capital Management was founded in 1993 and is an asset manager that counts high yield companies as its clients but in recent years has invested in equities. The company has a combined portfolio of more than $20 B. The company has been a leader in most of the sectors it has been involved in especially retail and institutional management. The products that Highland Capital offers have proved to be innovative and have won a number of awards. These include mutual funds, Collateralized Loan Obligation and separate institutional accounts.

The company started out originally as a joint venture between Mark Okada, James Dondero and Protective Life Insurance Corporation. In 1993, the two founders bought Protective Life’s stake, and Ranger Assessment L.P was born. Ranger Assessment was later renamed Highland Capital Management. Highland launched a non-CLO bank three years later but has gone on to become affiliated with nearly 40 CLOs in one way or another.
The company has expanded to Asia and South America with offices in Sao Paulo and Seoul. It has been recognized as the largest CLO manager worldwide due to its USD assets. The company has for a long time yielded returns to its investors and delivered on the promises they have made to them.

James Dondero is the cofounder and currently the President of Highland Management which is based in Dallas, Texas. James, who founded the company with Mark Okada, is also the President of NexPoint Advisors, LLP.

He graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelors degree in Commerce majoring in Accounting and Finance and were a Certified Financial Analyst and a Certified Management Accountant. He started his career at American Express where he managed over $ 1 B in income funds for the company.He stayed on for four years at the company before joining Protective Life as the Chief Investment Officer of GIC. His work here helped the company grow to become worth over $ 2B. He also worked here for four years and left to cofound Highland Capital Management. The positions he held before starting his company gave him a wealth of experience in the credits market.

At Highland, his role involves supervising and running the company’s retail and institutional investment arm.

In a nut shell, it is important for us to note that he has been recognized as the pioneer of Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO). Charles serves in the boards of a number of companies including NexBank where he is the Chairman and is the majority owner, the widely renowned MGM studios and CCS Medical. He also serves as the Chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare Earlier this year, James was appointed to the board of NexPoint Residential Trust Inc. as the Chairman. Mr. Dondero is the company’s president and the move was considered a natural one for the company.

He is also a writer and you can find his columns on his personal website ( where he shares his views on the stock market and the economy. He is actually a great man, dont you think?

Opportunity Costs in Economics

One of the many things economists study is the concept of opportunity cost. Simply put, the opportunity cost is what is given up to get something else. For example, if you decide to take a weekend vacation to the beach, the opportunity cost of that vacation maybe a new big screen television. Another example would be the opportunity cost for a company’s building a new manufacturing plant may be not giving higher dividends to their shareholders.

The concept of opportunity cost has its roots in one of economics fundamental concepts which state that all resources are limited. Even the richest individuals, corporations, and governments do not have inexhaustible resources like labor, production capacity, raw materials, or cash. Somewhere along the way, they have to make a decision that one option is better than another, recognizing the lost opportunity to do something else.

Economist, like Christian Broda, study and help make these decisions. Broda is currently the managing director for the hedge fund Duquesne Capital Management. A hedge fund is a pool of capital provided by investors much like a mutual fund, but with some important differences. Everyday Broda on and his fund managers make decisions involving their investors money seeking to maximize their returns by weighting different investment strategies, and the opportunity costs of those options. By investing in one company, then the opportunity cost may be not being able to invest in another.

Broda earned a Masters and Ph.D. in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology after graduating with honors from Universidad de San Andres, in his native Argentina. After working at the New York Federal Reserve Bank, Broda began teaching at the University of Chicago where he gained tenure. He has published numerous papers in peer-reviewed academic journals as well as the business press.

Even though many people think of opportunity costs as having a dollar value, it really is a ratio of what is gained to what is lost. Rarely can the opportunity costs be accurately calculated in terms of money. Also, opportunity costs are in a near constant flux as time and conditions change and decisions are made. For example, buying a new espresso maker may result in the lost ability to replace your sofa. However, next month the replacement sofa may result in the opportunity cost of having to forego a weekend vacation.

The decision-making process is studied by a specialized branch of economics called behavioral economics. These social scientists try to understand why we make the economic decisions we do. Economic theory is based on the idea that everyone makes decisions that maximize their return. However, many people don’t do that and make decisions that end up costing us more money, or return less than we could have otherwise have made. For example, one experiment tested whether people would rather receive a dollar today, or wait for tomorrow and receive five dollars. Even though waiting was clearly the best option, many participants elected to take the immediate payout. Learning about opportunity costs can be a tool we use when we have to choose what option is in our best interest.

OrganoGold CEO Bernardo Chua Introduces Healthy Coffee To Turkey

Turkey is known as one of the earliest known coffee drinking communities in the history of the world and the location of the world’s first coffeehouse. The country that gave the world the coffeehouse is now to see the introduction of one of the world’s first healthy coffee beverages in the shape of the Organold brand of coffee. Infused with the healthy ganoderma extract, OrganoGold is well known for including the extract that has been a major part of ancient Chinese medicine for centuries.

OrganoGold is the latest introduction into the multi level marketing industry of the direct selling expert Bernardo Chua. The OrganoGold brand was established within a healthy coffeehouse in the small town of Richmond, Canada where Bernardo Chua had moved his headqaurters to in a bid to expand his business empire into North America. Now based in Canada, the Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal winner has seen OrganoGold win many consumer voted awards in his homeland of the Philippines. Bernardo Chua saw OrganoGold voted the top direct selling company in the world by consumers in the Philippines, who have made the company one of the most successful in the history of the country for Bernardo Chua.

The decision to move into Turkey is not one that has been taken lightly by Bernardo Chua, who has studied the country in detail to make sure it is a promising area for organoGold to expand into. The Turkish population has now been seen to have a younger look than many in the world and sees many residents looking to live a healthy and active lifestyle. The use of the ganoderma extract makes OrganoGold a good option for these individuals as the healthy coffee beverage is known to assist with living an active lifestyle.

Ganoderma is well known to followers of Chinese medicine who understand the extract can be used as an antioxidant and have benefits for those hoping to maintain the health of their liver. The many properties of OrganoGold coffee have made it one of the most popular direct selling products in the world and the addition of a number of inspirational literary products have now been added to the range, which will soon be available to the people of Turkey.

Tips For Hiring A Home Cleaning Company From Handy

Looking for help is something that many people will need to do during their lives. A person may need to have help have for various kinds of tasks home related work that needs to be done such as caring for their kids, preparing for a party and helping them make sure that their house is as clean as possible. Cleaning a house in particular needs to be done several times a week in many instances in order for a house to feel like a home. A house that is in good shape is one that will be cleaned on a regular basis. Otherwise, the house may easily fall into disrepair.

Keeping a house in the best shape possible is not always the easiest thing to do. Many people find that it is hard to make the time to clean their house all the time. They are often very busy in life with issues such as work and caring for their children. Getting help from outside sources is often the best way to make sure that their house feels like a home and invites people inside in a way that is welcoming and inviting as well as relaxing and calm. A house that has frequently cleared of clutter is one that will be a place where the owner can retreat from the cares of the day.

When looking for a cleaning company like Handy, it is often ideal to keep certain aspects in mind during the entire process. Most people will need a cleaning company that is able to come over their house when they need them to be there. This may be at least once or twice a week or it may be just once a in while. Many people also want to have a cleaning company that is able to provide them with many workers at once in order to make sure that the cleaning is done as quickly as possible in a short period of time. The best possible cleaning company is one that will be able to work with all of the homeowner’s needs and specific wants.

This process can be made much easier with the help of an app called Handy. Handy is that is designed to help connect providers of cleaning services with new clients in their area. The site asks companies to apply to be included in a process that allows the company to show up with a user does a search here. In turn, Handy guarantees any user that they can have a list of companies that can show up in their house when they need to have them on hand. All companies that sign up with the app are fully investigated by company staffers to make sure that they can provide the exact services that anyone hiring them needs from a cleaning company.