Kyle Bass and China

Economies rise and economies fall, and those who understand the trend really have the keys to it all. One who understands better than most is a financier by the name of Kyle Bass. A hedge fund manager currently based in Texas, Kyle Bass has been working successfully in financial markets for quite a while. He exploded onto the worldwide financial scene by predicting the sub-prime lending crisis of 2008 and subsequently capitalizing on it. Since then he has had a number of other successful predictions, among them notes on a deflating Japanese economy that resulted in the government meting out stimulus packages.

Currently Kyle Bass has been examining the Chinese economy, and what he has found may be disturbing for those living in China. But for the savvy financier, Bass’ findings could prove especially lucrative. Bass has noticed that the Gross Domestic Product of China is less than the amount of money they’re spending via loans and other means. In layman’s terms, China is writing bad checks; the country is making purchases with money that they don’t have. Like using one credit card to pay off another credit card, eventually the cycle implodes. China is headed quickly this direction, and to add insult to injury, Bass has noticed that surrounding countries are loaning in a way which he has termed “aggressive”. Since these satellite Asian countries also depend on China’s GDP, when the juggernaut comes crashing down, they’ll follow by proxy.

But there are many who are also skeptical of Bass’ predictions. Recently he began an organization called the “Coalition For Affordable Drugs”. It was the purpose of this coalition to decrease the cost of necessary pharmaceutical-grade medication. They were successful in their aim; so successful that the stock value of a several high-profile pharmaceutical organizations decreased, and Kyle Bass was able to cash in on that decrease. Naturally, it appears as though he’s rigged the market; but according to congress this was done legally. Not that congress approved; as soon as Kyle’s loophole was noticed both sides waxed bipartisan and scrambled to cover the damages–money’s a unifying agent in American politics; always has been.

In addition to this clever financing scheme, Kyle Bass is also a compatriot of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, a known socialist Argentinian women of some means. Since Bass is himself an Argentine, perhaps his aims are simply congenial; but there are many who are skeptical.

Whatever the case, Bass is on the scene and he’s blogging about it all the time; and he hasn’t gaffed bad enough to be ejected from it yet. It makes sense to keep an eye on him, then; as with increase of wealth comes increase of knowledge access. If Bass is right, there are other financiers who could profit from it as well. If he’s wrong, folks could lose money. At this point, there’s nothing for it but to wait and see.

Bruce Levenson Acquired A New Client

On August 13th, 2012, LocationInsight LLC, one of the most trusted providers of proprietary local search marketing software, reported the success of their financial partnership with United Communications Group, which led to the acquisition of $5 million for a buy-out involving InfoNow Corporation. Since 1977, Bruce Levenson and Ed Peskowitz have served as the primary directors of United Communications Group. Throughout the past fifteen years, LocationInsight LLC has offered the best product locators for major corporations and enterprises across the country. Moreover, the uniqueness of the company lies in their innovative search solutions that drive results for branded and unbranded queries. LocationInsight LLC Proprietary Business Solutions -The success of the company’s innovative campaign integrations is the direct result of many call-to-action features that generates substantial leads and revenue. -By utilizing exclusive local search engine optimization content management tools as well as complex syndication systems, the company’s internet-based locator technology is greatly enhanced. -LocationInsight LLC is known for continually implementing local content across a variety of web platforms such as online directories, search engine optimization landing pages, Google Places and Maps, Bing and Yahoo Profile pages as well as social media networks like Foursqure, Facebook, and Twitter. -In the future, LocationInsight LLC plans to complement the current service model with a SaaS version in order to attract more advertising agencies as loyal clients. The company also intends to expand their sales and marketing departments as well as fine-tune their existing product locator platform. According to Ari Kaufman, who is the chief executive officer of LocationInsight LLC, his team is extremely excited to have United Communications Group for a strategic financial partner as the successful Maryland-based company is most recognized for creating profitable bottom lines following the acquisition of a business. Furthermore, Levenson and his group of highly qualified professionals will provide their new client with ample support throughout the buy-out, especially as LocationInsight LLC experiences profound company growth. Todd Foreman, United Communications Group chief executive officer believes that LocationInsight LLC is well positioned for great expansion as the company is led by one of the most seasoned leaders in the industry. Moreover, he recognizes that Kaufman and his product development team will definitely benefit from the corporation’s thirty-five years of successfully providing software and business information solutions. About LocationInsight LLC LocationInsight LLC is one of the leading providers of unprecedented local search marketing solutions to many prominent advertising agencies and major corporations such as American Express, Western Union, and Bank of America. Since their launch about fifteen years ago, the company has excelled in optimizing business locations in order to generate rewarding results from product queries. About United Communications Group Founded in 1977 by Bruce Levenson and Ed Peskowitz, United Communications Group is one of the best companies that specializes in published information for a variety of industries like oil/energy, healthcare, banking/finance, mortgage/real estate, technology. The ultimate goal of the corporation is to drive business growth through the utilization of strategic guidance and sound practices.

The Amazing Men’s Shoes of the 2015 Winter Season

Men’s shoes have always been a very integral part of men’s fashion. A man’s shoe can really say a lot about him. From skate shoes to work boots, it has been interesting to see the shift in the world of Men’s fashion when it comes to italian shoes. The 2015 winter season is unique when it comes to Men’s fashion regarding shoes. In the winter 2015 season, it seems as though there is a revival of rugged 70s style. This is playing off into the shoes of 2015 as well. More manly and rugged shoes are the rage when it comes to the winter 2015 season.

In 2015, there has also been a very large emphasis on the clean look as well. This goes to show in the shoes when we see a modern twist on elegant shoes that are very clean and not overdone. These shoes help to create a very professional and put together look. Minimalist stylings are becoming more popular this year and it is really showing in the shoe selection that is available. Ornate designs on shoes aren’t as in this year as they have been in the past.

Paul Evans is a designer who has really captured the clean and professional look in his designs. There are many designers who have tried to copy Evans’ style, but they are all imitators of what Evans has perfected so well. The demand for Paul Evans shoes this 2015 winter season is going to be great as they integrate so well with the 2015 winter season styles. The boots that are available in the Paul Evans collection will work very well with many of the winter styles that are becoming so popular in 2015. These styles will also work very well with the high end high top sneakers that are becoming so popular from Paul Evans.

Brad Reifler and the Introduction to Investment Programs

Innovative Investment Fund and Forefront Capital
It has been announced originally that Brad Reifler and Forefront Capital have offered a highly Innovative Investment Fund. This will cater to the approximately 99 percent of individuals. These are the most current investment programs. Forefront Income Trust does cater to the non-accredited investor.

The Securities and Exchange Commission do have guidelines established. The accredited investor must be a corporation. The following would also be included:
* Any person with an individual joint worth, net worth, or a joint net worth with the person’s spouse. This would need to exceed one million dollars. This would be at the time of the actual purchase. This would exclude the value of the primary residence of the individual.

* any individual who has an income that exceeds 200,000 dollars that would be in each of the two current years. This would include a spouse that exceeds 300,ooo dollars for the years and would include a realistic expectation of that same level of income within the current year.
These may be viewed as accredited investor standards or guidelines. These were designed originally to offer protection to shareholders . This would be from any risky investments. Brad Reifler had created this program to provide investment opportunities for those in the middle class.

A Serial Entrepreneur
Brad Reifler is known as a serial entrepreneur. He is a the chief executive and founder of Forefront Capital. He has held this position since May, 2009. Mr. Reifler has a strong and solid business background. He has an impressive family in every way. His grandfather is Ray E. Friedman. This is the founder of Refco. Brad Reifler is indeed a serial entrepreneur in many ways. He does come from a background in finance and business. This is an individual who can offer well over 30 years of experience.

A graduate of Bowdoin College
Brad Reifler is indeed credible. He is a graduate of Bowdoin College as well as a serial entrepreneur. Bowdoin College is a private liberal arts college. It is located in the coastal Maine town of Brunswick. He obtained a degree in Economics and Political Science. He founded his first company in the year 1982.This was Reifler Trading Corporation. Mr. Reifler did have a grand start to his grand career at Bowdoin College.

Handy: Selecting A Reliable Home Cleaning Services

These days, many people are pressed for time and are unable to do their own cleaning. Professional residential cleaning services are available, and they strive to handle this demanding task for people who have a tight schedule or who are not interested in doing their own home cleaning. 

If you are on the lookout for a good cleaning service provider, consider Handy Home Cleaning Service. Handy is certainly the best home cleaning company, providing top quality services across the country. Handy has been around for many years and is highly regarded in the industry and among customers. Handy has a team of well trained house cleaners, and ensures that only the most reliable workers join their team.

Reputation matters a lot when it comes to deciding who to hire for your home cleaning need. There are many residential cleaning service providers out there but you need to understand that not all of those offering this service, has the ability or quality resources to meet your need. You definitely should go with a company that has an established history of meeting customers’ needs. 

Before Handy chooses who to work with, the company performs a thorough background check and only the vetted individuals are allowed to go into customers’ home. This great and assures you that your home is in good hands. These professionals arrive with all the equipment and supplies need to do a great job. They get to work right away, rendering outstanding residential cleaning. 

Some people find a good residential cleaning company by asking for recommendations. They contact friends, relatives or colleagues to find out if they have utilized a professional cleaning service and how satsfied they were. Word of mouth is a proven way to find a reliable service provider, and it works well in the home cleaning arena. If someone you know and trust recommend a service provider, such as a home cleaning company, chances are that company is good choice.

Many people find out about Handy through a friend, family member or colleague. That’s because Handy does a great job, and the company’s residential cleaning experts are highly dedicated to rendering only the best quality service. And they will treat your home as if it were their own home. When you choose Handy, you can rest assured that your home will receive the attention and care it needs and deserves. 

Ask for a few recommendations if you are concerned about the ability of their cleaning crew. You can contact the references and ask about the quality of service they received from the cleaning company. Many people will not hesitate to let you know about the company or professional that provided service to them. Make certain the residential cleaning service providers appear on schedule and are polite as well. A great cleaning service will certainly elicit feedbacks that will encourage you to hire them right away. 

Handy Home Cleaning Service is your best choice for quality service that will keep your home looking appealing and comfortable.

HEADS Propaganda: Keeping Brazil’s Advertising Brilliant

Unlike any other country, Brazil has its fair share of advertising methods and advertising companies. But what sets Brazil apart from the others is their advertising is seen as producing some of the world’s most creative advertisements. With the surge of the internet and mobile technologies there are even more avenues to advertise specific products, services and companies. Brazil’s marketing and advertising companies have invested and capitalized on pre-roll video advertisements; these are those video ads that play prior to video content on the internet. Aside from the internet forum of marketing, there are still commercial advertisements as well as print media. The innovative design of Brazilian marketing has set it on a higher pedestal compared to other advertising around the world.

With dozens and dozens of Brazilian marketing firms, there are a few that stand out among the rest. The HEADS Propaganda is one of the most notable marketing businesses in Brazil. Cláudio Loureiro is a prominent business professional on Facebook and in Brazil and is the CEO of this advertising company. This marketing and advertising giant was founded in 1989 in a time when Brazil’s economic situation was bleak. HEADS Propaganda is well known for its value in empowerment. Mr. Lourerio brings his creative genius and his past experiences with him which helps make HEADS Propaganda one of the best marketing agencies in Brazil. The advertising firm focuses on different strategies in communication. Mr. Lourerio and his company hold high standards and pursue excellence for all of their clients.

Advertising in Brazil will continue to be seen as one of the most groundbreaking around the world. Advertising and marketing helps the private business world connect with the people in society. The imagination runs wild when it comes to promoting services and consumer products in Brazil. Advertising firms, like HEADS Propaganda, will continue to push the envelope and overcome challenges in the marketing arena.

Bruce Levenson SellsThe Hawks for $ 850 Million

Bruce Levenson is known to many as the co-founder and also a partner in the United Communications group. Bruce Levenson on time also owns the Atlanta Spirit.

In 1977, Bruce Levenson, in partnership with Ed Peskowitz, he managed to co found the UCG. Today, after 27 long years, the company is still operating, and Bruce Levenson is still the person in charge of the institution’s business strategies. Up to date, he is very instrumental when the institutions wants to acquire anything.

Before the formation of the UCG Company, Levenson was a writer in the Washington Star and also in the Observer Publishing. He was also working as a director in

Bruce Levenson served as a member of the Board of Directors in the Newsletter and also in the Electronic Publishers Association. He was once the President of the I Have a Dream Foundation which is based in Washington. Up to date, Bruce is also known to be quite involved in several philanthropic activities to the community.

Bruce Levenson has attained a lot in education too. He has a bachelor’s degree in arts from the Washington University. He is also a law graduate from the American university which is found in Washington DC.

In 2004, Bruce Levenson, in partnership with Mr. Gearon and several other people bought the Hawks, the famous NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers. They also bought the operating rights for the Philips Arena. The whole transaction cost them approximately $250 million. After sometime, the partners decided to sell Thrashers for $ 170 million. Later on, the Thrashers relocated to Winnipeg after the sale.

September last year, Bruce Levenson decided to sell his shares in the team. He decided to do this after he had some misunderstandings with the general manager of the Hawks team. A month after the news of the sale were announced, he hired people to be in charge of the sale. The operating rights to the Philips arena were supposed to be sold too. The person in charge of the sale made Levenson to believe that the transaction would give him at least $1 billion.

The Ressler’s group, decided to buy the team from Bruce at a cost of $850 million. The group is made up of Grant Hill, former NBA player and Jesse Itzler, the co-founder of the Marquis Jet.

The team accepted the deal fast, and they have agreed to work with the new owners. After the deal went through, Mr. Ressler told people that he was actually honored and also thrilled to be among the people chosen to become the owners of the Hawks team. He told everyone that he had a lot of respect for the NBA approval process and he was happy by the success of the team in the previous games.

Sources close to the team reported that the sale will actually be financed by cash and also the assumption of some debt. The CEO of the team, Mr. Steve Koonin and the teams Coach, Mike Budenholzer will be part of the teams long term plans.

A Role Models For Business Women

Women who would like to advance their careers would benefit from learning a little about Susan McGalla and her professional life. She is an American businesswoman who has held a variety of management, marketing, and other positions in well-known companies. Now, she is the founder of her own company. This company is called P3 Executive Consulting. She is interested in sharing her experience with women around the world. She has done this by speaking in front of many audiences. Two of the events she has spoken at include the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEOs and the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh.

Susan McGalla believes that her background has a lot to do with her success in business. She was raised by parents who believed that the gender of an individual was not something that helped or hindered them. Even though Susan had two older brothers, she was never given any special treatment as the baby in the family or as the only girl. Her parents encouraged her to work hard. When she had an idea, they encouraged her to express her idea, no matter the content of the idea or who she was expressing it in front of. This has given Susan McGalla the ability to comfortably work in male-dominated environments.

One of the things that she has shared with women is that it is important to never walk into a working environment with a chip on their shoulder, expecting prejudice or expecting special treatment. She has had this is mentality throughout her entire career, and it especially benefited her when she joined American Eagle. That was a predominantly male company. There were no women on the board or who served in executive positions. She was able to excel in that career and she has said that it was the experience of a lifetime. She believes that she was able to experience much success because of the culture changes that men and women alike were constructing in that work environment. Time and again, she has expressed a positive review of the way that the quality is becoming more and more important in business environments. Susan McGalla eventually became the president and chief merchandising officer of American Eagle Outfitters.

Susan McGalla realizes that there is a lot of change that still needs to take place. In the business world, women want to be seen as professionals, not as women who are seeking an equal position. This takes time, and it will take effort. The more stories that are able to be told and the more women who are successful in business will continue to lead to more positive changes. She is a great role model for women in business.

Something else that Susan is well-known for is being the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She has been able to use her many years of experience in managerial positions and in business to do this job well. She is married to Stephen McGalla. He works as a wealth manager

Doe Deere – The Innovative Cosmetics Creator

Doe Deere is a full pledge independent woman who has worked long and hard to achieve massive success in the makeup industry. Doe Deere is amazing at what she does because of her fast paced and natural approach to makeup creation. She has been taking the world by storm with her pterodactyl reaching the entire world. Her products are being sold in numerous locations across the globe, making her a makeup sensation. Lime Crime is her company, and they have been helping people look their best and feel their best while improving who they are with their makeup. Doe is a technology and business executive who is taking the world by storm, nod now is the time you need to learn more about who she is.

Making Women Feel More Confident

Lime Crime is known for making their makeup powerful in color. They have changed the world and industry by storm with how they approach makeup creation and design. Most women can expect to use this makeup line and practically change how they feel about themselves because of the power behind the company. Lime Crime is known for having a unique take on makeup because Doe has always wanted to help women express who they are and who they feel they are through makeup. Her innovative approach to helping women express themselves is changing the industry by storm and making women achieve their goals with their makeup.

Doe Deere – The Innovative Cosmetics Creator

She is innovative, different, and creates makeup using nothing but natural techniques. Having struggled at the beginning of her company’s journey, she became the woman that she is today; confident and financially free. Despite making money from this business, she continuously has helped numerous women attain the love for themselves she has always wanted to share. Her innovative approach to makeup has lead her to becoming one of the most well known makeup artists in the world today.

Where Can I Buy Lime Crime Makeup?

Her main website is a great place to begin to see all of her products in one place. A multitude of stores provide personal and authentic Lime Crime makeup. Even people in other countries are enjoying Doe’s creation and innovative makeup colors. Doe loved to go for different colors and really accentuating the way you look like while still sugih completely natural makeup and safe vegan items that enhance your skin. Buy Lime Crime today on her main website, and experience top of the line makeup you can be proud of.

She started this company literally with just a couple hundred bucks in her hand, and now she has an independent company that helps craft this makeup. Creativity and ideas are always bouncing off of each other, making sure that they provide top of the line ideas and products at prices that can truly benefit everybody. Lime Crime is here to give you a unique experience with quality makeup you can be proud of using on your skin. Look your best with Lime Crime.

The Wonder of Doe Deere and Lime Crime

The cosmetics industry is more than anything a creative industry, and as such, even while the industry is sometimes in need of a shakeup, the good news is that it’s a place that is alway open to new ideas. Once in awhile, a new entrepreneur comes along who has the creativity and the verve to start really shaking thing up with a new approach to how women should look. One of the entrepreneurs who is currently doing a lot to shake up the cosmetics industry is Doe Deere, who in 2007/2008 introduced her vibrant new makeup line, Lime Crime.

Working With Color

One of the keys to the Lime Crime look is Deere’s focus on intense colors. The colors in this line are bold and beautiful, and they make a statement about the boldness of the women who wear them. The use of color goes back to Doe’s earlier online project, which was a fashion line. Developing the line on, Deere learned about color and found that she had to work hard to find and create fabrics with the bold colors she wanted. When Lime Crime was launched, she went through a similar development process.

Lip Smacking Lip Color

Some of the boldest colors in the Lime Crime cosmetics line are found in the lip colors. Velvetines are an original creation from the brand, and they are the first ever “liquid to matte” lip color on the market. These lip colors use bright and bold colors that draw attention to the mouth as a beauty focus point. This unique lip color was created by Deere in a lab with a chemist who showed the same devotion to the line as she did. This lip color goes on smooth and then dries to a scrumptious matte finish, without crumbling. Velvetines are a vegan product and they have been certified “cruelty-free, “ which is an honor that Deere is rightly proud of.

Whimsical Style

Deere’s whimsical style can also be found in her other lip color, the Unicorn Lipstick line. These lipsticks go on matte but have a slightly wetter look. They offer great coverage and they come in an eye-popping color spectrum, with everything from icy pink to hot pink, fuchsia, purple, wild green, yellow, electric blue and more. It’s a stunningly bold lipstick line, and the women who wear it are as boldly beautiful as can be.

Bold, bright and beautiful. Those are three words that describe Lime Crime cosmetics and its founder, Doe Deere, as well.