Malini Saba and Her Hard Work With Business And Charity

Malini Saba is a top investor and philanthropist. Known for her work all across South Asia, she has created numerous businesses that have greatly affected the lives of countless people. Saban is a company that has retained investments of interests across the globe. Everything from oil and gas from China is acquired from Saban. As chairman of the company, Saban has used her huge power to change the world with charitable work. She started the Stree: Global Invesetments in Women, which is a non-profit organization that is focused primarily on helping low income women and children at risk, and then providing them food and resources.

Stree gave women the chance to receive access to legal empowerment, healthcare, and other help to get them back on the right track. Not only has her work been capable of helping women emotionally, but also grow successfully in the world of providing real donations to different charitable organizations. She has explained that her work in this world is merely about staying up to date on what the world and society is currently doing right now. She creates her ideas and business ventures based off of what the world is doing right now and trying to base it off of what everybody will be doing in three or five years time.

Her work in different facets of Saban and other ventures is what makes her so unique. Malini Saba works closely with her employees unlike the way other chairmans work with their employees. She works deep in the offices with not just the other managers but also with every person in the company. She has never lost touch with the idea that working one on one and creating relationships is the way to go. Her work in the world of charity is what has allowed for her to make big change. Always on the go and constantly fighting for new ideas, Malini Saba is a woman who has conviction and has changed lives of those across the globe because of her approach to business and philanthropy.

As a businesswoman and philanthropist, she has a strong connection to women and providing legitimate resources for those in horrible situations to be put back in the right spot. As a hardworking woman, Malini can definitely provide a great foundation on crafting a startup, knowing how and where to help others, and how to be a business minded person and create successful ideas.

Securus Has Made Calling The Prison Easy

We have been trying to work with inmates for a long time, and we wanted to make sure that there was always a way for the inmates to see someone who wants to check on them. The only way to do that without going to the jail has been to use Securus. Securus has made it very easy for us to check on people with video calls, and we all resolved to just download the app on our devices. We are all keeping the app on our devices, and we are all making regular calls during the week to make sure that we have checked on all the people that we are responsible for.
The calls that we make with Securus America are very secure, and they look good because Securus has set up the cameras and made everything easy for us. We just press a button to place a call, and we get to see the people that we are working with in real time. It is very easy to get these things done, and it is even easier to work with them because we can make regular calls. Regular care is the most important of our program, and that is what Securus gives us.

The Securus difference is that we all can download the app to do the same work. We do not have to worry about how long the calls take, and we do not have to worry about the calls dropping. Everything is easy to manage, and we are in a very good spot when we are trying to work with the inmates we know. We are having regular calls with everyone, and it feels really nice to make a difference in their lives so that they can get out of jail and feel like their lives can change.

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Igor Cornelsen’s Gameplan On Beating The Stock Market

When it comes to scoring big on Wall Street and bringing home the profits to Main Street, not just anyone who tosses money in the pot comes out a winner. Winning big takes a real game plan, and it’s an ongoing process that takes time, research, and strategic moves to come out on top. Nobody knows this better than Igor Cornelsen, a former big Brazilian banker who knows just about all there to know about big investments. Whether your looking to go into Forex, stocks, equities or just about any kind of investment, Cornelsen’s pointers are good to keep in mind.

One of the first things Cornelsen urges investors to keep in mind is to look at management of the company they wish to invest in. When a company has had a lot of management overturned in a short time, generally that’s a sign their stock values may be about to fall rapidly, making them a bad investment. He also advocates for investing in damaged stocks that are going to go back up once economies and markets return to normal. His best advice to purchase make multiple lower value investments in diverse markets, so that if one investment is losing value, it could offset by other investments gaining in value.

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The Career Life of Igor Cornelsen

Cornelsen, being a native Brazilian knows a lot about the markets down there and he encourages investors in the US to consider investing down there, once they’ve done their homework. His advice on investing in Brazil is to first off, get familiar with the big banks down there and their subsidiaries, and to get acquainted with native Brazilians. Second, Igor Cornelsen warns investors to pay attention to China as their economic activity has had direct effects on the Brazilian market. And then he also tells investors to be aware of the value of the real as in recent years it’s become lower.

Cornelsen was raised in Brazil where he got his education in finance and for a long time was a chief banker in several of Brazil’s major banks. Currently, he’s retired to south Florida but he does serve as a consultant for Bainbridge investments and makes appearances from time to time on various news networks. While he does spend most of his time practicing his golf swing, he is always eager to spend time with young investors helping them get familiar with domestic and foreign markets and investments.

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What Sanjay Shah Does With Solo Capital

Sanjay Shah is a very successful entrepreneur. He has run plenty of successful ventures which include Solo Capital. Solo Capital is perhaps the one company that broke him free with a successful investment firm. Sanjay Shah has started his bank after leaving another bank that was in North London. While he has spent a few years working in the finance institution, he has come to be tired of the conditions that he was working under. He was working for someone else’s bank under someone else’s schedule. He instead wanted to have his own schedule and make even more money so that he can make more donations.

One problem that Sanjay Shah had with working at these institutions was that he had to travel on his work days. When he was at work, he had to sit in a small office. The environment has proven to be taxing on him. He has decided that he wanted something better than a regular banking job in an office. In 2009, he has decided to start his own business so that he could experience the freedom that comes with owning a business. He had the necessary skills in investments. As a result, his company, Solo Capital has become very successful.

The success of his company has resulted in an increase in confidence. As a result, he has decided to start more ventures including the Autism Rocks charity. His Solo Capital venture specializes in sports betting as well as proprietary trading and other activities. Sanjay Shah uses the money he gains in order to fund autism research. He also funds the research with the use of the money he receives from concerts he runs so that he not only helps with the development with new treatments, but he also spreads awareness of the developmental condition.


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Reduced Oil Manufacturing in Venezuela

The South American nation of Venezuela has just experienced a serious and dramatic decrease in its manufacture of oil. This occurred during the month of May. This information comes straight from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, and it’s not good news for the country. Expert Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa explains it may denote mounting difficulties for Venezuela, a nation that’s in the throes of significant economic issues. Its oil manufacturing has gone down to merely 2.37 million barrels daily. That’s 120,000 fewer barrels than before.
Schlumberger Ltd. and Halliburton Co. are two large oil providers that are known internationally. They both noted not long ago that they plan on reducing their business in the country. They were planning on reducing business while Venezuela worked to take care of significant debt matters.

Venezuela is highly dependent on oil, and according to Adrian Jose Velasquez the nation actually requires oil for the bulk of its earnings. It’s at the moment in the middle of extreme money problems. These problems are the result of reduced oil prices. Oil manufacture in Venezuela is nowhere close to the desired number of six million barrels per day.

Oil from the nation was worth roughly $25.00 per barrel at the beginning of the year. Its price currently is approaching $40.00. The reduction in oil manufacture has greatly interfered with income for the PdVSA (short for Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A). Venezuela is home to the biggest crude reserves on the planet.


Meet the Serial Entrepreneur; Brad Reifler

Serial entrepreneurship and financial professionalism are two statements that could not be stressed without the mention of Brad Reifler. Brad Reifler is the current founder of Forefront Management Group; a global financial services firm that came into existence in May 2009. With its subsidiaries, the firm offers access to financial opportunities reserved for the 1%. The fund makes no money until the investor makes 8%, donates 3% to military and veteran families, and is not correlated to the equity markets.

Reifler graduated in Bowdoin College with a degree in political science and economics. He would then found a company in 1982, Reifler Trading Corporation. The company specialized in global derivatives and was successful in that niche. Later, it was purchased by Refco. It was during this time that Reifler went ahead to become a co-founder of Pali Capital in 1995; a global financial services firm. He was the firm’s CEO until 2008. During his tenure, Reifler garnered $200 million in revenue and saw more than 250 people employed. The 13 years he served registered groundbreaking achievement. It was during his leadership that the company’s global footprint was felt when offices were spread across United States, Austria, Latin America, United Kingdom, and Singapore. His resignation came about when he uncovered unprofessional conduct his senior traders and partner had been involved in.

In his current occupation at Forefront Advisory, Brad offers expert advice to forex and commodity traders. Given that commodity markets are today notoriously volatile; his expertise of 30 years’ experience is highly sought after. He has given extensive talks about how the common people can become investors. Reifler has also appeared on public platforms giving breakdowns about how the middle and lower class people can secure some funds for the future. The details have been picked by sources such as MarketWatch, Reuters, and Yahoo Finance.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner Helps Beauty Blogger’s Oily Flat Hair

Most of us reach for regular shampoos that we find in the drugstore and even at fancy boutiques, unaware that these formulas are actually damaging our locks. Shampoos and conditioners often contain harmful chemicals that strip and dull our strands. That’s why popular California stylist Chaz Dean developed the no-shampoo cleansing method, and his clientele have never looked back.
The WEN system by Chaz Dean ( features cleansing conditioners that use natural botanicals to deliver strength and shine to hair. Bustle contributor Emily McClure had it with her fine, sad locks, so she tried a 7-day WEN hair challenge to see if her hair would respond.

Emily kept a daily diary and posted selfies so her readers could see her progress. She chose the Sephora FIG cleansing conditioner, because it was designed to add moisture, shine and bounce to hair. Emily also would begin the challenge with a morning WEN wash every day to get her hair on the proper routine, even though she prefers a nighttime shower.

While in the shower, Emily massaged the Wen product in her her, noticing the great volume and softness her hair was developing. Then she blow-dried and styled her hair and was thrilled with the results.

As time went on, Emily fell into her lazy routine, once skipping the WEN cleanse altogether, because she was pressed for time. In another instance, Emily washed with WEN at night, only to awaken with surprisingly dull, flat, greasy locks. She scampered about, trying to fix her flat hair for a long day at work.

Emily’s girlfriends complimented her shiny, full hair when Emily had stuck to the WEN program. Plus, her selfies show pretty, glossy hair when she used the system properly.

Emily’s advice to readers: If you’re lazy about hair care, then WEN might not be for you.