Seacrest and Rippa Pay Homage to Decades of Sitcom Humor…

Kelly Rippa has been a television host for quite some time. More recently, she’s been co-hosting with Ryan Seacrest. Seacrest, an American Idol finalist, is the perfect choice of a co-host for Rippa’s series. For their Halloween special, Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest), Rippa and other cast members dawned a series of costume schemes that were quite unique indeed. Each one involved a different sitcom from years past! The televised event was referred to as, “Live’s Best Halloween Show Ever: The ReBOOOOot.”

Who got hit with this Homage?

Who didn’t get hit with this homage might be a better question for the reader to ask! Keep in mind, even if Ryan has to transform into the opposite sex, anything goes! He did just that for the Charlie’s Angels theme! At one point during an interview, Seacrest even mentioned that he could feel glitter somewhere near his eyes. The fun doesn’t stop with Charlie’s Angels, however. I dream of genie, Chips, I love Lucy, and even Married with Children all got dragged into the theme mix! Upon initial inspection, one can clearly see this is a cast of hosts that takes homage themes quite seriously!

Ryan also Takes Charity Quite Seriously…

That’s right, sitcom homage photo shoots is not Ryan’s only area of expertise, he enjoys charitable institutes a great deal also. In fact, he has his very own foundation, The Seacrest Foundation. The foundation’s mission is simple enough, utilize education in combination with entertainment to help develop the young communities that you donate financially to.

How does this Charity Work?

The foundation builds educational facilities that they refer to as Secreast Studios. These studios allow children, of all ages, to explore various types of media development and broadcast. There are also other educational experiences worked into a child’s stay at once such studio. The possibilities really are endless with Seacrest Studios.

Could this Young Blood be a better Fit?

This seems to be the general consensus among many Kelly fans. One has to admit, it’s quite difficult picturing one of her other co-hosts dawning a feminine wardrobe for a sitcom homage photo shoot! A high level of open-mindedness certainly goes quite a long way in the world of television hosting. See the latest update from Ryan Seacrest on instagram.

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Felipe Montoro Jens, Project Expert, Gives An Overview Of Brazil’s State

A declining nation no doubt, Brazil has long been embroiled in controversy and wreckage. 2017 was perhaps one of their worst years, but Brazil seems shockingly unconcerned about the critical state they’re in. As an attempt to light a fire under them, the National Confederation of Industry released a detailed report underlining Brazil’s severe condition. The study divulged that 2,796 construction jobs were terminated last year. 18 percent of those projects were infrastructure works. Railways, highways, ports, and waterways were halted, and Brazil lost a total of $10.7 billion. In essence, these “shutdowns consume resources without generating any benefits,” making it a lose-lose situation. Read more about Montoro Jens at

Felipe Montoro Jens, a specialist who has keen insight into these matters, conducted some studies of his own to identify what areas need the most improvement. He concluded that finances, technology, business partnerships, and planning are all faulty cogs in Brazil’s operations. Given their many shortcomings, Brazil needs to implement change if they wish to revive their waning economy. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, the following solutions could mend their problems: refined micro planning practices, all-new technology, balanced contractual agreements, and financial planning methods.

If the country avails itself of this advice, Jens maintains that they’ll soon see a drastic shift in their economy. However, the onus is now entirely on Brazil to embrace reform. Though these resolutions are relatively simple, Brazil is unwilling to put them into effect. Jose Augusto Fernandes with the National Confederation of Industry maintains that Brazil’s inability to learn from their mistakes is in large part why they haven’t seen any improvement. What’s more, Fernandes believes that the most pressing issue is Brazil’s ongoing carelessness. It’s for this reason why Fernandes thinks special attention needs to be placed on devising “programs that are aimed at not repeating the same mistakes in the future.”



Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade Has Built CAOA Up To Be The Best Car Company In Brazil

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is a respected car distributor and the chairman of the board of directors for CAOA who was born in Brazil. He also served as a physician in the past but changed industries after an opportunity came his way four decades ago. The company CAOA contains all of his initials in its name, and he started the company after a car dealership went bankrupt without delivering the car he had already paid for. After the event, he made a deal to have the dealership put in his name, and this is where his business began.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade jumped on a change in law in Brazil that took place in 1992. The change allowed imported vehicles to come into Brazil, and CAOA, under Andrade’s guidance, quickly became the only importer of Renault vehicles. In the late 1990s, his company also became the sole importer of Subaru vehicles and began to increase its revenue dramatically. While Hyundai was already doing well in Brazil, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade worked hard to market the brand, and it became a top seller in the nation soon after. He was able to continue his relationship with Hyundai, and in 2007, a partnership between the car company and CAOA made it possible for him to build his own auto manufacturer.

In 2007, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade was given an award by IstoÉ Dinheiro Magazine who honored him as the “Entrepreneur of the Year in Industry.” Just a few years later, CAOA was honored as the “Good doer Company” by IstoÉ Dinheiro. The reason for the award was because of the company’s adherence to taking care of the environment through reusing waste from producing vehicles and also helping with reforestation efforts. The Carta Capital magazine also honored CAOA for three years straight by recognizing it as the “Most Admired” company in the nation. Today, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade and his company have sold more than 1 million vehicles in Brazil, and CAOA has operations in every part of the country. The future looks bright for the man who has worked so hard to build a business from the ground up.

More information:

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade Respected Doctor and Entrepreneur

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade was born in Brazil in the Paraíba State capital, João Pessoa. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade was a medical physician that practiced medicine and was well known and respected throughout the Northeast of Brazil. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade’s career took a change forty years ago when he came across Brazilian car distributor and maker, CAOA.

CAOA’s board of directors now include Dr. Carlos. This was in 1979 that Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade became an entrepreneur. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade had purchased a car from a dealership that had failed to deliver the car as the dealership had gone bankrupt. The car was a Ford Landau and the dealership was Campina Grande. Before Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade could receive the car, the dealership had filed for bankruptcy. Due to the unforeseen circumstances, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade had suggested that since the Ford Landau was not delivered that the possession of the Campina Grande be moved under him to offset for the payment made for the car.

Hence CAOA was created. The abbreviation stands for Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade. In CAOA’s first six years of the company, Dr. Carlos, medical physician turned entrepreneur, had become the largest Ford distributor in Brazil. In an article from, it says that Brazil soon opened its doors in 1992 to imported vehicles and Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade made sure to take advantage of this. Renault, French franchise, was exclusively imported and distributed by CAOA in Brazil and had raised the French franchise to the number one spot in sales for imported brands. Renault eventually took over import rights in Brazil. Subaru, the Japanese franchise, had also become one of CAOA’s imported brands and had tripled the sales of the brand.

In 2007 Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade fulfilled his dream of opening his own Automobile manufactory in Brazil. The partnership with Hyundai paved a way to this and after spending $600 million of his own money, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade opened CAOA Automobile S/A, known to be the first factory of Hyundai in Brazil.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has also made sure that the preservation of the environment is done and is part of CAOA and has received the “Good doer Company” award. In 2012 the company won another award for Distributor of the year. 2014, CAOA was ranked number one in sales, and after sales, which was provided by JD Institute.

Just recently, in 2017, CAOA and Cherry partnered to form a historic merger as CAOA CHERY, a completely new and one hundred percentage owned Brazilian automaker. The two bring about the best of both companies.

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Papa John’s Is Moving Forward With Steve Ritchie

Steve Ritchie assumed the role as Papa John’s President and Chief Executive Officer on January 2018. His humble beginnings started as a customer representative for a wage at 6$ per hour in 1996. After a number of years at Papa John’s, he became the franchise owner and operator in 2006. Their current headquarters reside in Louisville, Kentucky where Papa John’s became the world’s third-largest pizza company for 16 years. Steve Ritchie ensures consumers receive the best quality pizza and efficient delivery service right at the doorstep. Customer care is his number one priority, so employees at Papa John’s receive proper training for providing customers with excellent service in the industry.

Steve Ritchie traveled across the country to meet with people who work and run the business in several states such as Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Detriot. He believes they are the focal point in the business and without them, Papa John’s is nothing. The teams have had difficult interactions with customers due to the trust they lost with them. The managers supported local schools and charities in their communities because they are apart of it themselves.

Though it was tough for Steve Ritchie to hear, he believes the team shares optimistic opportunities to start fresh. His team is committed to moving Papa John’s forward. The employees no matter what position they’re in, recognize they’re part of a community they serve. Steve Ritchie Papa Johns is driven to make Papa John’s a better brand and believes the company will grow as the community strives for excellence. To Steve, making progress means he and his employees must understand proper feedback, and acknowledge criticism from the community in order to build a better company for the employees and the customers at Papa John’s. As mentioned on their website, his passion and commitment will only grow as he continues to make the company a better place.

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Contributions of the Aloha Construction to the Illinois and Southern Wisconsin Areas

Aloha Construction has been on the leading front in offering customer centric and innovative products and services. Aloha was founded in 2008 by Dave Fabasky with the objective of providing general contracting and construction services. Over the years, the organization has grown into a powerhouse that provides construction services. Some of the services that are provided by the group include mold removal, vinyl s repair, window replacement, kitchen designs, fire, and smooth installation, stucco installation, bathroom repairs, and other services. The team is well trained and has the required certification. The regular training of the workers implies that they have improved expertise levels.




It is critical to note that Aloha Construction is fully licensed, bonded and insured. It is also an active part of different national and regional organizations some of the organizations include National Roofing Contractors Association, Better Business Bureau and the Chicago Roofing Contractors Association. In the past, Aloha attained accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. The certification points out that the organization conforms to the set standards. The operations of the group and puts into consideration the interests of the customers and the local communities. The products and services are customer centric and feature the views and benefits of the consumers. It is these considerations that have made Aloha one of the leading construction organizations in the region. It has some of the best customer friendly services in the country.




Aloha Participation in Social Activities




Other than pursuing improved revenue earnings, it is worth noting that Aloha Construction also takes part in different communal activities. The group has in the past taken part in the Building Better Communities program that seeks to empower people living with cancer. It has also been on the leading front in supporting sporting activities in the region such as Kane County Cougars Baseball team, Zurich High School Football Team as well as the Illinois Flying Ace Hockey Team.


Freedom Checks Payouts

If you are an ardent follower of Matt Badiali, then you know that Freedom Checks will pay out over 3.8 million U.S dollars by July. It is necessary that you realize that Freedom Checks are offered by gas and oil companies that operate in very tax-lenient conditions. Given his extensive travels, Badiali has realized that the United States is trying to reduce its dependence on gas and oil companies based overseas. Additionally, the growing insecurity in the Middle East renders it very hard for companies based in that region to export gas and oil. These conditions combine to curb oil exports. In this light, American firms will have to focus more on domestic resources. Matt expects that more consumers will purchase oil and gas from firms that make Freedom Checks an option since each investor wishes to get a share of the massive payouts. If you are wired just like other investors, you might decide to hold back until you get more knowledge, but this is a path you must not follow. According to Matt Badiali, the sooner you get the shares, the better chances of getting high pay-outs. This is because with time more people will invest in the checks hence driving the demand up.

Master Limited Partnerships

A Master Limited Partnership is an agreement covered by Statute 26-F, which requires that it makes most of its profits from domestic natural resources. Once you invest in an MLP, you automatically become a limited partner who is liable to receive a share of the revenue generated by the firm. By purchasing an MLP, you enjoy the tax advantages of a publicly traded company and a limited partnership. This ensures that you enjoy the best deals available to either side.


Even though numerous people have heard about Freedom Checks, more people do not understand the potential they hold or how they work. Matt Badiali, an investment and geology expert, foresees that more companies will soon turn their attention to domestic natural resources. Once that happens, the firms will experience a rise in their profit margins, and all limited partners will enjoy a good share of the pay-out.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Properties Interest in Asia

Hussain Sajwani, one of the top 10 richest men in Arab, is looking to expand his business in Asia. In particular, he is looking at China as a primary area to make his business’ presence well known. The target audience that he is looking to capture in China is based on their continual growth since it is emerging into a high paying consumer, the middle class. According to the Saudi Projects, in order for Hussain Sajwani to be successful in this venture, however, he is depending on a strategic plan that has worked so far, and that is the diversity that has given the company a far reaching advantage. From every continent around the globe, this corporation has a wealth of diversity that consists of 77 different nationalities.

DAMAC Owner Focuses on the Organization’s Strength — Diversity

With his current company, DAMAC, his company has found a key ingredient for such successes, and that is to focus on ensuring there is a high level of diversity in organizations across the board. With diversity being the essential factor in making business decisions, critical strategic plans are made. Especially, because each operation in DAMAC Properties has an opportunity to tap into a wealth of different creative ideas from across the globe. Also, as the DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani, often says that his only real concern for this organizations is those policies that will affect his overall organization. By focusing on the business changes and eliminating the needed to incorporate unrelated political matters, the company can grow much easier by making small changes.

DAMAC Owner, Hussain Sajwani Focuses on Innovation and Performance at the Individual Level

The contribution is also another significant key to the success of this business. This is because employees are encouraged to contribute their ideas as individuals and then as teams too. It is also important to note that no one organization has the sole responsibility for making key decisions but it is spread across platforms to ensure the most creative ideas are drawn from a community of ideas. Also, one of his biggest passions for this DAMAC owner is watching all of the ideas take shape.


Shervin Pishevar says that next Uber may never materialize under current monopoly-run regime

Going back to the middle of the 19th century, the role of monopolies in American business has been hotly contested. On the one hand, organizations like Standard Oil, the New York Central Railroad or U.S. Steel had cornered markets and ruthlessly run their competitors out of business. They had captured the very regulatory agencies that were designed to keep them in check, effectively making them departments within their corporate structure. And all of these companies shifted costs onto the American public, through a variety of externalities.

But the flipside of that argument is that those same monopolies also enabled the country to progress into the future, eventually becoming the most dominant industrial power on Earth. Through their economies of scale and ability to spend vast resources on developing new processes, these companies were able to manufacture goods on a scale that would have otherwise likely been impossible. Ultimately, even though they cost society a great deal, they ended up saving consumers money through their ability to produce high-quality products at ever-cheaper prices.

But the final verdict on monopolies in U.S. business has been, whatever their merits, that they eventually end up costing more than they contribute. Shervin Pishevar is one of America’s leading financial experts in the world of tech. In Shervin Pishevar’s view, whatever the initial contributions of the Big Five tech monopolies, which include Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft, their externalizing of costs is currently far outweighing their current benefits to society at large.

Shervin Pishevar has first-hand knowledge of how this works in practice. In his time as one of the leading figures within Uber, Shervin Pishevar has personally witnessed the way that Google has engaged in asymmetrical lawfare, forcing the much more precariously capitalized Uber into jaw-droppingly expensive legal skirmishes on specious claims of intellectual property violations.

While Google has the cash reserves to easily absorb these expenses, Uber does not. Shervin Pishevar says that Uber came close to having to give up its self-driving vehicle research as a direct result of being dragged through the legal mud by Google.

HCR Wealth Advisors: Providing Retirement, Investment, and Financial Planning Services

When it comes to finances, one should not try to experiment. Mistakes with managing finances and investment can prove to be really costly. It is especially true in today’s world when the financial markets are highly unpredictable and volatile. HCR Wealth Advisors have been providing financial planning services for many years and believe that it is essential for people these days to consider seeking help from professional financial advisors to help navigate the current financial landscape. Trying to understand the intricacies of the financial markets can be mind-boggling and confusing if you are not from the financial background.

However, the financial professionals at HCR Wealth Advisors can help simplify the world of finance for you and help you make informed decisions about your money. Whether you are looking for assistance with retirement planning, inheritance, investment, wealth creation, asset management, real estate investment, or other financial services, rest assured that the professional advisors at HCR Wealth Advisors would be more than happy to try to help you. They have years of experience have provided their services to hundreds of clients.

The research-based information and insight that the HCR Wealth Advisors gathers are usedto help educate clients about the financial markets and assist them to make suitable decisions about their money. The company believes in not only providing service but also to earn your loyalty. The customer-friendly service that HCR Wealth Advisors delivers has impressed hundreds of its clients over the years, which has helped HCR Wealth Advisors maintain a high client retention rate. The analysis of various investment products that the company provides has helped many of its clients to invest smartly and manage financial risk. Saving money for the future as well as making the right investment choices is a complicated art that the advisors at HCR Wealth Advisors can help you manage.

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