Employment Opportunity With Cancer Treatment Centers Of America

Cancer Treatment Centers were found in 1988 by Richard J Stephenson with the help of his mother. He was not satisfied with the treatment available to cancer patients. Its headquarters is in Boca Raton, Florida. It has five branches in total the last one was inaugurated in 2012 and all branches are in different part of the country. It has the best team of doctors and equipment’s necessary for treatment of cancer. They have very unified ways of Chemotherapy, Surgery, Immunotherapy, etc. It also uses “homeopathy” which means natural ways for the treatment. People suffering from cancer may feel depression; anxiety or pain and these processes help them to overcome these problems.

These hospitals have been rated as the most trusted place for the treatment as per patients’ reviews. It is recognized by the medical authorities some of them are Joint Commission, National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers, Association of Community Cancer Centers and College of Radiology. These hospitals met all the requirements necessary for being a brand. It also faced many objections from Federal Trade Commission in 1993 and after that Food and Drug Administration in 2001 but all allegations were settled properly without causing harm. Each type of cancer is different from other and can’t be treated by one doctor.

CTCA has specialized doctors for each type of cancers. The most disastrous thing about cancer is that it causes uncontrollable pain. They have formed system to control pain as per the patients’ adaptability and are approaching towards more advanced ways to cure it. Cancer Treatment Centre of America provides many job opportunities and in different fields Like Physician, Professional and Management, Administrative and Hospitality Services and Clinical and Patient Support.Students and recent graduates could also join CTCA. It organizes an internship program for 10 to 12 weeks. For that, a sponsor is required within the similar field and as the tasks are completed the feedbacks are on basis of the work. It’s not necessary that everyone gets employed but they learn a lot.

GoBuyside Provides Insight into New Regulations

One of the most valuable and important set of assets and investments that any business can have is it employees. And organization that has a quality set of employees will be able to develop and execute a variety of strategies that will be able to make them competitive in their industry. While having good employees is important in any industry, it is maybe more important in the world of is this in finance.

For those that are looking for help to get quality employees, working with GoBuyside could be a great option. GoBuyside is a modernized recruitment platform that is used by private equity firms and other finance companies all over the world. GoBuyside is quickly becoming the option of choice as a recruitment tool for organizations all over the world. They have more than 500 clients located on five different continents and continue to provide improved value.

While GoBuyside can provide amazing service and help organizations to match up well with qualified employees, it can also be used as a source to gain more recent information about regulatory changes. Recently, the company gave feedback about changes that are taking place across the European Union.

Later on in 2018, the EU will put forth a range of regulations and restrictions that will be used to better protect the data of employees, customers, and other stake holders of finance firms. The new regulations, which are called the General Data Protection Regulations, will help to reduce the risks and impact of data hacks and other electronic threats that have been challenging to organizations all over the world.

While there have been similar regulations set forth in the past, the General Data Protection Regulations seem to be taking things a bit further in the coming years. The General Data Protection Regulations will have a set of specific laws that are designed to help establish a clear set of rules regarding storing, transporting, and sharing data. This will then also require each business to be transparent and clear about what their processes are to ensure they are staying in compliance with the regulations and keeping their stored information safe.

While it is not yet clear what the extent of the punishment will be, the General Data Protection Regulations do give regulators the ability to assess fines that could impact all organizations that are not able to build a policy internally and stick to it.

Lori Senecal: Facebook is the Ideal Marketing Platform

Lori Senecal is one of the women who have proven to the world that they can become leaders in the male-dominated society. The businesswoman is an authority, especially when it comes to matters concerning marketing. Her strategies have enabled many companies to perform very well in the highly competitive markets. Throughout her career life, the businesswoman has been fortunate to work with several companies in the United States, and she has been performing so well.

Lori Senecal has realized that Facebook is one of the social media platforms that can provide a lot of assistance to people in the business industry. According to Senecal, the social media platform currently has more than one billion users, and this proves that it is among the leading communication platforms. Since it was introduced into the world, Facebook has managed to transform the way most businesses are operating in the recent times. Using the platform requires very little money, meaning it is very affordable to the people who are looking forward to saving some cash. Lori Senecal urges investors to use this platform because it is effective, and it is one of the best ways of cutting costs in the companies that are still new in the market. For more details visit Bloomberg.


If you want to use the great Facebook as your marketing tool, however, you must follow some simple tricks. Lori Senecal says that investors should set their goals right from the start. This will be the perfect way of making sure that your efforts turn out to be successful. Get as many followers as possible so that you can have a large audience at the end of the day. When you are introducing a new brand to the followers, take your time to explain yourself so that your goals are clear.


According to her Interview, when using Facebook as a marketing strategy, it is crucial to have a plan. Ensure that the actionable steps you are taking can be broken down into simple procedures that can be understood. The plan should be achievable. The content you are creating when using Facebook will play a critical role in the success of your plans. Ensure that your content is great. Follow her Twitter account.

Read more: https://www.fastcompany.com/person/lori-senecal

Eric Lefkofsky Will Ensure Cancer Treatment Improve Over The Next Decade With Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky has amassed a huge fortune today and is worth billions from his entrepreneurial pursuits and successful companies. Today, Eric is dedicated to successful pushing out Tempus and its technology. In his latest fundraising round, Eric managed to raise more than 70 million dollars for the company, totaling more than 130 million since funding started. Several other companies have backed Tempus as well, but co-founders Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell remain the companies biggest investors.

The original idea for Tempus came to Eric as he saw the effects of cancer up close and personal in his own life. This experience showed him that there needed to be improvements in the healthcare industry, especially when it came to cancer treatments. Luckily for Eric, he has a technological background and he knew there was a way he could help improve this process for people around the world.

Eric has had many successful pursuits in business today, starting from when he first graduated from college. After successfully earning degrees from Michigan Law and the University of Michigan, Eric decided to put his ideas for business into practice and start up his own company. This was just the beginning for Eric, as his first success gave him the success and expereince he needed to create more successful startups. Today he is even an author with a book titled Accelerated Disruption, which goes over the effects of technology in business. Alongside this, Eric regularly speaks and shares his advice to students in the industry of business and technology.

Alongside his successful business practices, Eric Lefkofsky has also started up the Lefkofsky foundation, which he runs with his wife. Together, they help other organizations out there that focus on charity and are non-profit, many of which are located throughout the Chicago area. According to Eric, one cannot be fulfilled without giving back to the community and helping others, especially with such a high level of success. Eric’s latest efforts in business prove this since he is working hard to aid the healthcare industry with Tempus and will invest millions of his own money to ensure its success.

To know more visit @: www.lightbank.com/team/eric-lefkofsky

Clayton Hutson Is Top Of The Line In His Field

Growing up as a child, Clayton “Clay” Hutson always had a passion for music. For as long back as he can remember, Clayton was involved in some way with music. After he grew up, Clayton went on to put many years in of hard work as well as dedication to be able to make his passion into a career.


Clayton has worked along some of the best in the business during the course of his career. Some of the names that he has had the pleasure of working with include; Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Guns N’ Roses and even Garbage. He carries the reputation of being the name in the business that you want to work with. He has an ear for engineering, design and of course, production.


When it comes to live concerts, the person you want working on the sound is Clayton. He is able to pull the dullest sounds and turn it into something magical. Clayton is considered to be the best sound designer in his field and everything that he touches turns into gold. Clayton is also a production manager that is in charge of the overall management for all of his live performers.


Clayton Hutson is the man of many faces and backgrounds. When it comes to music production, he has the solutions to the hardest dilemmas. There is no issue in production that Clay is not able to help overcome. It has not always been this easy for Clayton but after 25 years in the music biz, he has learned what he needs to know to be the top of his field.


In more recent times, Clayton has started working with a prominent artist known as One Republic. Working with them on the Honda Civic Tour where he operated as the automation manager. If you ever have been lucky enough to attend a concert that he has been working on, you will know first hand about how everything he works on seems like it is seamless. Everything flows naturally together when he is working on it. Learn more: https://about.me/claytonhutson


Clayton is familiar with nearly all types of equipment and shows it by the way that everything flows together. He has the knowledge to be able to know what should and what should not be used in conjunction with one another.


All of the expenses incurred from hiring Clayton are affordable and are budget friendly. They are your one stop shop for everything that you will need for your event or show.

Famous Urologist Dr. David Samadi Generally Advises Surgery First for Prostate Cancer

Recently Mitt Romney announced he was operated on for prostate by Dr. Thomas Ahrling at the University of California Irvine Hospital because he had a slow-growing tumor. In an article for The Huffington Post, expert urology Dr. David Samadi used the occasion to educate readers on their treatment options if they ever receive a diagnosis of prostate cancer. 27,000 men die of it every year. 16% of American men get prostate cancer in their lifetimes.

Statistically, the odds are high for all older men. The American Cancer Society estimates 164,690 American men will get the dread news in 2018. It’s very rare in men under 40, but the risk goes up as men age. 60% of cases are in men aged 65 or older. And they have two basic treatment options: surgery and radiation therapy.

However, studies show the options are not equal, especially if the cancer remains localized within the prostate. Every cancer is more difficult to successfully treat after it’s begun to spread to other parts of the body. According to the studies, men who have their prostates removed have a near-100% survival rate. Twice as many men who receive the radiation therapy first will die as the men who opt for an operation surgery first. And they are 150% likely to die earlier than the men get treated with surgery first.

On Dr. David Samadi’s website, he has a video of him discussing these statistics as a guest on the Fox News Housecall show. One of the Fox hosts says that many men may be afraid of things related to the surgery. They may fear that the surgery will cause the cancer to spread. Dr. Samadi agrees that fear comes up. He also says many men are afraid that after the surgery they will be incontinent or impotent. But the answer depends on the skill of the surgeon. He said that with experienced surgeons, 95-97% of patients remain continent. Somewhere between 50% and 80% of men retain sexual function. The field of prostate surgery has come a long way in recent years. In his article, he advises men to always discuss this with their surgeon. Ask them how experienced they are. And ask for the percentages of their patients who experience post-surgery urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction and a return of the prostate cancer. In the video, he also advises patients to ask their doctors whether or not they do open surgery or use robotics.

Dr. David Samadi’s Social Media: twitter.com/drdavidsamadi

Sussex Healthcare Offers Opportunities For People Healthcare Streams

Sussex Healthcare has the reputation of the highest-quality senior living experience through its homes across the United Kingdom. The senior living home network established in 1985 has set new standards in the industry and grew quickly by expanding its network across the country.

Sussex Healthcare offers excellent opportunities for the healthcare professionals who are ready to give a warm experience to the inhabitants of its houses. It invests significantly in its people to bring the best out of them and help them achieve their goals in the life. Sussex Healthcare believes that continued education and training for employees is making its service unique from other service providers in the industry.

Currently, the group recruits Dental Receptionist for its Horsham, West Sussex, office, and it is a full-time position. It also wanted a Recruitment Advisor for nursing recruitments for the same location, but the job is for six months fixed term contract. While coming to Billingshurst home, the group wanted Registered Mental Health Nurses, and the candidates can join the group as full-time and part-time according to their choice. The group also wanted Care Assistants for Crawley location, and it hires part-time, full-time, and bank work roles. For Horsham, West Sussex, the group wanted full-time Health & Safety Lead who are from the healthcare environment.

Sussex Healthcare offers numerous benefits to its employees including free staff bus, pension, subsidiary meals, discounted rate accommodation, uniform, options to continue education and training, exceptional career growth options, and paid breaks. It also offers mentoring scheme, referring friends option, extra pay for the weekend job, double pay for holidays, and more. Additionally, Sussex Healthcare provides induction training for the entry-level candidates at its Training Academy, which is part of its headquarters. This helps the employees to fit into their roles without any initial transition issues conveniently. The training opportunities given in management courses and nursing apprenticeships are aimed to develop the employees further.

Sussex Healthcare has specialized care for people who are struggling with Alzheimer’s disease and other age-related health issues. The network offers personalized care to all its inhabitants, and it is known for providing recreational options to them for ensuring an engaged life for them. Additionally, the group encourages its people to involve in various creative activities they have interested actively. According to Bloomberg.com, highest-standard medical attendance is another important factor making Sussex Healthcare different from other players in the industry. The professionalism and service standards of the group helped it to grow to 20 homes in a short span of time.

Securus Is Helping Prisons Crack Down On Illegal Cellphone Usage

Cellphones are illegal in just about any prison in the United States. In the outside world, cellphones are common and easy to obtain. In prison, many inmates will barter their way into obtaining an illegal cellphone.


Prisoners may use these phones to send text messages or calls to loved ones. They may also use them to access the Internet for social media and entertainment. However, many prisoners will use these devices to carry out crimes whilst behind bars. These crimes vary from fraud to ordering assassinations.


Many inmates were caught carrying out fraud using cellphones in one prison in Georgia. A mix of 51 prisoners and staff members were found to be in on the scheme. The inmates would use the phones to call random people and tell them that they missed their jury duty. They gave the victims the option to wire money to their account of go to jail.


In South Carolina, a inmate was caught ordering a hit on a prison guard. Using his illegal cellphone, he ordered an assassination order of $6,000. If the prison could have prevented cellphone usage, this may have never happened.


Many prisons have tried to confiscate and circumvent cellphone smuggling into prisons. Particularly, prisons want to keep cellphones out of the hands of high level gang members. Just like drugs, cellphones can be smuggled into prisons through many means including family visits and shady staff members.


Managed Access Solutions is a product by Securus Technologies to prevent illegal cellphone usage in prisons. It does not really work like a typical cellphone jamming system. The technology essentially creates a private cellphone network within prisons. This will allow prisons to control and keep track of phone calls being made within the area. This will allow prisons to blacklist unwanted cellphone usage and even track down the individuals with illegal cellphones.


MAS is compatible with 2G, 3G, and 4G signals, which is every type of phone signal used in the United States. This will also control unauthorized Internet access by inmates. Prison authorities will be able to specify specific parameters to control and limit phone calls and data usage.


The technology is currently FCC approved and is already being deployed in multiple prisons. One state prison has claimed that they have blocked 35,000 unwanted phone calls just within one month. Prisons have already been able to identify inmates with phones as well as discover SIM card smuggling methods.

Todd Lubar Opens Up About a Burgeoning New Industry

In the last decade, smart technology has gone from a novelty associated with our cell phones, to a tool that impacts nearly every area of our daily lives. Just has smart tech has continued to grow in its capabilities, the ways in which it is implemented has also expanded. Today, smart tech has begun making waves in the home market. Smart homes are making everyday tasks easier and more efficient, while also making tasks that were previously thought to relegated to science fiction, a part of our everyday lives. While smart homes are still in their beginning phases, with eventual possibilities being virtually untapped, innovations such motion sensor doorknobs, and virtual assistants are becoming more commonplace around the United States and the world as a whole. Currently, issues regarding voice commands can still be tricky to resolve, when in some cases they are incorrect or unresponsive, but this will only improve as the market for smart homes continues to grow. Todd Lubar, a real estate investor and entrepreneur with over twenty years in the industry, has recently begun championing this emerging market, reports patch, citing it as one of the pillars of our future.

Todd Lubar is a graduate of Syracuse University, and the head of TDL Global ventures, which he founded ten years ago. According to Linked In, after graduating with a degree in speech communication, Mr. Lubar worked for several real estate and finance powerhouses, helping the companies to grow considerably, before deciding to begin his own venture. At one point in his very successful career, Mr. Lubar was considered amongst the top 25 mortgage originators in the nation, and since then, has only seen his career grow. Today, Mr. Lubar begins his mornings by spending quality time with his family, before completing his exercise regimen and heading to the office. He attributes the vast majority of his success to his persistence, believing this is key all successful entrepreneurs, as well as his incredible ability to stay organized while keeping his pulse on growing trends. Mr. Lubar also recommends that any entrepreneur keep company that will force them to grow in various aspects of their lives, including professionally and personally.


Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus will Bridge the Gap between Genomic and Therapeutic Data

Cancer is one of the most deadly monsters afflicting human health in this modern times. Cancer cases have significantly increased over the past few years. The survival rate has also increased, and it is expected that the trend will continue in the coming years. The increase is attributed to advances in cancer screening and detection methods and steady improvements in treatment processes. As medical researchers grapple with the crisis, most of them have been focusing on diagnosis and refining treatment procedures. In the cancer screening process, cancer institutions focus on patients without prior detected cancer. This effectively removes prior cancer victims from the early detection mechanism of other types of cancers.

Recent research shows that quite a significant number of people diagnosed with cancer are prior cancer victims. Using data from the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) program, researchers sought to determine the prior cancer prevalence rates amongst the population diagnosed with cancer. They concentrated on cases reported between January 2009 and December 2013. The research population was also divided into two groups, patients below 65 years and those above 65 years of age.

The outcome of the research indicated that up to 25 percent of adults above 65 years of age had had another cancer detected previously. And up to 11% of persons below 65 years of age had been diagnosed with cancer previously. In the overall population, 18.4% of those diagnosed had a prior cancer history.

Collecting patient data is a great idea, and it was the motivating factor for Eric Lefkofsky when he co-founded Tempus. With better infrastructure, Eric Lefkofsky believes that patient data can be better utilized to determine patient-specific treatment procedures. While there is an enormous amount of patient data, there is no known faster method of linking the data with therapeutic data. The traditional techniques take many days of research and results can rarely apply to current patients.

This is the gap that Eric Lefkofsky, through Tempus, hopes to bridge. The technological platform being developed at Tempus will connect researchers, clinicians, and patients in an effort to improve cancer care. Clinicians will be more capable of figuring out the treatments befitting a particular genomic description of specific patients.

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