Joseph Hill’s Weight Loss Journey: Markus Rothkranz

In this highly informational and inspirational video Markus Rothkranz interviews fellow health enthusiast, Joseph Hill, about his recent weight loss journey. Hill advises that his path to weight loss truly began when he found himself in a low place in his life, but explains that once one can move beyond that into a place of gratitude and the right state of mind, all the rest is easy.

Hill explains that for him, staying spiritually balanced and fueling his body with raw, vegan, natural, unprocessed foods was the key to his weight loss success. In addition to healthy eating, Hill also exercised, which is obvious when you watch this video! Hill advised, despite his awesome physique, he did no heavy weight lifting, rigorous exercises, and never joined a gym. His exercise was limited to walking, dancing, and light weight and resistance band training.

Hill is very passionate about the raw vegan aspect of his weight loss journey and credits a good portion of it to that. Hill explains that not all raw food is created equal and incorporating a good variety of greens and other fat containing raw foods such as nuts and avocado’s in addition to fruit is vitally important to one’s overall health.

Hill gives some great tips on items to consider purchasing before starting a raw vegan diet such as a good quality blender and food dehydrator. Rothkranz also has some great online recipes and cookbooks containing easy to prepare, healthy, delicious raw vegan meals.

Hill and Rothkranz are an inspiration to anyone looking to lose weight and get healthy. He explains that there is no magic pill. It’s about self-control and being in the right state of mind.

Magnified Aims at Lifestyle Improvements!

It’s 2016 and right now we have an ‘app’ for everything and everybody. The internet has made it possible to connect with people all over the planet and our the domination of tech fields means that more people are working with the internet. As a result we are seeing a rise in online dating and online social interaction. New York based start up, Magnises, wants to take you back a few years in order to focus on offline socialization — and we think they are doing it the right way. This Manhattan based business created their own ‘membership card’ and filled it full of services in order to get you mingling.

What Magnises is fundamentally offering is simple: a chance to connect with similar people in real world situations with the focus being on networking and relationship building. Magnises launched a program back in 2014 that had users buying ‘black membership cards’ for $99 a month. This membership card instantly gives you access to a slew of benefits that all push you toward getting out and interacting with the world. Members of the new black card program will be given discounted rates at hotel on and restaurants as well as exclusive access to a variety of events: private concerts sporting events, and even networking focused situations.

Magnises creator Billy McFarland has a simple goal for his company by saying, “In a perfect world we want every one of your major life connections and milestones to happen through Magnises”. Having Magnises, a sort of lifestyle based start up, help you get out and see the world is a great way to be a part of those lifestyle milestones. McFarland, like most new business founders, is only 24 years old but he is plugged into the social media generation in a way that most casual people aren’t. The success of websites like Facebook and Instagram have changed the way we fundamentally act, and that’s why Magnises exists.

Many people will roll their eyes and wonder what exactly a ‘lifestyle card’ can do for them, especially when it costs a decently sized monthly membership. That’s a fair question and one that needs to be answered and that is why we are here. The Magnises membership program is not only putting is owners into an exclusive club, it is also giving them the tools to upgrade their life and really eccel while in that club. Take an example like this: Magnises brings out cheap tickets to a Mets game as well as private access to a special bar. Not only is this a cool experience you can live in, but it is also the perfect place to create some memories whether they be with co-workers, prospective clients, or even loved ones.

We love that Magnises offers a customized digital assistant that alerts of us ways to utilize our black card on Though it is an odd concept, we really do believe that the ‘lifestyle industry’ is on the rise. Getting in early, such as through Magnises, can be a great way to improve your life.

Devco Is Helping New Jersey Look Better

Devco has been reported on by the Press of Atlantic City a few times for the lending and planning work they have done in the state. New Jersey has a lot of development to do to make sure that it can help all its people have the best life possible. All these people are different, and they need to get something that will help them build up a community as much as possible.

The community that is relying on DEVCO can actually get Devco to give them a loan for the future, and that loan can be used for anything. They can use that loan to build a new casino, or they can bring back a downtown district with new businesses and new building projects. The projects have to be built to fit the community, and they have to be built to make sure that people can get what they really need as opposed to what the community thinks it needs. The community has to use the projections from Devco to build something that will make them much better, and they can plan to make money from the building that has done in the area.

They will actually attract more business this way because they can create something that will be a good tourist attraction for the community. That is pretty important because it is how people get jobs. There are a lot of ways for people to get the right kinds of cash for these projects, and it is also important for the people in the community to have a place to live. There will be very nice and modern buildings in the area that anyone can enjoy, and they will be able to go to work every day in a community that has been revitalized by Devco for everyone’s benefit.


Nutritious Ganoderma is Quickly Being Introduced to the World with Organo

Bernardo Chua is an expert international entrepreneur originally from the Philippines. It was here that he made a commitment as a young man to introduce Ganoderma to the world, and he is doing just that.

In 2007, Bernardo Chua founded a direct sales company called Organo Gold, and today, less than a decade later, this networking company is 55 on the list of direct sales companies, and he has successfully opened 33 countries to the incredible qualities of the Ganoderma.

Health food often gets a bad name even though it is nutritionally good for the body. This is the case with the Ganoderma mushroom, which grows in the Asian Mountains. Bernardo’s mother was from China where the herb has been used in ancient medicine for over 4,000 years, and she brought it to the Philippines where Bernardo grew up. The amazing benefits of the Ganoderma were a virtual secret, and now he’s taking it around the globe.

Bernardo Chua developed an incredible method of infusing hot beverages with the Ganoderma, so more people could enjoy it. Columbian coffee, hot chocolate, and herbal teas are easily acceptable for most countries and make perfect choices for Organo.

According to The Street, Mr. Chua founded Organo Gold in Britsih Columbia Canada to extend this innovative and unique way of using this super-herb around the world. In 2015, he simplified the name of the company to Organo, and it continues to grow as Turkey is opened to Organo.

Organo has over one million distributors focusing on 15 high-quality products. Bernardo Chua constructed a strategic direct sales program with his first company, Gano Excel, but he did not devise the delicious method of infusing coffee with the herb until he opened Organo; Gano had only supplements. Mr. Bernado Chua took everything he learned from Gano Excel and poured it into Organo Gold, which explains how his experience helped Organo to grow so quickly in 9 years.

Ganoderma has many benefits when taken regularly including lowering blood pressure and cholesterol and positively affecting kidney and liver damage. It has extensively high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, which cause the human body to function better and heal sickness.

Hippeas Chickpea Snacks Explodes Out of the Blocks as Founder Livio Bisterzo Predicts Massive Revenue Growth



give peas a chance grid bisterzo livio

Hippeas, a brainchild of Italian hardworking businessman Livio Bisterzo, was launched on June 13, 2016, in the main retail partners like Holland $ Barret, Amazon, Boots, and Starbucks. Hippeas chickpea snack is the first product to emerge from Green Park, a Los Angeles-based holding company founded in 2015 by Livio Bisterzo.

The personality of this global brand takes inspiration from the original hippie era but has been enhanced to meet the demands of today’s generation. Hippeas stands out on the shelf, online, and in consumer minds due to its virtual identity that is based on a bold yellow face with specially colored tongue for special flavors.

Four months after its launch, this brand has already secured shelf space at over 18,500 stores. Talks are underway with many the other main retailers and food-service providers in the U.S. and the UK for more space.

Bisterzo considers that given the alarming growth rate, the new brand could achieve wholesale revenues of $35 million by the end of 2018.

Hippeas is the new choice for individuals who demand tasty and attractive snacks manufactured with super ingredients. This product is low in calories, high in fiber, a source of protein, and gluten free. Hippeas is not corn-based, and so not associated with GMOs, which is a trigger subject for most young people.

The secret of the brand’s initial success, according to Bisterzo, is that the brand appeals to the natural and organic foods crowd. Consumers consider it to be friendly to their health and sustainable, but the unique packaging also makes a difference.
Hippeas has partnered with Farm Africa to bring hunger to an end and bring wealth to rural eastern Africa. The brand will donate a fraction of their sales to support chickpea farming in eastern Africa.

About Livio Bisterzo

Livio Bisterzo is a renowned entrepreneur living in Los Angeles. In 1999 at the age of 18, he went to the UK and studied at the London’s prestigious University of the Arts. In 2003, Bisterzo founded an events business, which was his first entrepreneurial venture. With the experience that he gained in 2003, he went on to create a business portfolio ranging from hospitality and consumer brands to other lifestyle businesses.

Bisterzo founded Green Park Holding in 2015, a company with a vision to lead the agenda for important transformation in the food and drink industry. Bisterzo says this company is developing a portfolio of better-for-you brands.

The Unpaid CRDA Loan of $20 million raises questions about New Brunswick Devco

DEVCO is an investment firm aiming towards supporting medium-sized Nordic corporations grow, combined with existing stakeholders. The company has focused on individual investment into the medium sized companies with international potential and considerable growth, which have average revenues of $60 to $600 million. Contrary to the funding model used traditionally, the company is now focusing on a limited number of firms under their jurisdiction, which enables them to provide operational support for their long-term development sustainability.
Devco is always striving to be part of the active owner and is offering:
• Best-in-class person on board
• Operational support to implement and initiate well-defined development programs
• Long-term financial resources for the continual support of future growth

DevCo is a limited company from Finland and is backed by investors with a long horizon ownership.

This previous month, Middlesex Regional Improvement Authority has failed to pay back $1 million in interest and principal o they’re $20 million loans borrowed from the Casino Reinvestment Expansion and Development Authority. The investment, made in 2005, has gone a long way in financing the building of the Heldrich, a New Brunswick conference center, and hotel by the non-profit organization by the name New Brunswick Development Corporation.

The Company has been in constant tout by Stephen Sweeney, the state Senate President, as the best example of what happens when state money is used in funding private firms to execute large-scale construction. The New Brunswick Ensemble is part of the modelling of the Development Corporation in Atlantic City., a sister firm that expects to watch over more than $200 million in private and public funding – including the $19.5 million CRDA money- in the development of the Chelsea section of the city Gateway project. This information is published on Press of Atlantic City.


Sweetgreen Salad Chain Proves to be a Monumental Success

Eating healthy is important for everyone. It makes sense, then, that one of the most intriguing startups around is focused on helping people to do just that. Sweetgreen is a company that is focused on providing straight-from-the-farm salads. It all started off with one shop in Georgetown and has continued to grow since 2007. Three Georgetown students, Nathanial Ru, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet founded Sweetgreen, and they got it off the ground with funding they received from 40 family members and friends.

From the single shop that started it all, Sweetgreen now has 31 locations and will be up to 40 by the time this year comes to a close. The company has also completed three venture capital funding rounds to raise $95 million. From a seemingly simple idea – providing fresh, delicious salads to their customers – the three founders now have a growing business on their hands that looks to have nowhere to go but up in the future.

All three of the founders were the offspring of entrepreneurs, so they had an idea of what they were in for as they set out on a course to get the company moving in the right direction. The original idea was to get into the food industry, but not in a traditional way. They were not looking to create another run-of-the-mill dining experience. At the heart of the original idea, though, was the concept to provide people with the very best, healthiest food available. Salads are not a food item that are usually an afterthought. The three investors have now turned traditional eatery concepts on their heads and made the healthiest salads the main course.

Getting to know Nathaniel Ru

As one of the minds behind the idea to start Sweetgreen, Nathaniel Ru has shown that he truly has an entrepreneurial spirit. Mr. Ru has gone on record to explain that the right approach to marketing has been key in the success of Sweetgreen. Ru stresses that every Sweetgreen location has to live up to the company’s core values to succeed, and believes that the approach of getting their company, the customers and the communities they serve involved is one of the keys to success. Nathaniel Ru, along with his business partners, believe that providing customers and employees with a great experience is an important aspect of their business.

Sweetgreen continues to grow and is a business that may help to change the way that people think about eating out over the course of the next few years.

Securus Technologies Helps People Call During Louisiana Floods For Free

Securus has offered free calls to Louisiana jails to help during the flooding there because they know it is hard for the people in the state to check on the people they love. That has been a problem because of how bad the flooding has been, but I have been able to call a few times to be sure that the people I knew were alright. I also know that other people are taking chances to call in more to find out what is going on.

I knew someone who wanted to call just to be sure that everything down there seemed alright, and I think that it really helped them to know that they had a chance to just call with no worry. Securus is really doing a good thing, and it even has helped people who have gotten arrested in the aftermath of this whole thing. It is helping the families know what is going on, and it is helping these very same people learn that they can check on loved ones if they have to.

Securus is something that I am really thankful for because I know that they are helping a lot of people. It has been so great for them to do this that I think they need to keep up the good work. I am not saying that they should make all calls free to everyone, but I think this shows that they are a good company that is committed to helping people. They are showing some love in a time when it is very hard for people in Louisiana to get by, and they are proving to all of us that there is a heart in the prison system. Their calling plans are helping millions, and now their free calls are giving a community peace.

Lovaganza Foundation Celebrations

The Lovaganza Foundation is an organization that looks forward to transform the lives of people in the world. The protocols and branding in the organization are divided in to two different structures. The one for profit is known as Lovaganza Entertainment

Lovaganza Franchise and it is designed to offer international entertainment that will inspire and at the same time bring wonders to the audiences in the world by discovering nations and cultures of the other. The second structure of the Foundation is the nonprofit. The non-profit structure is known as The Lovaganza Foundation, and it focuses on using the success of the first entity to offer positive impact and support important international and regional activities in different parts of the world.

The foundation has not yet achieved most of its milestones, and it has set some goals to guide all the activities. The goals set are bound to change or evolve as the institution continues to grow. First of all, the foundation wants to ensure that children from all parts of the world have access to good food, a place to sleep and good clothing.

This year, the Lovaganza Foundation announced that it was getting ready for one of its biggest international celebration. According to the news released recently, the organization will start its celebration in May up to September 2020. The celebrations will be simultaneous in eight different nations from the globe.

During the international celebration, many people are expected to showcase their cultures by groundbreaking entertainment, pictures, exhibitions and special live events. The celebrations want to ensure that all cultures and adventures in the world are recognized.

The grant celebration of Lovaganza was previously planned to take place in 2015, but they were later on pushed to 2020 in order to incorporate the emerging entertainment technologies and concepts. This new developments will help people to better realize and experience different cultures of the world. The 2020 celebration will take place in America, Africa, Europe, Oceania, Asia and Middle East.

The proceedings will start with a traveling show that will hit the road early in 2017. The travelling show will help to promote the celebrations and help the international community to know the goals and missions attached to the grand celebrations. The show will also give a sample of the Lovaganza products. By the end of the travel show in the eight nations, the international community will be ready for the celebrations.

Learn more about Lovaganza:

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

The Who, What And Where of WEN By Chaz Helps Lift Blogger’s Mane

Emily McClure is a beauty blogger who admits having fine, thin, do nothing kind of hair. It isn’t easy trying to force her hair to behave in the proper way. Emily dreams of celebrity hair that is voluminous, glossy and manageable. So, she decided to try the no lather shampoo system people around the world love, WEN by Chaz.
Emily planned on a one week test of the famous brand that she posted to She even featured daily hair selfies to show readers her progress.

Chaz Dean is no stranger to beautiful heads of hair, because he is a celebrity stylist on the LA scene. He developed WEN by Chaz to give his elite clientele a better hair experience, one that didn’t contain harsh detergents. He removed the sulfates and created unique cleansing conditioners like Bamboo Green Tea and Mandarin Italian Fig. These luxurious formulas are pure and plant-based and nourish each strand from root to end. The no lather shampoo system delivers radiance and strength to every hair type out there. Dean sells his products exclusively on Amazon and at high end cosmetics stores like Sephora.

Emily has medium length hair, which means she was supposed to use 16 to 24 pumps of product in the shower. She used much less, because the amount appeared excessive. However, because it isn’t a regular shampoo, this system works ideally with massaging in lots of formula.

Still, Emily achieved quite a crowning glory with abundant shine, volume and manageability. As long as she blow-dried and then used her favorite styling tools, she was able to create that Hollywood hair that people envy. Her hair selfies are all the proof one needs; Wen by Chaz rocks and really does what it says.

Emily says that WEN by Chaz is not for lazy girls. If you take the time and effort, the system will never fail you. Visit for more information.