Innovations of Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad is an established surgeon who worked with many pediatric cases throughout his career. He has performed many successful operations in young children, even those with complicated cases. As a doctor, Dr. Saad Saad is passionate about the current trends that could improve the way he serves his patients. He is constantly on his toes, looking for the best practices in pediatric surgery, to alleviate symptoms of pain and improve the overall quality of pre-operations, peri-operations, and post-operation conditions of his clients.


Dr. Saad Saad was able to patent two inventions and was able to pioneer many types of innovative pediatric surgical procedures. For over 4 decades of experience, he was able to handle complex cases within and outside of the United States. Dr. Saad Saad started to serve in the United States but broadened his clientele as he worked in Israel for Medical Missions in Jerusalem and West Bank.



Patents of Dr. Saad Saad


At present, Dr. Saad holds the patent for the Catheter with Integral Electromagnetic Location Identification Device.


Traditional catheters are insertions which have a various number of uses for inpatient and outpatient services. These are tubes which are placed inside the body to help with the surgical procedure or help relieve the clients of certain bodily fluids. Catheters also provide access to surgical tools, drain fluids during operation, and perform many other tasks which cannot be accessed through a fully open area. Some catheters are temporary in use, but others may be needed to be inserted permanently.


For a catheter to be placed in the right portion of the body, surgeons have to take note of its location. Since the catheter cannot be accessed openly, doctors often use an X-ray procedure to detect a catheter. However, these don’t go without risks as often pediatric patients are fragile and would be in danger if repeated X-ray procedures are done in a short amount of time. MRI machines are an option, but may also prove to be inconvenient because of its size.


Dr. Saad Saad devised a way to be able to detect catheters using an electromagnetic system. The electromagnetic system is safe, instant, easily portable and quickly located within the body. This saves time and reduces the risk of gamma-ray exposures brought about by constant X-ray procedures.


Aside from this, Dr. Saad Saad also has a patent on a different way of using endoscopes. Endoscopes are equipment that is utilized to view the patient’s body during a surgical operation. Dr. Saad was able to make a device that would provide irrigation and suction system within the endoscope in order to prevent blocking the view of the screen. Learn more:

Randal Nardone is the Veteran Investor You Should Know About

Randal Nardone is one of the most recognizable names behind the Fortress Credit Corporation. After all, he is a co-founder of the company and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer and the Director. The firm started its operations in 1998, and since 2013, Mr. Randal has been the CEO. Before his life began at Fortress Credit Corporation, Randal Nardone was a Bachelor of Arts in English and Biology student in the University of Connecticut. Soon after he graduated, he pursued Doctor of Jurisprudence in Boston University School of Law. Mr. Nardone has several responsibilities in his hands that it is easy to wonder how he has the time to perform these duties. However, he does them and accomplishes his tasks with flying colors. It is one of the reasons why he is much admired in the investment world. He is a veteran in the industry with many roles to play, including the President of Springfield Financial Holdings. He also holds the same position at NCS 1 LLC.

Newcastle Investment Holdings is also one of the companies he currently serves where he is the Vice President. He also had past jobs at specific companies where he is a revered expert. One was at Thacher Proffitt and Wood, which is a law firm where he worked as a member of the Executive Committee. During that time, he was also the Chief Operating Officer and the Managing Director at the Union Bank of Switzerland. The list of his responsibilities and his previous jobs do not seem to end as he is also the director of Springfield Finance, Inc. He also has the same position at other companies, including the Eurocastle Investment Limited, Alea Group Holdings in Bermuda, and Brookdale Senior Living, Inc.

Randal Nardone was the interim Chief Executive Officer of the Fortress Investment Group from 2011 to 2013. He got this role when the Board appointed him back in 2006. One of his best moments in the industry was when he founded the Fortress Investment Fund IV, LP as well as the Fortress Investment Fund V, LP. He still works as the Director, CEO, and COO of these mentioned firms. As he continues to move within the industry, he has gained a ton of affiliations with various groups with prominent ones such as New Media Investment Group, Inc., Drive Shack Inc., Mapeley Limited, and Aircastle Limited. Now with more than two decades of his company, Fortress, his clients and investors know there is no stopping Randal Nardone. Learn More.

Fortress Investment Group: Dominating the Industry of Private Equity Management

The Fortress Investment Group is the leading private equity firms in the United States today. The company was founded in 1998 by three visionary entrepreneurs who realized that they should be investing in a company that would assist entrepreneurs and business people with managing their assets. Wesley Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone all share the same experiences working with a financial institution, and through the years of working for financial giants, they realized that they could be earning more if they will build their own company. They left their jobs and focused on managing their business, which became a hit a few years after it was established. The company grew at a fast rate, and by the year 2000, they are already managing hundreds of millions of assets. In 2002, Peter Briger joined the team, sharing his expertise in the world of financial management and business.

The Fortress Investment Company started to explore different business ventures that would help in making the company a successful private equity firm. In 2007, the founders of the company had an idea to offer the firm to the public, and they debuted in February 2007 at the New York Stock Exchange. More than 8% of the company was traded to the public, and the transaction is worth $600 million. The offering of the company to the public marked a new page in the history of the Fortress Investment Group. In 2008, the global recession began, and the Fortress Investment Group generated a plan that would save them from the effects of the economic meltdown. They managed to execute the plan effectively, and the company experienced growth during the turbulent years, opposite to what their competitors have experienced.

Business institutions have awarded the company because of their remarkable strategies in facing the global recession. By 2010, the company started to team up with the government of Vancouver to create the Olympic Village. The government of Vancouver had to search for an alternative financier because their initial partner backed out. The Olympic Village was later turned over to the company, and it was added to their list of assets. Today, the Fortress Investment Group is celebrating its 20th founding anniversary. The company is now managing assets with a combined worth of $65 billion. The company has also been under the supervision of the Softbank Group, a Japanese conglomerate. The Softbank Group purchased the company for $3.3 billion, with the founders retaining their positions inside the company.

Heal And Soothe Offers Joint Relief through Natural Ingredients


Chronic joint pain can interfere with your normal lifestyle. From experiencing difficulties when it is time to wake up in the morning to attending to your daily tasks, you will often have to deal with pain from different parts of your body. Moreover, your ability to be in normal relationships or exercise will be interfered with as well.


For that reason, Living Well Nutraceuticals, makers of Heal and Soothe aims to help people deal with the pain. From the look of its ingredients and the mechanism it uses, it is clear that this product has the ability to ease your joint pain in every way possible. However, before we look at the ingredients, it is critical to look at the causative agent for chronic pain.


What Causes Chronic Joint Pain?


When you are physically injured, the first response issued by the body is the release of the white blood cells in order to fight the intrusive agents. However, when the cells have been released and the healing process has begun, the fibrin element responsible for protecting the surface of the injury may continue to be released thereby causing a major inflammation. As the fibrin continues to grow, arthritis is formed. That is where Heal and Soothe comes in because when taken as a daily doe, the supplement alleviates the inflammation. It is also important to note that there are types of foods that can aggravate inflammation. For instance, sugar, barbecued food in addition to nightshade vegetable can worsen the condition by triggering flare-ups.


What Makes Heal and Soothe Effective?


Heal is not your typical painkillers or joint pain supplements. On the contrary, it is a healthy joint pain alleviator made from natural herbs and ingredients. These ingredients have been proven to work effectively not only for joint pain but also boosting the immunity. Here are a few ingredients that make this product;




This is an enzyme found in pineapples. The enzyme uses a protein to release peptide hydrolase that in turn, treats inflammation alongside reducing the trauma that is caused on soft tissues. Moreover, the ingredient has proteolytic enzymes to prevent the release of pain hormones from the injured tissues. Go To This Page to learn more.


Ginger’s Rhizome Extract


From time immemorial, ginger has been used to decrease the production of prostaglandins, elements that contribute to the growth of pain in the pain. With the rhizome extract, inflammation will be reduced further. A recent study done at the prestigious Sloan-Kettering Cancer Research Center in New York found that Turmeric Rhizome Extract was more safe and precise than aspirin.



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Paul Herdsman Is A Mover And Shaker In The World Of Business


Paul Herdsman is an entrepreneur and businessman. He has more than 10 years of experience in online customer acquisition and consumer software. He is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Nice Global. Opening their doors in 2014, the company specializes in near shore business solutions. The company is based in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Paul Herdsman is a problem solver by nature, as well as a marketing and sales maverick.


The idea for the company came from the desire to bring their outsourcing under one roof and build their own center. Nice Global was born after associates did an exceptional job handling the business needs of the company. The decision was made to offer the same services to other clients. Herdsman starts and ends his day the same way and that is seeing his children. The time in between is spent working with an always changing business environment and creating results.


Paul Herdsman’s best ideas present themselves when he is away from an office environment. His business associates are his sounding board, as well as a source of feedback. The ideas are brought to life in the office and after a lot of discussion and finding the answer to questions; the idea is implemented on a small scale and given a test drive. A successful test drive results in an expanding implementation where the build goes hand in hand with interest.


Paul Herdsman finds it interesting and encouraging those companies are beginning to utilize near shore services rather than off shore services. It is an exciting turn of events that Herdsman sees with a great deal of promise. Paul Herdsman sees a very bright future for his company and the expansion possibilities seem limitless.


He is not a big fan of wasting time and makes his correspondence short, sweet and simple. Anything not concise often results in creating busy work and finds that is often the biggest distraction to his day and diminishes his productivity. Advice he offers to others is to become a problem solver. Cut through the unnecessary and get right to the chase. If focus stays on upward movement, the business as a whole will always be moving in the right direction. See This Article for more information.


In the article, “Lessons from Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman”, Herdsman gives six lessons: create culture, invest in the players, reward employees for performing well, understand everyone’s position, find the best people, solve a problem for clients.



Check out Herdsman’s successes in his profile on

Newark Gets New High Rise From Shaq and Boraie Development

Boraie Development knows how to get big urban projects finished. Their Newark, N.J. project is no exception. The new multi-use high rise apartment building has a lot of people excited. Among those people is an NBA superstar by the name of Shaquille O’Neal, who is a major investor in the project, now known as “Shaq Towers”. Shaq is a native of Newark, New Jersey, and he is ready to help breathe new life back into his old town.


He isn’t the only one who’s excited. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, Newark Mayor Ras Baraka and many other dignitaries recently gathered to celebrate the completion of the final floor of the project, officially known as “One Rector Street”. Its called a topping off ceremony. The building is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year, with pre-leasing starting in October or November. The apartments are being described as luxury apartments at affordable prices, according to Omar Boraie, of Boraie Development.


According to Rutgers, the project has been a collaboration of many key players including Shaquille O’Neal, Boraie Development, Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group, The City of Newark and the State of New Jersey who provided a $24 million dollar tax credit for the project.


This project is being called a public-private partnership. Partnerships between private and public entities are becoming more common and may end up being the blueprint for urban development in the future. Boraie Development is on the leading edge of these types of projects, and actually has another large project scheduled in the near future in Newark. O’Neal and Boraie Development have announced plans to build another 35 story skyscraper in the city of Newark, on McCarter Highway. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Getting large projects done in urban areas can be particularly challenging. But the rewards are worth the effort. New buildings bring new jobs and a sense of pride in the community. This is the first high rise building to be erected in Newark in 50 years. With another high rise in the works, Boraie Development is doing its part to bring growth and change to urban America.



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Louis R. Chênevert: Spearheading the Eurospace industry

Louis Chênevert worked as a Chief Executive Officer for United Technologies Corporation for over 10 years. However, in November 2014 he decided to retire. He had worked in various posts in the company including; President, CEO, Chairman and Director. Prior to working with United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chênevert worked as the president of another company called Pratt & Whitney for close to five years. He also worked as a Production General Manager for General Motors for 14 years.

Louis Chênevert accepted to work in Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division as a Senior Industry Advisor. He has also worked with the forum of US and India CEO’s and he also serves in the Business Council. Since 2011, he has been serving in the Cargill Inc Board of Directors. He serves as the chairman of the foundation of Congressional Medal of Honor. In addition to this, he is also the chairman of the advisory board of Yale Cancer Center. In 2005, He became a fellow of an American body that deals with aeronautics and astronautics.

Louis Chênevert acquired a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in production management from the University of Montreal’s, HEC School. He was awarded by the University of Montreal with an Honorary Doctorate in 2011. He is the chairman of HEC Montreal International Advisory Board. He is also part of the Friends of HEC where he serves in the capacity of a chairman. In addition to this, he is also a founding director of the board.

Louis Chênevert participated in negotiations to acquire Goodrich Corporation in 2011 at a cost of over $18 billion, a move that has been regarded as his greatest achievements. The choice of getting Goodrich was prompted by the desire to expand their market, lower internal costs of production, and interact with the aircraft component manufacturer. Acquiring Goodrich transformed the company into an international giant, getting the power to dominate markets all over the world.

Louis Chênevert has had the time to pursue his interests now that he is retired. He is involved in the designing and engineering yachts. He has contributed greatly to the success of UTC through his leadership and intelligence, thereby, transforming the aerospace industry.

WIPO Director Kamil Idris is Concerned about IP

Professor Kamil Idris has written an article about President Trump planning to impose new tariffs on China, due to unfair IP acquisitions. It has been reported the stealing of intellectual properties has cost the United States between $225 million up to $600 billion. The new tariffs the President plans to impose on imports will be an estimated total worth of $50 billion. The violations range from trade secret thefts to counterfeiting of popular name brands.

President Trump has announced he plans to impose 25 percent tariff on imports of steel and 10 percent tariff on imports of aluminum. The tariffs will not affect countries that are part of NAFTA; however, he hasn’t ruled out the idea of imposing tariffs on U.S. allies.

Professor Kamil Idris has also written an article about World Intellectual Property Organization and the meaning behind it. WIPO was created in 1967 to encourage human creativity and innovation, so that people from every country and community, can share and prosper within their bounty.

Some might wonder if intellectual property is worth all the effort. The answer is yes, without intellectual properties rights, we would never develop new technologies to tackle global warming problems and we would never see the light or day of great sporting events. This would also affect the film industry. These affected industries and others which play a role in entertaining and uniting us, would be a major consequence throughout the globe. For example, sporting events would not be broadcasted into homes across the globe and movies would not be distributed as well.

For this, WIPO has paid tribute to every artist, inventor, big or small who has enriched our existence with their innovative ideas and creative vision. We remember the importance of their intellectual property rights, the rights they have earned through their individual and collective talents.

Clay Hutson and Soul2soul Second Leg

Clay Hutson who is based in Nashville, TN works as a stage manager, tour producer, and sound engineer. He has been helping artists to put their live performances where he will be there to ensure everything taking place is working well and the crowd will appreciate the performance. He is very ambitious in what he does and the passion for the music and anything in relation to music makes him the best for it. He has been offering the following services to his clients; production management, design, show production, managing the logistics, rigging, managing the stage and monitoring machines.


He has been offering a turnkey solution to his clients which becomes budget friendly. You will note it as the client that it is full of the surprises and also delighted. He helps you starting from ideation, the budget required in the execution site and that makes him the first shop to stop if you will be requiring events needs. He is working well on managing your even and producing the music.


Clay Hutson made a decision of joining Tim McGraw together with Faith Hill during their second leg which is for Soul2soul. Even though the country duo has not been able to tour since 2007, this is a world tour. In the first leg tour, it included the 70 sold-out concerts which were from April 2017 up to December 2017. The demand was high making the tour to be extended where Clay Hutson will be available so that he can helm in the exciting live production.


In the second Soul2soul leg, the world tour was to kick off on 31st May in Richmond, Virginia. It will be featuring Caitlyn Smith who will be the opening act, then Devi Dawson will follow, Brothers Osborne, then NEEDTOBREATH, then Seth Ennis, then Midland, Margo prince, and many more. Clay Hutson has been feeling honored to join the amazing world show tour team that was put by Faith Hill and McGraw.


Having been respected in live performing world, Clay Hutson has also worked with Kid Rock, Guns ‘n’ Roses, and Kelly Clarkson. He has been helping the musician in the last twenty years to give a live performance where he is excellent when it comes to sound engineering, tour production, and stage management.


In the early days, Clay Hutson used to work and tour with Billy Graham Sound team as their sound engineer. His love for rock music made Clay Hutson follow his heart and drove him to focus on the music industry. He has been able to travel to Australia, North America, and Europe where he has been able to help world greatest musicians and bring the most entertaining live show. Learn more:


The Chainsmokers Music in Many Different Ways

The Chainsmokers is a group which is a combination of two people Alex Pall and his friend Andrew Taggart. Before they had formed the group, Alex Pall used to be a recognized DJ in New York City and that was what he grew knowing. He attended New York University where he pursued history and music business. Andrew Taggart went to the University of Syracuse and after he completed he went for his internship at Interscope Record. Taggart used to have some DJ interest although he did production and he had managed to release some original songs and uploaded them to a website called Sound Cloud.

There was an earlier group that used to be a formation of Alex Pall and Bixler. After Bixler decided to leave the group, it’s the time when Taggart came from Maine to the City of New York to join Alex Pall. The group was under Alpert who was their manager.

They have had a lot of success in their music career after quieting their earlier job. They passed their music breakthrough in 2014 when they released a song that was called “Selfie”. the song was ranked among the top twenty hits in various countries. They have also been awarded various success like Grammy awards for having done the best dance recording which was held at the 59th award ceremony. They have also been awarded twice in American Music Awards. When we talk about iHeartRadio Awards, the duo has won the title five times.

It was during the Billboard Music Awards when the Sweden talented DJ and producer Avicii was being honored on that day which was on Sunday night. Halsey and the chainsmokers talked about Avicii. The Chainsmokers talked to thousands of people who were gathered there in Las Vegas that Avicii was an artist who brought inspiration to the people who listened to his music in many different ways. He is an artist who meant a lot about EDM community.

When Halsey talked, he said that if there was a person who worked with Avicii, he could have noted that he was a joyful guy and the tragedy was the most painful thing. He reminded everyone who was that to ensure they love their friends and loved ones who have been struggling with mental illness.