Got Bad Press? The Search Fixers Are Here To Help

With the ever increasing presence of business ratings and reviews online, business owners are now more than ever in search of ways to better manage their online reputations. Consumers often rely on the opinions and experiences of others when making a decision regarding purchases and services. Because of this, maintaining an unblemished online reputation is extremely important for businesses. Just one bad review could cost you several customers or clients, and significantly reduce revenue potential. Establishing an online reputation can be difficult, but repairing damage can be next to impossible on your own. Fortunately, there are experienced professionals ready to help rebuild your blemished reputation and kiss those bad reviews goodbye.

The Search Fixers are armed and ready to tackle any bad reputation problem that comes their way. From big to small businesses, they’ve got you covered. As leaders in online reputation management, they are committed to helping restore and rebuild professional reputations. Starting from the ground up, The Search Fixers hep you remove bad press, and restore your reputation. Starting with the most commonly used search engine, the experienced team tackles harmful reviews on Google, reducing the risk of further spreading any negative comments or reviews. The first step to removing bad press, and re establishing your reputation, is reducing the presence of negative reviews online. By replacing such comments and reviews with more positive and consumer friendly comments, The Search Fixers can both help repair your reputation and increase revenue potential.

While there are several online reputation management companies that offer services similar to those at The Search Fixers, they are one of the most successful companies in the industry. Because The Search Fixers take a look at the entire picture, they not only help you repair your reputation, but also place you on a path to success moving forward. Though we try hard to avoid them, we all make mistakes. Protecting your online reputation is the best way to secure the future of your business. In a world ruled by technology, protecting your brand and online reputation are both more important than ever. Don’t get caught without your armor. Let The Search Fixers experienced team of reputation management consultants help get you back on the right path.

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Meet The Man Behind The Struggle For Human Rights

Most people living in the western world have probably heard of the Human Rights Foundation and the work the organization does to advance liberty across the world. The man who made all of this possible, Thor Halvorssen, is probably a name most have not heard. The 40 year old founded the Human Rights Foundation in 2005 holding high ambitions for its potential.

As successful as the Human Rights Foundation is it’s no surprise giving the history of Halvorssen’s family. He can honestly boast about descending from advocates of liberty such as Simon Bolivar, and both of his parents played a large in resistance against corruption in the government of his home country Venezuela. He even has a cousin serving time as a political prison in Venezuela. According to Forbes, From his beginnings in the early 1990s fighting against slave labor in China to his more recent efforts to fight religious censorship in Vietnam, Thor Halvorssen is leading the push against injustice and oppression.

The most amazing character trait Thor Halvorssen possesses is his courage. The work he does for the Human Rights Foundation constantly places him in dangerous situations where bleak outcomes are all too common. Dictators in general aren’t fond of journalism that exposes their dirt or movements that inspire citizens to stand up for themselves. He has faced prisons, beatings, and even threats to his life for the causes he takes up. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

An example of this was the time his interview with the head of the Unified Buddhist Church Of Vietnam got him incarcerated in the country. He was able to eventually to convince Vietnamese authorities to release after he claimed that he was seeking to become a Buddhist himself. Even after that ordeal he remains unshaken.

The sort of tasks Thor Halvorssen has assigned to himself are some of the most challenging the world has ever seen. He fights against cruel leaders who are all too willing to use violence against those that oppose them and terrorize their citizenry. Despite the more difficult parts of his role, he takes after his ancestors and strives to make a difference in the world.

Click the link below to read more:

Thor Halvorssen | LinkedIn

Many Women Use Wen By Chaz

Women are always concerned about how they look. They want to look at their best for their professional and personal affairs at all times. This is because they want to feel confident that they are making a good impression. One thing that they are worried about is how their hair will look. They want it to look great all the time. This is why they should try Wen by Chaz Dean. See,

Wen By Chaz For Women

WEN by Chaz was created so that women could shampoo and condition in one step. With this one bottle, they can get everything that they need in order to make their hair look great. They will find that they will see the results very soon after they start using Wen by Chaz.

Why Wen By Chaz?

Many women have seen great results in a short period of time when they use Wen by Chaz. That is because they use it like it is recommended, and they trust the Amazon sold product. The company made this product with women in mind that want to look good. They will see a great improvement in their hair in time. It will feel silky, and have a bounce to it.

Women everywhere are trying Wen by Chaz, and they are loving it. There are women that are asking for it for gifts at any time of the year because they will use it. With all the great aspects about the Wen by Chaz product, it is no wonder it is one of the most popular hair care products on the market. For more info, visit Wen’s Twitter account and Facebook page.


The Well-Known Salad Bar’s Secret Beauties to Keep Customers Coming Back for More

Sweetgreen, the quick salad chain that keeps people standing in queues like a new iPhone, is about 10 yards away from the Tech Insider office. The place looks like a mystical salad center. Every friend would say that it’s delicious even though it seems too far for a quick lunch. One opened two blocks away in December. There is always a line at the door. For this reason, we usually skip the line using their app. Therefore, we make it a vibrant lettuce full of robust cheese crumbles with the tangy dressing.


Sweetgreen’s magic states that their healthy food is seasoned with tasty and nutritious salads. You will not go hungry after a heavy lunch at Sweetgreen unlike other numerous salads. For about the same price as fries and burgers, you can find the tasty and nutritious food. The chain of restaurants was expanded to over 40 sites in California and New York after starting in Washington, D.C. it also has shops in Boston and Chicago.


Fortune declared Sweetgreen as one of the emulatable companies in the country. Most companies starting from scratch would like to grow at its rate. Sweetgreen co-founder, Nathaniel Ru, spoke to Tech Insider about how the company obtains its foodstuff. They also talked about how they craft their food and when you need to increase kales in your foodstuff.


Nathaniel Ru said, along with great demographic analysis, store opening timings is a huge part of their strategy as a company. Their importance spans with the way they work towards opening new stores in the country. For instance, in New York, their first store was at Broadway in the NoMad neighborhood. They located the company at a far end where the concentration of restaurants is little. This is the region where many media and tech companies are clustered.


For this reason, the chain was set apart from the world. They also opened new stores in Nolita, Tribeca, and Williamsburg. Their main idea was to go beyond the offering tasty lunch. They also want to offer weekend out and dinners.


Walking into a Sweetgreen restaurant is like walking into an iPhone store. The lines are clean with smiling faces at the brim. They are full or relief. Nathaniel calls that service at its best. Their technology encompasses an elevating design coupled up with consistent high-end customer service. The company feels like a decent restaurant for all. Their open kitchen is the initial thing to spot. The ingredients are arrayed in the open for all to witness their certainty. The company makes all their products, their dressing, from scratch. Farm produce is delivered to the stores every morning. For them, showing their guests what they do is more important than telling them. Therefore, coming back for more is an obligation.



Thicken those Thin Strands with Wen

Using new hair products is an adventure. Using new hair care products when you have naturally thin hair can sometimes be a nightmare. Luckily, using WEN by Chaz on this hair type is a dream.

One of the annoyances that those of us with thin or fine hair types must struggle with is the tendency for our hair to become weighed down by products. One blogger recently told her story of a six-day trial run with Wen on Bustle. She had chosen the Fig formula. This is a thick, rich blend to give hair shine, bouncy locks and plenty of moisture.

Over the following week she discovered a few new things about her hair. The first day she marveled at how much thicker her strands felt in the shower. Her hair was soft and shiny too. She also noticed that there was a lot less hair falling out in the shower. Days two and three she discovered that the rich formula made her hair almost too moisturized. But, if she showered and washed in the mornings, she would reap the benefits of the rich conditioner all day. While her trial run wasn’t long enough to show all the benefits of Wen, she was quite happy with the results.

Wen by Chaz is a groundbreaking new way to care for your hair. Wen is advertised on QVC as an easy to use sulfate-free replacement for shampoo, conditioner and leave-in products. Instead of a bunch of harsh sulfate bearing products, you just use this one thing.

Wen is amazingly simple to use. Just rinse your hair, pump out enough Wen and rub it into your scalp and strands. Use water to help spread it evenly in the hair. It won’t lather but it will leave your hair at its best. There are a number of formulas, making it easy to find the perfect blend for your hair type and needs. For more info, follow Wen on Twitter and like the Facebook page here:


Why Care about Your Online Reputation Management

The search Fixers are an online reputation management company that a wide array of services. Online reputation repair has three functions broken down. They are building upon that online presence, analyze an online brand presence, and improve online presence. The Search Fixers provide the best solution for your problems.

Online reputation management means taking charge of all your online activities and conversations. When they look for you on the internet, online reputation management strategies and techniques ensure that people find the right materials. Online reputation management (ORM) counteracts misleading trends, creates balance, and allows you to put your best practices at the forefront.

Online reputation has become imperative that the word “online“ can be dropped. For this reason, your reputation online is your exact status. Moreover, individuals will view you according to the materials they find about you on the internet.

For everything, the Internet is our first stop:

  • Many people display the internet as the most reliable source of information about brands and individuals.
  • 70 percent of recruiting managers reject candidates because of viral things viewed online.
  • When looking for a solution provider, 90 percent of consumers look at online reviews about the business.

Because of this, it is clear that whatever is on the internet about your brand affects your business.

Offline and Online are Blending

While days pass, the Internet world is increasing growing with numerous services and information. It is becoming increasingly enmeshed with all our activities. From TVs to smartphones, from self-driving cars to internet things, every day of your life goes online. Whenever you turn on your laptop, you are going online. This means that there increased ways in which you can positively or negatively impact your online presence. However much you may think that people are not searching you online, the chances are that they are on your profiles.

Common reasons for this include:

  • Former colleagues looking for focal points to share professional opportunities
  • Past and present curious significant others
  • Children searching for parental details online
  • Landlords looking for prospective renters and their online reputation
  • Employers conducting a pre-interview search

There is always a substantial amount of information about you online no matter how your lifestyle work. Everyone has access to your online identity. If someone reviews you negatively online, it puts your reputation at stake long-term. However much you are qualified, you may never know why you filed a job interview. You should correct any inaccuracies about your online identity before an interview.

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Family Values Endorse Dick DeVos Generosity

As one who barely pays for her standards of living like utilities, food and shelter how is it some people are able to provide for the needs of others and society? Introducing one of the heirs to the Amway fortune, his name is Dick DeVos. He is the person who can afford to pay for faith-based charities, education, and sports for other people. He foots the bill.


He is the son of Richard DeVos; so in history when people considered themselves flower-children in the nineteen-sixties Richard DeVos set out to provide for his family. As ladies dressed in mini-skirts and guys styled with hippy hair were dancing and making peace, Dick DeVos’ father was hard at work directly selling simple household products. Direct selling is an independent and self-motivated effort. This approach to business is rigorous and uses individual integrity. It takes resilience and stamina. It is not easy, it takes work.


Consequently, Richard DeVos’ self-starter job was successful and supplied ample family income. His son Dick DeVos says he does remember many days working in the family business in the basement of their home. The memory he has is the basement was headquarters where people worked. He and his brother welcomed people to Amway conventions. He demonstrated the usefulness of products. He recalls doing all and any chore required which aided his father’s company. It goes without saying the DeVos family displays good-old fashion American values. They are principled in honest, hard-working enterprise. They are not slackers.


Ultimately, Amway’s achievement rewarded the DeVos family a standard of living among the affluent upper-class. However, no one in this family squanders money; they are industrialist with a deep sense of ethical fidelity. The members are morally principled and find hometown values worthy. Good honest labor is respected and work performance delineates Dick DeVos from the masses. He went to school then returned to join the family trade.


Nineteen-seventies created disco fever, girls donned bellbottom and men wore tunics. Nevertheless, Dick DeVos remained savvy operations within the family circle. Firmly established as Amway Corporation he upheld time-honored ethics by positioning himself in different jobs and divisions inside the company. He didn’t just demand a lofty title. For this reason he earned the position of vice-president in the nineteen-eighties when stylized menswear and power-woman blazer were modish. Dick DeVos’ down-to-earth involvement with Amway doubled sales brought online by international markets.


Consequently, sustained by first-class morality and ethics Dick DeVos built Amway globally. He personally extends his good fortune and goodwill to charitable institutions like hospitals, education, sports, and arts. He is a private donor that contributes funds to organization like: Inner City Christian Federation, Young Life, Potter’s House, West Michigan Aviation Academy, and Education Freedom Fund.


As for one who wants to learn to be prosperous, I will read Dick DeVos’ book: Believe. It is a new and revised tenth anniversary edition. Dick DeVos explains in his book what values make America great, read more at: Rediscovering American Values