Bring Beneful Healthy Food Into Your Puppy’s Life

All dog owners just want the best for their dogs. So when you bring your new bundle of joy home, pick up a bag of Beneful Healthy puppy food to keep him satisfied and full of energy. Make sure you check out the Beneful website before you buy, because they usually have an option for a coupon. That money you save can be used on other puppy supplies so do not forget to keep an eye out for coupons. Beneful Healthy puppy food is formulated using a high quality chicken that produces not only an excellent flavor that all puppies enjoy, but a puppy food that is packed with essential proteins and nutrients.

The chicken flavor is popular among puppies. The bag contains 28% protein so it is perfect for active puppies and those are growing very quickly. It is also calorie rich which is important at this age since they are need those calories to grow completely. Beneful Healthy puppy food also contains DHA which promotes the healthy and proper development of the puppy’s brain and eyes. Feeding Beneful Healthy puppy food will ensure your puppy is receiving every nutrient and protein that it needs to grow and thrive later in life.

Brian Bonar Sees New Promise In ETFs In Europe

Brian Bonar is a retired San Diego business executive who has put together several companies that have helped small businesses get their financial papers in order over the years. He also is an investor who has several holdings over in Europe, and he knows about various investment funds including ETFs which he currently recommends investing in.

One reason he recommends this is that France just had a new president elected who ran on a strong economic platform and has most French citizens thinking positive about the future. Europe’s economic growth hasn’t been fast, but with the elections playing out as they are Bonar is positive that good growth will come in time. As ETFs are low at the moment, Bonar believes now is a good time to buy them.

Brian Bonar is a visionary who has worked with a variety of businesses and knows how to find solutions in the most creative ways. He holds a bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. in business and also has a degree in mechanical engineering. He is currently living in San Diego but was born in Scotland where he attended university and got started in his career.

The first company he worked for was IBM UK Ltd. where he managed the procurement of different components such as motherboards, circuits, processors and other computer hardware for various clients. He went from there to QMS Inc. where he took part with their software engineering team, and then he went into the printing business with Rastek and Adaptec companies.

In the late 1980s Brian Bonar founded his own printing company, Bezier Systems which had the world’s first SCSI printer developed. Later on he helped found another company known as ITEC Imaging Technologies.

This company originally was a printer and copier manufacturing company, but then Bonar changed their sales tactics to include full-scale service and support for customers. He then changed it into a professional employer organization when he formed a partnership with SourceOne and the Solvis Group. In 2004 this company was renamed Dalrada Financial Corporation.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar started different benefits packages and services while serving as CEO and Chairman of the Dalrada Company including employee payroll and accounting, tax deductions, vacation packages, 401k plans and insurance.

The services were distributed through some of his later companies including Trucept Inc. which is also partnered with Smart-Tek Solutions, an automated payroll software company.

In addition to forming the PEO companies, Bonar is also a restaurant guru who has invested in numerous Escondido bistros. One of his latest acquisitions was a small pub known as Bellamy’s, and Bonar tapped Patrick Ponsaty, a Master Chef of France to be the managing chef of this restaurant as well as Bonar’s Bandy Canyon Ranch.

Rick Smith Successful Tenure at Securus Technologies

In the year 2008, Securus Technologies, a private held communication and technology solutions provider in the United States announced that they had chosen Rick Smith to become the chief executive and president of the institution. The company said that they had settled for the businessman because of his vast expertise in telecommunication, IT, business development, finance, and operations. According to the institution, Smith was the best candidate for the position.

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Several years later, the company has proved that it made the right decisions by making the special appointment. Rick Smith Securus has emerged as the top leaders in offering inmates high-quality products and services. The company has introduced several applications and products to the prisoners, making the life easier for everyone. The private corporation has also lowered the prices of its services to encourage the communication of the inmates and their loved ones, reducing crimes in the United States. Several crimes have also been prevented due to the products and services introduced by the company.

As the chief executive officer of the successful company, Rick Smith has set the record by portraying unique skills. These excellent skills have helped him to steer the organization to a higher level. The company is now able to beat its competitors in the country. This success is attributed to his leadership and managerial skills.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is known to many as one of the leading companies in the correctional industry. The successful institution is based in Dallas, Texas, and its chief executive officer is Smith. Since it was established several years ago, the private company targets correctional centers and any other law enforcement agencies in the country. A recent survey shows that the firm serves more than one million inmates and more than three thousand centers. The company is only committed to offering excellent technological services to inmates in Northern America. The team at Securus Technologies understands the benefits of communications to individuals who are incarcerated, and this is why it has done so well. Read more articles at

Rick Smith Education and Career life

Rick Smith went for his university education at the prestigious State University that is located in New York City where he acquired a degree in science in electrical engineering. He chose to remain in the same facility to obtain his masters in engineering. Later on, Smith went to the prestigious University of Rochester University where he acquired his associate degree. His educational background is one of the things that have attributed to his successful career. After completing his higher education, the businessman ventured into the telecom industry, getting employment opportunities in some of the top telecommunication companies in the United States. While serving as the CEO of Securus Technologies, Smith has introduced several positive changes such as the video visitation application.

Duda Melzer: A Third time Charm

It takes a lot of effort, time, and resources to run a company. However, to make it successful is an entirely different and more difficult task. The task becomes even weightier when you have a legacy to uphold. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, popularly known as Duda Melzer has done just that. Not only has he managed to maintain the esteemed business and conduct of RBS Group –one of the largest multimedia communications companies in Brazil—he has also been able to take it to the next level.

Duda Melzer graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 1998 at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS), and four years later completed a Master’s in Business Administration from Harvard University.

According to Acaert, in 2004, Duda Melzer joined the RBS Group, a company his grandfather Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho started in August 1957. Duda began as the Chief Executive Officer for the domestic market, and four years later, became the vice-president of market and business development. Just two years later, he became the Executive vice-president of RBS group. In 2012, he became the executive chairman of the company, a position he succeeded from his uncle, Pachecho Sirotsky. In mid-2012, Duda Melzer assumed the honorable seat of CEO of the RBS Group, and in 2016, he was also the acting as chairman of the board of directors.

In a report by Globo, Duda Melzer has immersed immeasurable awards throughout his life. Some of the awards include the Cabore Award in Professional Vehicle category in 2006, the Coletive.Net Award in the Marketing Management category in 2011, and the Merit Award in Administration in 2015 from the Regional Management Council of Rio Grande do Sul (CRA-RS) among other awards. Duda is responsible for the substantial growth of the RBS Group in the recent past, and because of his hard work, passion and dedication, he will surely hit greater milestones.

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