How Otto & Sons Ltd., Transformed into the Billion-Dollar OSI Group

In the early nineteen hundreds, America was undergoing an economic renaissance of near-epic proportion. The economic prosperity was and still is, fueled by the arrival of immigrants from all over the globe to the US. One such immigrant family that came to the USA with a tunnel vision were the Kolschowskys. The patriarch of this German descended family was called Otto Kolschowsky and together with the wife and the kids they successfully opened a small meat trading store in one of the emerging suburbs in the state of Chicago. Barely three decades into the meat business, had that once small outlet transformed into a regionally recognized entity bearing the name, Otto & Sons.


In the early-to-mid-1950s, America welcomed a hotel franchise business called McDonald’s. Very few people, save for maybe luminary business minds like Otto Kolschowsky recognized the remarkable opportunity and joined forces with McDonald’s. The CEO of McDonald’s met up with the leader of Otto & Sons in the most formal meeting ever. By then, McDonald’s had just broken ground on its premier store in Des Plaines, Illinois.

New Preservation Method

The first meet up with the leaders of these globally acclaimed companies culminated in a simple handshake, but the strong professional relationship forged that day would endure the coming decades to this very day. OSI’s meteoric rise to the top of the fast food franchise business was catalyzed by the company’s invention of a new and more effective method of preserving processed meat and meat products. Fast track to the 1970’s and the quality meat retailing establishment rebranded and it was now called, OSI Group of Industries.

Forbes Listing

OSI Group of Industries built up a behemoth supply network consisting of close to 200 independent and verified suppliers. With time, the quality meat company diversified their clientele portfolio to include other emerging restaurants and hotels in the state and elsewhere as well. Towards the turn of the millennium, OSI Industries acquired full rights for the Glenmark trade name. Such moves would ultimately propel OSI Industries to become the 136th most profitable and valuable private American company.

Sword of Honour Award

Today, OSI Industries has a strong valuation of $6.1+ billion and it’s expanded operations to far places like mainland China, Eastern, and Western Europe and in the lucrative Asian Pacific region. OSI’s outstanding track record and service performance have won the OSI Group fans and customers all over the planet. For instance, OSI walked away with two top awards at the 2015 British Safety Council (BSC) awards. OSI Industries scooped the coveted Sword of Honour award for their innovative measures to enhance the overall safety and wellness of their ever-growing clientele.

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How Omar Boraie has Redefined Real Estate Development in New Brunswick through Boraie Development LLC

New Brunswick in New Jersey is home to one of the leading real estate developers in the area, Boraie Development LLC. The company has created a reputation for specializing in spectacular urban real estate development. Sam Boraie, the 72-year-old founder and president of Boraie Development, takes significant pride in witnessing his vision for New Brunswick being realized over the years.

Boraie Development stemmed from Omar Boraie’s need to redevelop New Brunswick in a bid to resemble what he had witnessed in Europe as a traveling scholar. He established his business in 1972while working in Europe. Omar’s initial project included a block of 21 run down and vacant buildings. He was at one point thought to be crazy because of building high-rise condos and an office building in the downtown area of New Brunswick. For more details visit Crunchbase.

According to Patch, to provide the New Brunswick city with additional quality residential units, Omar Boraie envisioned the development of a high-rise building similar to the ones in New York. The vision paved the way for the Spring Street Condominium Building, which is a 25-story building with 121 units, a parking garage, retail shops and office space. Later on, Omar Boraie identified an opportunity and market for luxury developments in the area.

Recently, Boraie sought to attract a younger and trendy lot of tenants that seek style and convenience through his latest development the Aspire. The building is located in an area that offers a wide range of night life, entertainment, and restaurants.

About Boraie Development LLC

Boraie Development LLC is a New Brunswick-based real estate development company. It has a reputation for providing services that are mainly focused on various areas of urban real estate market development. The company prides itself on its team of experts that is devoted to developing outstanding properties while offering unmatched services to its client portfolio. Working with architects with vision, the strongest financial institutions, and contractors that understand deadlines has allowed Boraie Development to ensure not only success but also the timely completion of its projects.

Over three decades, Boraie Development has shown a deep commitment to employing its reliability, capital and vision into all the company’s projects. Moreover, the company’s development record of accomplishment has played a significant role in steering it into one of the leading developers in New Jersey. To undertake its projects, Boraie Development LLC gets funds from private capital sources like leading commercial banks as well as from its own capital. As a result, it creates projects that are appealing enough to financial partners, residents, and tenants who are in turn pleased with the company’s long-term ownership commitment.

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How OSI Group Became One Of The World’s Top Food Companies

It is quite a miracle that you can go to your supermarket and get just about any type of fresh food you want. From ground beef to vegetables, fish, fruit, rice, pasta and more, any food you desire is at your fingertips at a low price. And one of the companies responsible for bringing you this food has been at it for over 100 years. That company, OSI Group, has become the worldwide leader when it comes to food production and distribution.

So who exactly is the OSI Group? The company was founded way back in 1909 by German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky. This young entrepreneur started out by opening a meat packing and delivery business. Soon, the company would grow and rename itself Otto & Sons in 1928. In two decades, the company had become one of the top food distributors in the midwestern United States.

Otto & Sons would soon find their fortune a couple of decades later when they met a businessman known as Ray Kroc. This business relationship led Otto & Sons to become the lead food distributor for the world’s largest fast-food chain – McDonald’s. Using a new technology known as Cryogenic food processing, the company was able to deliver millions of pounds of fresh meat patties to McDonald’s locations all over the country.

Since then, the company has changed its name to OSI Group and has rapidly expanded around the world. Included in the company’s expansion was the acquisition of a Tyson chicken food plant in Chicago as well as the acquisition of the Dutch convenient food maker Baho Food. In addition to the Tyson and Baho acquisitions, OSI Group has also added food supplier Flasghip Europe to their portfolio. Altogether, these acquisitions have allowed OSI Group to better serve their clients which include supermarket chains all around the world.

While many companies see their quality compromised with expansion, OSI Group has only gotten better. In fact, the company received the 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council. Additionally, OSI Group was recognized as one of America’s 100 food companies by trade magazine Food Processing.

From quality food manufacturing to efficient distribution, OSI Group has become the global leader in food processing and management. It’s no wonder why more and more supermarkets, restaurants and fast food chains have relied on OSI Group for quality food, efficient distribution, and competitive pricing.


Employment Opportunity With Cancer Treatment Centers Of America

Cancer Treatment Centers were found in 1988 by Richard J Stephenson with the help of his mother. He was not satisfied with the treatment available to cancer patients. Its headquarters is in Boca Raton, Florida. It has five branches in total the last one was inaugurated in 2012 and all branches are in different part of the country. It has the best team of doctors and equipment’s necessary for treatment of cancer. They have very unified ways of Chemotherapy, Surgery, Immunotherapy, etc. It also uses “homeopathy” which means natural ways for the treatment. People suffering from cancer may feel depression; anxiety or pain and these processes help them to overcome these problems.

These hospitals have been rated as the most trusted place for the treatment as per patients’ reviews. It is recognized by the medical authorities some of them are Joint Commission, National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers, Association of Community Cancer Centers and College of Radiology. These hospitals met all the requirements necessary for being a brand. It also faced many objections from Federal Trade Commission in 1993 and after that Food and Drug Administration in 2001 but all allegations were settled properly without causing harm. Each type of cancer is different from other and can’t be treated by one doctor.

CTCA has specialized doctors for each type of cancers. The most disastrous thing about cancer is that it causes uncontrollable pain. They have formed system to control pain as per the patients’ adaptability and are approaching towards more advanced ways to cure it. Cancer Treatment Centre of America provides many job opportunities and in different fields Like Physician, Professional and Management, Administrative and Hospitality Services and Clinical and Patient Support.Students and recent graduates could also join CTCA. It organizes an internship program for 10 to 12 weeks. For that, a sponsor is required within the similar field and as the tasks are completed the feedbacks are on basis of the work. It’s not necessary that everyone gets employed but they learn a lot.