Arthur Becker, the Real Estate Enthusiast

Arthur Becker to most households is known for his role in bio and info tech but has recently started making a name for himself in the real estate arena. He has demonstrated a great deal of commitment to townhomes. He is using his money to settle in classy townhomes. Further, he is bound to become a larger investor on the same.

He was pulled into the real estate venture in New York. He was particularly interested in Soho townhomes. According to the NY Times, he took up the investment by acquiring three townhomes at 10 Sullivan Street with the homes being 30, 40 and 50 blocks of the same building. By having full ownership of these properties, Arthur is in full control of what kind of investment choice to make. He can choose to rent them out or just sell them, either way, deriving considerable income.

Arthur was so pleased with homes at Sullivan Street that he intends to live in one and sell or rent out the other two. From these projects, Arthur is likely to generate up to 30 million dollars. This demonstrates great promise in terms of revenue generation, and Arthur is strongly fixated on the idea of real estate, which is perceived to be highly stable in the Business world today.

Soho happens to be a great neighborhood with great bars, restaurants, and retail. During the day, Soho is a hub bustling with life with all sorts of business and entertainment joints. It is a classy neighborhood with luxurious townhomes with those of us with expensive taste. At night, the area is quiet and peaceful.

The neighborhood is also secure as evidenced by Arthur’s interest to settle in one of the homes. The homes have larger backyards than 20 Sullivan has and thus will be priced slightly higher. The townhouses, which stand at 6500 square feet, are among four that Robert Gladstone’s Madison equities and Kelvin Maloney’s property markets group developed. Becker availed 500 million dollars into New York real estate through his Atlantic Investors LLC. Becker further invested alongside other property groups at 111 West 57th Street. More information on Arthur Becker available at

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