How Infinity Group Australia has Financially Assisted Australians

Graeme Holm and his wife Rebecca Walker founded Infinity Group Australia in 2013 with the aim of improving Australians financial decisions. These are decisions such as improving the personal finances and reducing their debts to secure their future. Holm together with Walker, her partner, worked together with the aim of getting a better financial deal for Australian families.


Their primary goal was to transform the loan market in Australia. Holm’s wished to change the fact that most clients live paycheck to paycheck making only some minimum loan repayments over the 30-year term. Today, through the Infinity Group Australia, clients can comfortably carry out their duties without worrying about their bills. Australian clients have affirmed that the group has helped them ease their client’s financial concerns. Also, the group cares about the clients’ families making the process comfortable. Through the group, families can access credit to help them reach their loftiest financial goal. The group has enabled most families purchase assets such as homes. Learn more:


The company has been ranked among the most innovative companies in Australia and New Zealand. The ranking was judged by Australia’s leading innovative consultant together with the panel of some of the industry experts. The rating was done on how well the company is at addressing as well as solving problems. Other things such as the quality as well as the uniqueness of the solution were also considered in this case. The group’s level of the quality, as well as the uniqueness of solving problems, was also examined. Infinity Group Australia reviews enabled it to be ranked among the best when it comes to its culture, strategy, resources, and processes. The 58th ranking of the AFR’s most innovative companies gave Infinity Group of Australia the chance to be in the top of 5.8 percent of all the companies nominated. The company has proved to be the best when it comes to customer service as it was nominated for the Optus Business Award 2017 for the experience. They believe that their clients are also their financial family members and their main aim is to help them grow financially and become more successful.

Michel Terpins- Taking Brazilian rally to another level.

Born in 1979 in Sau Paulo, Brazil, Michel Terpins has grown to become one of the most successful rally drivers. He has nurtured these skills since 2002 when he joined the sport. His determination to continue a winning streak from where he left out as a Cross Country champion would see him leverage his brother who was already a rally driver at the time to grow his driving and navigation skills. They were determined to dominate the Sertoes rally, and this would mean forming and developing a team which would become a shared identity for both of them within the rallying world.

They came together and established the Bull Sertoes Rally team. This at the time was only comprised of a self-sponsored car and the two of them. The first events they ever took part in would see them take turns as driver and navigator and a crew that was barely existent. As they grew as a team, they were able to make it a professional output. Today the Bull Sertoes rally team can be identified by the orange T-Rex V12 vehicles they compete in. The team has grown beyond RodrigoTerpins wildest expectations, and they have now expanded enough for each to drive in his own car. The team has also been able to attract a number of corporate sponsors as well as take part in various initiatives with the rallying community. This includes conservation efforts like the green initiative one.

Fans of Rodrigo Terpins continue to grow as is evident by the ever-growing number of fans showing up in both the Sertoes Rally and other competitions he takes part in. His dedication to sports, however, would not surprise man given his family history with his elder brother Rodrigo Terpins being a rally driver himself, while their father, Jack Terpins played basketball at club and national level in the late 70’s. The father was very dedicated and would encourage his sons to become very active in whatever sport they felt fitted them. This type of encouragement has gone a long way in building the men that Rodrigo and Michel Terpins are today. To see more visit


Hussain Sajwani, The DAMAC Owner’s Contribution to Development of Real Estate

Hussain Sajwani attended the University of Washington, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in industrial engineering and economics. In 1982, Sajwani began his catering company, and it was not long before it picked up and got a lucrative deal to supply food to the United States military troop. He did a recommendable with the US army and landed another job with a Bechtel, a big company from the US. Sajwani landed this deal due to his unique ability to create connections and network with important and prominent individuals. Sajwani raised the capital to start his catering company by working as a contact manager at GASCO for two years after finishing his studies.

Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, was born in a humble family, and his parents struggled to make ends meet. His father owned a shop where he sold pens and watches while his mother had a fabric shop. Sajwani learned from a tender age that for a business to work, one had to be committed and constantly he applied this knowledge even in his daily life. Real estate investor Sajwani catering business had grown, but he felt the urge to venture into a sector where he could earn more.

The government of Dubai passed a law that allowed foreigners to own property. Howussain Sajwani took advantage of the situation and started DAMAC Properties in 2002. As he had predicted many foreigners flocked in Dubai and he successfully sold his units within six months. DAMAC Group expanded its operation and received global recognition as one of the best real estate companies. After a long period of debating whether to go public or not, in 2013 DAMAC was listed with the London Stock Exchange. It became the first company from the Middle East to do so. Sajwani became partners with the current US president to develop his two Donald Trump-branded Golf Courses in Dubai.

Husain Sajwani is a known philanthropist, and he undertakes various activities that give back to the society. Sajwani donates money in the name of DAMAC his company, and recently he donated to a course that is meant to clothe over a million children worldwide. He is a husband and a family guy and enjoys spending time with his family.

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The Business and Philanthropic Endeavors of Peter Briger

Peter Briger is an American business executive who has had a wide range of experience within the business community. He has worked with some of the most prestigious firms in the United States. In addition to the fact that Peter Briger is a respected business professional, he is also active in supporting educational institutions and other charitable causes. Mr. Briger began his educational pursuits at Princeton University where he received a bachelor’s degree. He went on from there to obtain an MBA from the Wharton School of Business which is part of the University of Pennsylvania. After graduating from Wharton, Mr. Briger joined the firm of Goldman Sachs. While employed at this investment banking company, Mr. Briger worked in the areas of foreign investments and distressed debt. He gained significant experience in the area of Asian business affairs.

Mr. Briger would become a partner with Goldman Sachs. In 2002, Peter Briger left his position at Goldman Sachs, and he came on board at Fortress Investments. Currently, Mr. Briger serves as one of the principles of Fortress Investments which is an alternative investment company. Since Mr. Briger has joined Fortress Investments, the company has seen an extraordinary amount of growth and change. Fortress Investments was the first alternative investment company to offer an IPO and become a publicly traded company. Recently, the firm was purchased by SoftBank for $3.3 billion.

Even though SoftBank has acquired Fortress Investment, Mr. Briger has been retained as one of the principles of the company along with Wes Edens and Randal Nardone. One of Mr. Briger’s main functions at Fortress Investments is dealing with distressed investment vehicles. Peter Briger is firmly committed to reaching out and helping those who are trying to gain more knowledge in the world of business. He has funded a professorship at Princeton University. Mr. Briger has also committed several millions of dollars to the Central Park Conservancy along with several other charitable organizations.

Benefits of GreenSky Credit Program to Builders and Homeowners

In case of contractors and builders who will be requiring their customers to use the GreenSky credit platform to acquire loans, there are various benefits they will be getting. Some of the benefits have been highlighted below and should be a defining moment for many builders and homeowners to choose this loan product as it has proved to have a significant number of benefits than what other creditors can offer.

  • Available in all 50 States

GreenSky Credit program is offered through a mobile platform. Although the headquarters of the company might be in Georgia, Atlanta, it’s evident that all people with smartphones can easily access this type of loan irrespective of their geographical position in and around the United States. Being accessible to almost all the individuals in the United States is a great achievement, and people should take advantage of the fact that they can easily access the loans they want to fund their projects.

  • Unsecured Loans

The other advantage of GreenSky Credit platform is that it is offering unsecured loans to all borrowers. No class of borrowers has been positioned to provide security, but all people and companies are intending to get funding from this organization can quickly get it without giving any collaterals that would otherwise be taken by the company if a person defaults. This is unlike other mainstream lending institutions that require a person or company to provide guarantees before they can get any loan.

  • Home Improvement Projects

The funding provided by GreenSky Credit program is mostly focused on ensuring that the homes and other infrastructure are maintained to the point that they have a higher resale value. You can easily use the GreenSky Credit to improve the modeling of your home, install solar panels, repair electrical works, and extend the functionality of your home.

  • Credit Plan

Using the green technology, paperless, the company is providing some of the most reliable credit plans that will help any person. The maximum period you can plan to repay your loan is 12 months while the shortest period you can prepare for your credit is six months. This period is enough for any person to design their loan repayment strategy.



Investments Tips That You Can Learn From Jim Toner

Reaping big in the real estate sector is possible but calls for both commitment and experience. Despite having access to vast resources, many investors lack the skills needed to register a breakthrough in the industry. Consequently, such investors remain exposed to many risks and increased chances of loses. Jim Toner offers investment coaching services that are intended to place investors in a better place to address the issues. Through his strategies such as the 12 Little Houses Plan, he offers his clients strategies and models that can be used in the real estate sector. It is worth noting that he has experience of over two decades.

Jim Toner innovation and commitment has allowed him to overcome many challenges in the sector like the Housing Bubble in 2008. Currently, the entrepreneur act as one of the most sought investment strategist in the region. Apart from taking part in business activities, Toner is also a motivational speaker and hosts a wealth building radio show. He has also made contributions as an author. The coaching services are done in both Indiana and Ohio. Implementing his methods and strategies serve as an ideal way that one can attain financial freedom within a short period. His investment insights have been featured in the Napoleon Hill Foundation, ABC, Fox News and CBS. The trend indicates that he has significant control over the American real estate market.

Participation in Philanthropic Activities

Other than generating profits, Jim Toner believes in positively transforming the society by empowering the marginalized groups. The real estate has in the past closely worked with veterans and homeless families. He has further employed the extensive links with business persons as avenues to solicit funds to address the problem. An example is the fact that he has worked with Frank and Nilsa McKinney’s Foundation that offers housing services to such groups. It is worth noting that veterans and homes families are exposed to significant problems that stem from economic challenges. Not only do they offer housing aids, but Jim Toner provides a systematic guide on ways that the marginalized groups can attain financial freedom like other groups. Such activities indicate that he is passionate and caring towards his society. Follow Toner on Facebook.


Randal Nardone Input in the Growth of Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone is recognized as a great financialist. He is the founder of Fortress Investment Group. He has played a significant role towards the growth and development of this company. He is the Company Operating Officer (COO) and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Fortress Investment Group. Despite his incredible success in the financial industry, he is a lawyer by profession, and this was his first career before engaging himself in a financial career. He holds a graduate and a Master’s degree in law.

Fortress Investment Group has instilled more confidence in the American investors. Fortress Investments Group has various international investment assets. These assets are worth 36.1 billion US Dollars. This company is also under control of over 1750 clients who are both private and institutional. Fortress Investment Group specializes in a range of business which incorporates permanent capital, real estate, credit as well as private equity investment tactics.

Randal Nardone established Wes Edens. This is one of the most prominent companies in the financial industry. Wes Edens has undoubtedly led a brilliant career. Randal Nardone believes in doing his best in every one of his duties and activities. This was clearly shown by his decision on switching from law to financial career. It is also depicted by his rise in the financial field as well as his decision to establish a private investment firm. Fortress Investment Group is currently among the most renowned investment companies on the NYSE. Many companies and investors are after the services of this firm. This is mainly due to the portfolio that Randal Nardone has developed for this company as well as the various activities that he has introduced.

The fact is that his dedication and contribution towards Fortress Investment Group has mainly led to the growth and expansion of this company. This is an aspect that is likely to benefit the entire working and operation of the company in the present and the future. It’s going to have a long-term impact in Fortress Investment Group. The Randal Nardone incredible skills and experience in the financial industry is based on his service in the various financial field in the past. He has established different financial tactics that had led to the growth of Fortress Investment Group.

Fortress Investment Group is a big company that its on the verge of developing and growing even more with time. Nardone input has played an incredible role towards its growth.

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Freedom Checks: Revealing A Financial Secret

Freedom Checks is a new type of investment opportunity that is both highly profitable and totally legitimate. The name of the business expert who has really got the Freedom Checks ball rolling is Matt Badaili, and ordinary people who have followed his advice have done extremely well financially.

Badaili holds an advanced degree in earth science and started his career traveling the globe visiting coal mines, oil fields and other natural energy sources through his original trade as a geologist. His expertise in geology allowed him to – against the advice of financial conventional wisdom – invest heavily in energy stocks following the market collapse of 2008 and then sell them for enormous profit in 2010 when they rebounded. This series of events made him extremely wealthy, and he then turned his energies to helping others make money for themselves through his investment advice.

Recently, Badaili has been telling people about Freedom Checks. These are a way to earn money by taking advantage of a little-known part of the Internal Revenue Code, namely title 26, subtitle F. Essentially, these checks allow their holders to earn capital gains from an investment through enjoying the perks of having a Master Limited Partnership (MLP) with a company that is publicly traded.

Badaili recommends investing in energy stocks because there is a growing need for fuels to propel the vehicle and machinery of the booming and expanding world economy. Having an Master Limited Partnership in such companies offer fantastic returns and Freedom Checks are how those returns are paid out. Furthermore, the associated tax benefits are numerous. Some investors choose to have the checks mailed directly to their homes while others have them placed in brokerage accounts.

For many years, Freedom Checks have been a well-kept secret among establishment finance experts, but Badaili has changed all that by letting the general public know about their tremendous potential. Furthermore, following Badaili’s advice can lead to investment in companies that are reducing the United States’ dependence on foreign oil.

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InnovaCare Health Inc. is a prominent healthcare firm which believes in offering the patients the best services possible. Their mission is to offer the best medical services to the patients that are based on the innovative technologies and high-quality. The company has in recent years been coming up with the new ways of doing things so that it can be in front of other players. In 2016, InnovaCare Health adopted Healthcare payment LAN. This network facilitates new payment methods. The reason for creating LAN is to boost services delivery in the healthcare sector. For a long time, the sector has focused on quantity instead of quality delivery of services.




According to, the LAN network was created by the U.S Department of Health and Human Services so that it could streamline payments in the public and private sectors. InnovaCare is one of the many organizations which have taken up the role of testing the system. It hopes that its operations will be running smoothly in coming years with the implementation of the new payment system.




InnovaCare success is also pegged on the good leadership which has been portrayed by the current management team of CEO Rick Shinto and CAO Penelope Kokkinides. Shinto has been in the healthcare sector as a practitioner and a manager for the past three decades. Penelope on her side has been in the industry for the past two decades. The company has benefited a lot from the experience of these two leaders who have enough experience to take the operations of the company to a higher level of efficiency and ensure that the company is serving a larger number of people.




Penelope Kokkinides has been a critical employee of this company. Since she joined in 2015, she has helped the CEO to implement a raft of measures which has seen success in the company move to another level of success. Kokkinides was recently invited by President Trump to the White House to discuss how the Island of Puerto Rico can benefit from better healthcare services. They also discussed the importance of women leadership in the healthcare sector. InnovaCare Health implements most of its operations on the Island. Penelope used the platform to highlight the challenges in Puerto Rico following a cut on the health budget in the area. She asked the government to increase e funding for the Medicare Advantage plan. Penelope Kokkinides is hopeful that the government will act on the funding deficit in the next round of funding. Visit her website at





Career achievements of David Mcdonald

Born and raised in the northeastern state of Lowa, David Mcdonald studied animal science at the Lowa State University. He has achieved major successes in career, and as the president of OSI Group, he has led the firm towards its today’s notable achievements. David possesses excellent skills in the field of entrepreneurship, and he has adopted various changes in the firm to keep it up to date with the ever-changing trends in the market. His ability to associate well with the firm’s team of employees has played a significant role in increasing its productivity through the collaboration that they have exercised.

The renowned entrepreneur served as the project manager of the firm before rising through the ranks to his current role as the president of the firm. He also serves as the director of the OSI International Foods based in Australia. Besides, David Mcdonald also serves as the chairman of the board of directors of OSI Group and before joining the firm, he served as the Chairman of North America Meat Institute. He has gained more skills in his field of specialization over the recent years through collaboration with other executives and experts in the field of entrepreneurship. His ability to understand the diverse need of his customers has also played a significant role in fueling growth at the OSI industries. David Mcdonald is a leader worth emulating, and a vast number of people have striven to acquire his knowledge and learn from his good attributes.

He has motivated many people, and as an alumnus of the Lowa state university, he has taken part in various functions hosted by the institution, with the aim of inspiring young people. David Mcdonald always encourages people to work hard and move fast towards achieving their goals regardless of the many challenges that they go through. He is a firm believer in self-motivation, and he encourages people always to reinforce themselves whenever they achieve their goals as this encourages them to continue working harder. His ability to lead OSI Industries towards signing up successful partnerships with many other firms in the globe is also impressive.

David Mcdonald has seen OSI firm make deals with various meat and poultry plants including Baho Foods, Tyson Plant among many others. The firm’s accomplishments have seen the renowned president appear in many interviews and he is today ranked among the most influential leaders of all time.