Author Sean Penn Introduces Debut Novel: Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Well-known and celebrated as a motivating force in acting, producing and directing, Sean Penn has emerged as a first-time novelist.

Born in Los Angeles, California in 1960, Penn initially appeared in movie roles such as Taps and Fast Times at Ridgemont High. As one of Hollywood’s most gifted and controversial actors, he went on to establish his talent in movies that include The Falcon, At Close Range, Casualties of War and Carlito’s Way.

Penn won two Academy Awards (Oscars) as Best Actor in Mystic River and Milk.

He recently talked about his book, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, from his home in Los Angeles, with Vogue magazine.

The book, which is about a sewage expert who is also a government operative, has received reviews that range from keep your day job to the possibility that Penn and Bob Honey are the same person.


He described how unlike the experience of writing a book is from wrapping up on a film project. Rather than collaborating with others, Penn benefitted from something all of his own and will be making the most of his artistic energies for writing more books in the near future.

Penn detailed how he takes pleasure in moving faster than his fingers and as a result he composed the book by dictation rather than by manual typewriter (which he previously used for screenplays).

He also pointed out while there are no acting projects in the works, there is a movie he may want to direct at some moment in time.

Penn called attention, in his book Bob Honey Who Just Do stuff, to the comparisons people are making of his writings to other authors. He indicated if someone’s words have an impact on you, that influence is actually the enthusiasm that takes place from their freedom with words. He added he would rather leave it to the readers to draw their own conclusions.

When discussing how the #MeToo moment fit in to his book, Penn explained it is determined by how a person reads it. He added if people look at the book as an opinion piece, “they have picked up the wrong book.”

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