Michel Terpins- Taking Brazilian rally to another level.

Born in 1979 in Sau Paulo, Brazil, Michel Terpins has grown to become one of the most successful rally drivers. He has nurtured these skills since 2002 when he joined the sport. His determination to continue a winning streak from where he left out as a Cross Country champion would see him leverage his brother who was already a rally driver at the time to grow his driving and navigation skills. They were determined to dominate the Sertoes rally, and this would mean forming and developing a team which would become a shared identity for both of them within the rallying world.

They came together and established the Bull Sertoes Rally team. This at the time was only comprised of a self-sponsored car and the two of them. The first events they ever took part in would see them take turns as driver and navigator and a crew that was barely existent. As they grew as a team, they were able to make it a professional output. Today the Bull Sertoes rally team can be identified by the orange T-Rex V12 vehicles they compete in. The team has grown beyond RodrigoTerpins wildest expectations, and they have now expanded enough for each to drive in his own car. The team has also been able to attract a number of corporate sponsors as well as take part in various initiatives with the rallying community. This includes conservation efforts like the green initiative one.

Fans of Rodrigo Terpins continue to grow as is evident by the ever-growing number of fans showing up in both the Sertoes Rally and other competitions he takes part in. His dedication to sports, however, would not surprise man given his family history with his elder brother Rodrigo Terpins being a rally driver himself, while their father, Jack Terpins played basketball at club and national level in the late 70’s. The father was very dedicated and would encourage his sons to become very active in whatever sport they felt fitted them. This type of encouragement has gone a long way in building the men that Rodrigo and Michel Terpins are today. To see more visit linkedin.com