Jason Halpern: A leading property developer, a philanthropist and family man

Jason Halpern is a 42-year old real estate developer. He is the founder of JMH Development, a giant New York-based real estate firm started in 2000. It has in the recent years expanded its projects across the US.

Jason Halpern
Jason Halpern

His multi million dollar company deals in top-notch commercial and major residential property. By the end of 2010, his company had invested more than $500 million in its projects. JMH boasts world-class luxury hotels and resorts, and high-end residential buildings in some of the hottest tourist and residential areas such as Miami, Brooklyn and Manhattan.


Halpern has great vision and works effortlessly to realize the fulfilment of his business goals. He has immensely transformed and grown several of his properties. The rated 200 plus-roomed Aloft South Beach hotel in the heart Miami, is above the niche in the industry. In Williamsburg, 184 Kent rental apartments were the first of its kind in the once sleepy town. The Townhouses of Cobble Hill are great homes in Brooklyn and the 2901 Indian Creek Drive, a 30,000 square foot boutique in Miami, is his forthcoming endeavour.
Jason Halpern began his career in his father’s real estate firm, the Halpern Enterprises in Westchester, before starting his own firm. Needless to say, Halpern draws his inspiration from his father. He recalls fondly, the boots his father wore to the groundbreaking of an office building. He also called him ‘visionary’ in one of his interviews.


Well, Jason Halpern is also a philanthropist. He is in partnership with some Non-profit organisations in Ethiopia and Nepal, which work on offering clean water for the locals. He also supports Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center, a medical foundation that offers open heart-related surgeries and neurosurgery.


Despite his busy lifestyle Jason Halpern manages to spend quality time with his teenage son, from his previous marriage. They always find fun in Scuba diving, and travelling to watch and support New York Giants Super Bowl team. Halpern is engaged and set to marry a Ukrainian model, Veronika Gomeniouk. The two recently went on an African safari and joined a friend, Winston Fisher, for his birthday party.


Devco Is Helping New Jersey Look Better

Devco has been reported on by the Press of Atlantic City a few times for the lending and planning work they have done in the state. New Jersey has a lot of development to do to make sure that it can help all its people have the best life possible. All these people are different, and they need to get something that will help them build up a community as much as possible.

The community that is relying on DEVCO can actually get Devco to give them a loan for the future, and that loan can be used for anything. They can use that loan to build a new casino, or they can bring back a downtown district with new businesses and new building projects. The projects have to be built to fit the community, and they have to be built to make sure that people can get what they really need as opposed to what the community thinks it needs. The community has to use the projections from Devco to build something that will make them much better, and they can plan to make money from the building that has done in the area.

They will actually attract more business this way because they can create something that will be a good tourist attraction for the community. That is pretty important because it is how people get jobs. There are a lot of ways for people to get the right kinds of cash for these projects, and it is also important for the people in the community to have a place to live. There will be very nice and modern buildings in the area that anyone can enjoy, and they will be able to go to work every day in a community that has been revitalized by Devco for everyone’s benefit.


Fabletics Begins The Slow Transition To A Store-Based Business Model

Fabletics began as a subscription and online service that sells simple clothing to women. They participate in a fashion trend known as athleisure, and their company is slowly transitioning to a store-based model. They plan to open over 100 stores in the next few years, and this article gives an explanation of why 100 stores are needed.

#1: Kate Hudson Is Their Style Icon

Kate Hudson is the style icon behind the Fabletics name and plan. Their fashions are drawn and inspired by the manner in which Kate dresses. She is a style icon in her own right being the daughter of Goldie Hawn, and she is a working mom.

#2: Why Will Fabletics Stores Succeed?

Racked has supported the idea that Fabletics is the leader in gym-clothes-as-fashion. The Fabletics name is built on women who put their clothes on quickly in the morning, and the name has been maintained as the fashion industry has taken to gym clothes like moths to the flame.

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#3: 100 Stores Will Cover Most American Shopping Malls

Fabletics wishes to open stores that will allow women to try on clothes before buying, and they may expand their catalog to include many more extra pieces that women require before they leave the house. 100 stores may be the beginning of the powerful gym-clothes-as-fashion trend.

Fabletics will open 100 stores in an effort to compete more robustly in the fashion game. Their stores will feature designs created by and for Kate Hudson, and the brand will help convert women to more sensible fashionistas with stylish gym clothes.

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