The Positive Influence of Petrello in the Energy Industry

Nabors is one of the most established companies in the energy sector dealing with drilling services and geothermal energy. The company boasts of a global reputation owing to its exemplary services in sector. Over the years, Nabors has been operating in the United States as well as in other countries especially the Middle East. There are several milestones that the company has achieved under the leadership of a top notch CEO Tony Petrello and it is his wealth of academic and industrial experience that has helped the company to rise into the ranks of world giants in industry. Nabors has captured a considerable percentage of the market in the energy sector placing it among the few successful companies in the lucrative business.

The success of Nabors can directly be attributed to the great leadership of CEO Tony Petrello who’s academic back grounded is grounded in law and mathematics. Tony went to the Harvard University where he graduated with a degree in law. He later pursued a degree in mathematics and a master’s degree in the same course at the Yale University. Evidently his pursuit for quality education is an indication of excellence in work. This is duly displayed by his performance in his first job as a full-time attorney in a law firm in New York. Here he worked so hard and diligently to compel his employer to promote him as a managing partner at the firm’s branch in New York where he was based.

After five years of excellence in the law firm, in 1992 he decided to venture into the energy sector which is one of the world’s greatest and most lucrative businesses. Here only great minds with sound leadership skills survive. True to his skills, he has maintained a steady growth in the new industry for over a decade now and he has risen to the top ranks as a result. Today he not only acts as the current CEO of Nabors, but also seats in the board of directors. He is the current chairman of the board which is just one of the several boards he is party to.

About Petrello:

Omar Yunes’ BFW award makes him a national and Brand Hero

Omar Yunes brought Mexico’s franchises to the global limelight when he won the Best Franchise of the World, BFW Award in December 2015. The award was in honor of his contributions as a franchisee of Shushi Itto. Omar Yunes joined the Japanese food chain brand when he was 21 years old. Today, he owns nearly 10 % of the brand’s total units. Before winning the global award, he had been the best at the national level.

Great Contributions

The award is often in recognition of the franchise’s exceptional contribution to the network. The contributions included offering invaluable insights, the extent of influence and savings realized. Other factors that also boosted Omar Yunes’ performance were the improvements he had proposed and the outstanding size of his invoice. At the national level, Omar received an honour for the control boards he had implemented. They simplified the measurement of each unit’s performance.

Employees’ Contribution

Employees’ motivation was another factor that determined the performance of Omar Yunes in the competition. In the acceptance speech, he acknowledged the contribution of his employees. He pointed out that his success was not a fruit of a personal effort but of the combined efforts of his employees. Omar Yunes has 400 employees distributed across the 13 units he manages.

Brand Recognition

Omar Yunes’ points out that it would have been impossible to win the award if Shushi Itto had not supported creativity and innovation. The CEO of Shushi Itto, Benjamin Cancelmo also pointed out that the award was a manifestation of the brand’s collective effort to excel in service provision. It has always stood out regarding its distinctive flavor and hospitality.

A National Achievement

Besides a remarkable individual and brand achievement, winning the award was a milestone for the Mexican franchising industry. More than 34 countries had taken part in the competition. As Elizarraras pointed out, by winning the Award Omar Yunes’ has proved to the world that the Mexican franchises were no longer a regional affair. Some of the countries which took part in the event included; Brazil, Portugal, France, Hungary, Argentina, and Italy. Italy hosted the 2015 edition.