Review of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

The book “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is surrounded by lots of humor and satire and the audiobook was timely. The book revolves around the political situation of America politically in 2016 where a man is presented in the gap as the savior of people from the impending horror. Bob honey is 56 years old and resides in California that is well skilled with professional skills that enables him to be skeptical in messaging. More so, he is viewed as a contract killer that used a mallet to kill elderly and that made his neighbors think he is weird.

From the book, Bob seems to lament for the nations due to the tragedy that is going through while sitting on s sofa. More so, he hates his ex-wife since she seems to be so happy for the divorce that they had through the assistance of their divorce lawyer. This situation makes him yearn for Annie, his sex-positive lady. The entire book of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is full of drama that makes it look funny.

Penn from a perspective seems to like the character of Bob since he stands out to be a dangerous person in the world whose behaviors depicts that he is anti-social. Bob does not like Trump and the message that he passes to him is not that welcoming since he even calls for Trump assassination. Bob Honey receives a journalist that is doing an investigation concerning the killings.

On the other hand on the Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, Bob Honey is featured to be confounding because he has done a lot to help people. He helped the people affected by the Hurricane Katrina, victims of Iraq war.

The author of the “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” has a language that is easy to comprehend and that makes the reader have an insight of what is being discussed. The book by the Penn has tried to capture the real situation of America since it like the current situation. Therefore, it is imperative that you can listen to the audiobook and get to understand the message in the book “Bob Honey Who Do Stuff”.

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Sean Penn Transitions to the Written Word with “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”

End Citizens United Works to End Unchecked Campaign Financing

In a 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court overturned government restrictions placed on corporation and political spending. It also further established the belief that corporations can be treated as if there were individuals. Many feel this opened up unlimited spending aimed at influencing politics. As such, billions can be spent on influencing political agendas. With little transparency and accountability, corporations can change the balance of political power in ways that benefit them. End Citizens United is a political action committee with a mission to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision.

End Citizens United formed in 2015, and relies on grass roots donors for its funding and financial support. Their mission is to counter the actions of Citizens United and reform the nation’s campaign financing system. If big influential money can be removed from politics, candidates that favor political reform can get elected.

End Citizens United works to elect candidates that favor political reform. Getting unlimited money out of politics is a top organizational priority for End Citizens United. The organization also promotes campaigns and ballot measures aimed at passing laws that favor pro-reform.

End Citizens United does not, at present, work with Republicans even though some Republicans and Independents agree that political spending is way out of control. Congressional Republican leadership is a major cause that stands in the way of overturning the Supreme Court’s decision. As such, the group looks to overwhelmingly support candidates who champion real finance reform. So far, the group has received around 136,000 donations that average a little under $15.

Citizens United wiped out a century of campaign finance laws when the Supreme Court ruled that campaign spending was a form of speech, and thus, protected by the First Amendment. Corporations were already considered to be “persons,” with many of the same rights as people who vote. The high court ruled that stopping corporations from spending money to defeat candidates, regardless of the amount, was unconstitutional.

End Citizens United has their work cut out for them. As long as there is big money that is able to influence politics, it will affect every level of government. A person can always visit End Citizen United’s website to learn more about the organization.

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