Valuing Clients And Responding To Feedback Proves Advantageous For White Shark Media

At PPC management firm White Shark Media, customer complaints are utilized to develop new procedures that improve their services for their clients. In their blog, White Shark Media discusses how their existing clients were unhappy when they telephoned the firm and had to go through a receptionist. While a common method of doing business, White Shark Media decided that their clients should have their contact person’s direct extension, therefore, the client could call anytime with questions or concerns.


Numerous testimonials from clients in a variety of industries attest to White Shark Media’s responsiveness, which might never have happened if the PPC management firm ignored customer complaints and kept on with business as usual. Every business receives complaints, since it is impossible to please everyone, however, it is vital to pay attention to the people who take time to offer constructive criticism, otherwise, customers will stop complaining and simply start doing business with a competitor. It’s obvious that the reviews that White Shark Media receives are from clients who want to remain as clients, since they see a massive improvement in leads and sales; the reviewer simply has a suggestion to improve a process.


Clients are always pleased when they feel that a firm is listening to them, which is why White Shark Media addressed a complaint from clients who felt as if they didn’t know what was going on with their PPC campaign. Now, clients attend a virtual meeting once a month with their SEM Strategist, going over their AdWords campaign, related reports and reviewing the campaign’s effectiveness.


White Shark Media’s advantage is that they respond to feedback, which is why the firm enjoys glowing reviews now.