Seacrest and Rippa Pay Homage to Decades of Sitcom Humor…

Kelly Rippa has been a television host for quite some time. More recently, she’s been co-hosting with Ryan Seacrest. Seacrest, an American Idol finalist, is the perfect choice of a co-host for Rippa’s series. For their Halloween special, Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest), Rippa and other cast members dawned a series of costume schemes that were quite unique indeed. Each one involved a different sitcom from years past! The televised event was referred to as, “Live’s Best Halloween Show Ever: The ReBOOOOot.”

Who got hit with this Homage?

Who didn’t get hit with this homage might be a better question for the reader to ask! Keep in mind, even if Ryan has to transform into the opposite sex, anything goes! He did just that for the Charlie’s Angels theme! At one point during an interview, Seacrest even mentioned that he could feel glitter somewhere near his eyes. The fun doesn’t stop with Charlie’s Angels, however. I dream of genie, Chips, I love Lucy, and even Married with Children all got dragged into the theme mix! Upon initial inspection, one can clearly see this is a cast of hosts that takes homage themes quite seriously!

Ryan also Takes Charity Quite Seriously…

That’s right, sitcom homage photo shoots is not Ryan’s only area of expertise, he enjoys charitable institutes a great deal also. In fact, he has his very own foundation, The Seacrest Foundation. The foundation’s mission is simple enough, utilize education in combination with entertainment to help develop the young communities that you donate financially to.

How does this Charity Work?

The foundation builds educational facilities that they refer to as Secreast Studios. These studios allow children, of all ages, to explore various types of media development and broadcast. There are also other educational experiences worked into a child’s stay at once such studio. The possibilities really are endless with Seacrest Studios.

Could this Young Blood be a better Fit?

This seems to be the general consensus among many Kelly fans. One has to admit, it’s quite difficult picturing one of her other co-hosts dawning a feminine wardrobe for a sitcom homage photo shoot! A high level of open-mindedness certainly goes quite a long way in the world of television hosting. See the latest update from Ryan Seacrest on instagram.

Here’s Ryan’s latest radio show:

Ryan Seacrest Making A Change

Ryan Seacrest is by far one of the most iconic hosts in all of reality television. The world of reality TV and music competition stems from the original show, American Idol. The show represented to the world an industry of musicians and artists who have now become worldwide phenomenon’s. American Idol is the defining show that started the world of music and singing competitions, and it’s incredible what it has done to the world of music opening that door. Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) is the man who helped make that happen. His skills on the mic and introducing contestants so well is what made him such a unique performer on that stage. They had him share the stage with another host during the first season, but once they saw his potential as his own performer, they knew it was time for him to grow and still be their performer.

In an article from GQ, it mentioned that Ryan Seacrest is a professional host who will continue hosting the next season of American Idol when it returns in 2019! He is an award-winning creative businessman who has now done everything from host of reality music competition to host of his own radio talk show. His business and philanthropic efforts stem farther by helping the youth. Seacrest has put his efforts from Idol into more avenues of both business and helping out. He is the co-host of Live With Kelly and Ryan! As the host of the New Year’s Eve special right in New York City, he has taken over Dick Clark’s show and has been the host for the past several years now.

One thing most people don’t realize is that Ryan Seacrest, radio show host, has gone through plenty of ups and downs in his own personal life. He wasn’t always the most attractive person out there, so he definitely has closed up and now showcases a beautiful part of him to the world nowadays. Seacrest continues to shine not just in his hosting but also on the impact he makes. All of his philanthropic work has made a difference, and he strives to provide a place to learn about media.

More about Ryan’s fashion line here:

The Chainsmokers Music in Many Different Ways

The Chainsmokers is a group which is a combination of two people Alex Pall and his friend Andrew Taggart. Before they had formed the group, Alex Pall used to be a recognized DJ in New York City and that was what he grew knowing. He attended New York University where he pursued history and music business. Andrew Taggart went to the University of Syracuse and after he completed he went for his internship at Interscope Record. Taggart used to have some DJ interest although he did production and he had managed to release some original songs and uploaded them to a website called Sound Cloud.

There was an earlier group that used to be a formation of Alex Pall and Bixler. After Bixler decided to leave the group, it’s the time when Taggart came from Maine to the City of New York to join Alex Pall. The group was under Alpert who was their manager.

They have had a lot of success in their music career after quieting their earlier job. They passed their music breakthrough in 2014 when they released a song that was called “Selfie”. the song was ranked among the top twenty hits in various countries. They have also been awarded various success like Grammy awards for having done the best dance recording which was held at the 59th award ceremony. They have also been awarded twice in American Music Awards. When we talk about iHeartRadio Awards, the duo has won the title five times.

It was during the Billboard Music Awards when the Sweden talented DJ and producer Avicii was being honored on that day which was on Sunday night. Halsey and the chainsmokers talked about Avicii. The Chainsmokers talked to thousands of people who were gathered there in Las Vegas that Avicii was an artist who brought inspiration to the people who listened to his music in many different ways. He is an artist who meant a lot about EDM community.

When Halsey talked, he said that if there was a person who worked with Avicii, he could have noted that he was a joyful guy and the tragedy was the most painful thing. He reminded everyone who was that to ensure they love their friends and loved ones who have been struggling with mental illness.

Alex Pall and pop duo “The Chainsmokers”

According to his May 2016 interview with “Interview Magazine”, Alex Pall of the highly anticipated “The Chainsmokers” pop duo, is still developing as a brand. The artist who relies on the help of his partner, Andrew Taggart, plans on growing his identity through music. As a result, they want to evovle with their audience, personalize their brand, and grow their ambitions as true artists with crafted human element.

Alex Pall grew up in the music industry, and creating music was his hobby. He started making music in New York City, where he worked to transform his hobby into a career he would be passionate about. He met his music partner, Andrew, in 2014, which he considers “love at first sight”, and have been making music ever since. The duo originated off of each other’s drive and ambitions and still continue to create their identities on a full-time basis.

Pall states that his listeners connect to his music on a deep level; something he considers to be a journey of self-discovery. The duo believes that in order to stay interesting and engaged in their work, they must keep trying new things such as new genres and meeting new people in the industry. The musical duo believe their approach will work out in the long term.

The group enjoys producing music for today’s young generation. Their electronic beats and ambitious and bold lyrics draw inspired audiences from all ages and walks of life. Their records have generated many profits and featured famous celebrity artists such as Halsey, an up and coming pop star whose genre is also targeted for today’s young generation. The pop duo group, “The Chainsmokers” plans to expand their brand, continue their progress and accomplishments, including releasing new music albums, features, and touring the country with their crew.

Clayton Hutson Is Top Of The Line In His Field

Growing up as a child, Clayton “Clay” Hutson always had a passion for music. For as long back as he can remember, Clayton was involved in some way with music. After he grew up, Clayton went on to put many years in of hard work as well as dedication to be able to make his passion into a career.


Clayton has worked along some of the best in the business during the course of his career. Some of the names that he has had the pleasure of working with include; Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Guns N’ Roses and even Garbage. He carries the reputation of being the name in the business that you want to work with. He has an ear for engineering, design and of course, production.


When it comes to live concerts, the person you want working on the sound is Clayton. He is able to pull the dullest sounds and turn it into something magical. Clayton is considered to be the best sound designer in his field and everything that he touches turns into gold. Clayton is also a production manager that is in charge of the overall management for all of his live performers.


Clayton Hutson is the man of many faces and backgrounds. When it comes to music production, he has the solutions to the hardest dilemmas. There is no issue in production that Clay is not able to help overcome. It has not always been this easy for Clayton but after 25 years in the music biz, he has learned what he needs to know to be the top of his field.


In more recent times, Clayton has started working with a prominent artist known as One Republic. Working with them on the Honda Civic Tour where he operated as the automation manager. If you ever have been lucky enough to attend a concert that he has been working on, you will know first hand about how everything he works on seems like it is seamless. Everything flows naturally together when he is working on it. Learn more:


Clayton is familiar with nearly all types of equipment and shows it by the way that everything flows together. He has the knowledge to be able to know what should and what should not be used in conjunction with one another.


All of the expenses incurred from hiring Clayton are affordable and are budget friendly. They are your one stop shop for everything that you will need for your event or show.