Meet Robert Ivy, The Brains Behind The Success Of American Association Of Architects

Robert Ivy is a reputed architect who has been honored severally for his excellent career. Currently, he is the head of the 90,000 member American Institute of Architects (AIA). The former corporate executive and magazine editor is in the process of restructuring the architect industry with the aim of heightening the value and relevance of AIA as well as all architects.


Robert Ivy graduated from the University of the South with a bachelor’s degree in English. He later joined Tulane University where he graduated with a degree in architecture. Ivy’s successful career can be traced back from 1996 when he worked as the editor in chief of Architectural Record. During his tenure, he helped the organization grow to become the world most read journal in the architectural sector.

In the same year, he joined McGraw-hill as the vice president and editorial director. Under his command, he McGraw-Hill construction designs and construction publications including Architectural Record, Record in China, Engineering News-Record, GreenSource, Regional Publications, Constructor and HQ Magazine. Robert Ivy was also a juror on the panel that appointed Frank Gehry to design the historic Dwight Eisenhower Memorial.

In 2011, he left McGraw-Hill and joined America Institute of Architects (AIA) as the chief executive officer. Since joining the organization, he has performed tremendously. He has strengthened the association through public outreach, advocacy, and education initiatives that have been helping members in ensuring quality service delivery to their clients. Under his command, AIA has transformed to serve the architectural profession with exceptional quality.

Robert Ivy is responsible for changing the American Institute of Architectures from a rich legacy of a responsive, proactive, and influential organization. He has managed to heighten the value of the organization and all architects in general. Robert holds a strong vision for the association. Currently, he is preparing architects to be ready and able to address the current critical issues including sustainability, the impact of design on public health and climate change.

Awards and Accomplishments

Under Ivy’s tenure at Architectural Record, the organization earned several awards including the American Society of Magazine Editors and Premier Magazine Journalism Award. Ivy was also awarded Crain Award, which is the American business media’s most coveted individual recognition. In 2010, the nation architecture family voted Ivy as the Master Architect for his unparalleled commitment to advocating for the value of designs. On receiving this award, he became the seventh person to receive this award in the fraternity’s over 100 years of operation. Robert is also the first architect in the 21 century to receive this award.