WEN For Every Type of Hair

WEN Hair by Chaz Dean almost seems to have a magic behind it. But does it have a great reputation? We have all seen the commercials with those beautifully tresses models swishing around their hair in the studio lighting. From what we can see under the spot lights, there is no detectable hint of frizz, only a smooth mirror shine playing the light.
When Bustle writer and professional hair stylist Emily McClure decided to try the product herself and weigh in on her opinion, we listened in. This could be our chance to get a first hand account of how well WEN really works. Does it hold up to it’s claims of creating shiny manes free of tangle and frizz?

Emily has fine hair that is also rather short and straight and she used an ultra moisturizing line of Wen hair so we know that if it worked for her, it would be suitable for anyone with frizzier, curlier or longer tresses.

The natural botanical oils in WEN do something different to the hair. Instead of stripping it like a typical drugstore or salon shampoo and then adding back oils with conditioners, WEN actually cleanses with oils. The natural oils in Emily’s hair that were left intact by the WEN plus the additional healthy ingredients brought life back to her hair and with that life came bounce, a protected sheen of a healthy cuticle, enhanced natural color, and volume at the roots. After seeing this transformation I know I won’t hesitate to pick up a bottle of WEN and try it on my own fine tresses. Wen hair products are available for purchase online via Amazon or on Sephora cosmetics in a variety of scents and formulas.
Wen hair care website: http://www.wenhaircare.com/