Finding Securus During the Holiday Season

Christmas is so difficult for prison families around the country because they just cannot have the communication that they would otherwise love to have with a good relative or friend. If this has been a problem for you and you are finding that the holidays are becoming too difficult to handle, keep in mind that there is an amazing video visitation service known as Securus that can finally close the gap on your communication that you once had with your loved one who is now Behind Bars.


Securus has made it very easy for you to utilize their video visitation services that are specific all around the year, but many prison families are utilizing these Services only during the holidays. It is great to know that you finally have a system that you can rely on when it comes to making the most from this option and knowing that it is going to be there for you every step of the way. It is also easy for you to download and begin using on a computer in your own home so that you can finally start doing video visitation without the problems that come as a result of this.


By using Securus myself, I can definitely tell you that it is something that is going to benefit you and your loved ones during the holiday season. It allowed me to keep in contact with one of my uncles in prison because it finally enabled us to have better communication with each other as often as we would like. We were also able to have my uncle involved with the family during the Christmas season through the video visitation services that were both available to us.


It is very easy for you to look into the Prison Communication System known as Securus because it is easy to download and begin using no matter where you happen to be located. It is also a great way for you to save money because you can finally have the video visitation that you have always wanted without the money that is involved with making the trip to the prison itself. You can still see your loved one face to face without actually physically being there and this can save so many people money when they would otherwise be on a strict budget during the Christmas season and may not have extra that they can spend.


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Securus Technologies Helps People Call During Louisiana Floods For Free

Securus has offered free calls to Louisiana jails to help during the flooding there because they know it is hard for the people in the state to check on the people they love. That has been a problem because of how bad the flooding has been, but I have been able to call a few times to be sure that the people I knew were alright. I also know that other people are taking chances to call in more to find out what is going on.

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I knew someone who wanted to call just to be sure that everything down there seemed alright, and I think that it really helped them to know that they had a chance to just call with no worry. Securus is really doing a good thing, and it even has helped people who have gotten arrested in the aftermath of this whole thing. It is helping the families know what is going on, and it is helping these very same people learn that they can check on loved ones if they have to.

Securus is something that I am really thankful for because I know that they are helping a lot of people. It has been so great for them to do this that I think they need to keep up the good work. I am not saying that they should make all calls free to everyone, but I think this shows that they are a good company that is committed to helping people. They are showing some love in a time when it is very hard for people in Louisiana to get by, and they are proving to all of us that there is a heart in the prison system. Their calling plans are helping millions, and now their free calls are giving a community peace.

Securus Has Made Calling The Prison Easy

We have been trying to work with inmates for a long time, and we wanted to make sure that there was always a way for the inmates to see someone who wants to check on them. The only way to do that without going to the jail has been to use Securus. Securus has made it very easy for us to check on people with video calls, and we all resolved to just download the app on our devices. We are all keeping the app on our devices, and we are all making regular calls during the week to make sure that we have checked on all the people that we are responsible for.
The calls that we make with Securus America are very secure, and they look good because Securus has set up the cameras and made everything easy for us. We just press a button to place a call, and we get to see the people that we are working with in real time. It is very easy to get these things done, and it is even easier to work with them because we can make regular calls. View the company profile on

The Securus difference is that we all can download the app to do the same work. We do not have to worry about how long the calls take, and we do not have to worry about the calls dropping. Everything is easy to manage, and we are in a very good spot when we are trying to work with the inmates we know.

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