Todd Lubar Describes The Benefits That Smart Home Technology Can Provide

Smart homes now make up a significant part of the real estate sales market. Furthermore, they are only expected to grow in the near future. A projection published by TechSci Research expects smart home sales to reach more than $60 billion within the next five years. By that point, smart homes will increasingly become the norm instead of an exception or luxury feature.

Todd Lubar says that one Seattle based development company is offering technology packages to home buyers. This package will include features such as smart thermostats, motion detector doorbells and smart lighting systems. Additional features that can be purchased from the developer will include smart shades and audio systems throughout the home.

Mr. Lubar says that smart home technology can be especially useful to the elderly and disabled. Those with limited mobility for example can maintain a level of independence that would be impossible without smart home features. There has been a recent NBC News story that showed a paralyzed man who was able to live at home by himself thanks to smart home technology. Smart home technology let him pull up and down shades, turn on and off the lights and even open and close doors. With new advances in smart home technology, he can now do even more with voice commands.

The NBC news story shows just how useful and helpful smart home technology can be to the elderly and disabled. The elderly can benefit from motion sensing and impact detecting floors and walls that can alert emergency personnel and family if somebody has fallen in the home. There has even been a smart toilet developed that can collect and analyze urine and feces. Such a technology can cut down on laboratory medical visits and save people and doctors money. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

Todd Lubar says that what was first developed as a luxury, is now becoming more commonplace thanks to lower prices. It is also fascinating to watch smart technology develop as a safety and convenience feature to the disabled and elderly.

Mr. Lubar has worked a mortgage loan originator and property developer before settling down and becoming a business investor through TDL Ventures. His alma matter is Syracuse University where he completed a communications study program. You can connect and follow Mr. Lubar on Facebook and Twitter.

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Gareth Henry’s Rise to the Finance World

Gareth Henry has worked many roles in the financial industry. His experience entails a starting role as a director at Schroders from 2005 to 2007, and then moved on to become the Director of International Investor Relations at Fortress London until 2013 where he raised money from European, Middle Eastern, and African markets. After this point, he was promoted to the Global Head of Investor Relations at Fortress Liquid Markets until 2015, raising capital from clients all over the world but specifically in the US, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Finally, he currently presides as the Global Head of Investor Relations at Angelo, Gordon, & Co. in New York.

Before all of this, he took the bold move at 32 years of age to attend the University of Edinburgh and get a degree in Actuarial Mathematics. This helped him get a starting role at Watson Wyatt where he was a research manager, ultimately priming him for life in the world of finance. His combination of actuarial knowledge and skills in building relationships propelled him to the top of the finance world and allowed him to great success with insurance companies (who also use actuarial mathematics), sovereign wealth funds, and pension funds.

As a matter of fact, president of Angelo, Gordon, & Co. recently said that, “With Gareth Henry, we are further strengthening the world-class team we have assembled… as we seek to deliver strong performance on behalf of our investors.” Gareth Henry’s new role as Global Head not only includes direct communication with the President of Angelo, Gordon, & Co. (Lawrence Schloss), but also includes a managing partnership position as well. Gareth Henry is quoted as saying that “Angelo, Gordon has a well-earned reputation for delivering strong returns across strategies and market cycles. I am excited to join Angelo, Gordon and look forward to working with the Firm’s talented investor relations and investment professionals.” Angelo, Gordon, & Co. was founded in 1988 and currently manages $26 Billion spread across credit, real estate, and private equity.



Igor Cornelsen’s Gameplan On Beating The Stock Market

When it comes to scoring big on Wall Street and bringing home the profits to Main Street, not just anyone who tosses money in the pot comes out a winner. Winning big takes a real game plan, and it’s an ongoing process that takes time, research, and strategic moves to come out on top. Nobody knows this better than Igor Cornelsen, a former big Brazilian banker who knows just about all there to know about big investments. Whether your looking to go into Forex, stocks, equities or just about any kind of investment, Cornelsen’s pointers are good to keep in mind.

One of the first things Cornelsen urges investors to keep in mind is to look at management of the company they wish to invest in. When a company has had a lot of management overturned in a short time, generally that’s a sign their stock values may be about to fall rapidly, making them a bad investment. He also advocates for investing in damaged stocks that are going to go back up once economies and markets return to normal. His best advice to purchase make multiple lower value investments in diverse markets, so that if one investment is losing value, it could offset by other investments gaining in value.

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Igor Cornelsen – JusBrasil

The Career Life of Igor Cornelsen

Cornelsen, being a native Brazilian knows a lot about the markets down there and he encourages investors in the US to consider investing down there, once they’ve done their homework. His advice on investing in Brazil is to first off, get familiar with the big banks down there and their subsidiaries, and to get acquainted with native Brazilians. Second, Igor Cornelsen warns investors to pay attention to China as their economic activity has had direct effects on the Brazilian market. And then he also tells investors to be aware of the value of the real as in recent years it’s become lower.

Cornelsen was raised in Brazil where he got his education in finance and for a long time was a chief banker in several of Brazil’s major banks. Currently, he’s retired to south Florida but he does serve as a consultant for Bainbridge investments and makes appearances from time to time on various news networks.

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