Igor Cornelsen’s Gameplan On Beating The Stock Market

When it comes to scoring big on Wall Street and bringing home the profits to Main Street, not just anyone who tosses money in the pot comes out a winner. Winning big takes a real game plan, and it’s an ongoing process that takes time, research, and strategic moves to come out on top. Nobody knows this better than Igor Cornelsen, a former big Brazilian banker who knows just about all there to know about big investments. Whether your looking to go into Forex, stocks, equities or just about any kind of investment, Cornelsen’s pointers are good to keep in mind.

One of the first things Cornelsen urges investors to keep in mind is to look at management of the company they wish to invest in. When a company has had a lot of management overturned in a short time, generally that’s a sign their stock values may be about to fall rapidly, making them a bad investment. He also advocates for investing in damaged stocks that are going to go back up once economies and markets return to normal. His best advice to purchase make multiple lower value investments in diverse markets, so that if one investment is losing value, it could offset by other investments gaining in value.

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The Career Life of Igor Cornelsen

Cornelsen, being a native Brazilian knows a lot about the markets down there and he encourages investors in the US to consider investing down there, once they’ve done their homework. His advice on investing in Brazil is to first off, get familiar with the big banks down there and their subsidiaries, and to get acquainted with native Brazilians. Second, Igor Cornelsen warns investors to pay attention to China as their economic activity has had direct effects on the Brazilian market. And then he also tells investors to be aware of the value of the real as in recent years it’s become lower.

Cornelsen was raised in Brazil where he got his education in finance and for a long time was a chief banker in several of Brazil’s major banks. Currently, he’s retired to south Florida but he does serve as a consultant for Bainbridge investments and makes appearances from time to time on various news networks.

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