Joseph Hill’s Weight Loss Journey: Markus Rothkranz

In this highly informational and inspirational video Markus Rothkranz interviews fellow health enthusiast, Joseph Hill, about his recent weight loss journey. Hill advises that his path to weight loss truly began when he found himself in a low place in his life, but explains that once one can move beyond that into a place of gratitude and the right state of mind, all the rest is easy.

Hill explains that for him, staying spiritually balanced and fueling his body with raw, vegan, natural, unprocessed foods was the key to his weight loss success. In addition to healthy eating, Hill also exercised, which is obvious when you watch this video! Hill advised, despite his awesome physique, he did no heavy weight lifting, rigorous exercises, and never joined a gym. His exercise was limited to walking, dancing, and light weight and resistance band training.

Hill is very passionate about the raw vegan aspect of his weight loss journey and credits a good portion of it to that. Hill explains that not all raw food is created equal and incorporating a good variety of greens and other fat containing raw foods such as nuts and avocado’s in addition to fruit is vitally important to one’s overall health.

Hill gives some great tips on items to consider purchasing before starting a raw vegan diet such as a good quality blender and food dehydrator. Rothkranz also has some great online recipes and cookbooks containing easy to prepare, healthy, delicious raw vegan meals.

Hill and Rothkranz are an inspiration to anyone looking to lose weight and get healthy. He explains that there is no magic pill. It’s about self-control and being in the right state of mind.