Magnified Aims at Lifestyle Improvements!

It’s 2016 and right now we have an ‘app’ for everything and everybody. The internet has made it possible to connect with people all over the planet and our the domination of tech fields means that more people are working with the internet. As a result we are seeing a rise in online dating and online social interaction. New York based start up, Magnises, wants to take you back a few years in order to focus on offline socialization — and we think they are doing it the right way. This Manhattan based business created their own ‘membership card’ and filled it full of services in order to get you mingling.

What Magnises is fundamentally offering is simple: a chance to connect with similar people in real world situations with the focus being on networking and relationship building. Magnises launched a program back in 2014 that had users buying ‘black membership cards’ for $99 a month. This membership card instantly gives you access to a slew of benefits that all push you toward getting out and interacting with the world. Members of the new black card program will be given discounted rates at hotel on and restaurants as well as exclusive access to a variety of events: private concerts sporting events, and even networking focused situations.

Magnises creator Billy McFarland has a simple goal for his company by saying, “In a perfect world we want every one of your major life connections and milestones to happen through Magnises”. Having Magnises, a sort of lifestyle based start up, help you get out and see the world is a great way to be a part of those lifestyle milestones. McFarland, like most new business founders, is only 24 years old but he is plugged into the social media generation in a way that most casual people aren’t. The success of websites like Facebook and Instagram have changed the way we fundamentally act, and that’s why Magnises exists.

Many people will roll their eyes and wonder what exactly a ‘lifestyle card’ can do for them, especially when it costs a decently sized monthly membership. That’s a fair question and one that needs to be answered and that is why we are here. The Magnises membership program is not only putting is owners into an exclusive club, it is also giving them the tools to upgrade their life and really eccel while in that club. Take an example like this: Magnises brings out cheap tickets to a Mets game as well as private access to a special bar. Not only is this a cool experience you can live in, but it is also the perfect place to create some memories whether they be with co-workers, prospective clients, or even loved ones.

We love that Magnises offers a customized digital assistant that alerts of us ways to utilize our black card on Though it is an odd concept, we really do believe that the ‘lifestyle industry’ is on the rise. Getting in early, such as through Magnises, can be a great way to improve your life.