Clay Hutson and Soul2soul Second Leg

Clay Hutson who is based in Nashville, TN works as a stage manager, tour producer, and sound engineer. He has been helping artists to put their live performances where he will be there to ensure everything taking place is working well and the crowd will appreciate the performance. He is very ambitious in what he does and the passion for the music and anything in relation to music makes him the best for it. He has been offering the following services to his clients; production management, design, show production, managing the logistics, rigging, managing the stage and monitoring machines.


He has been offering a turnkey solution to his clients which becomes budget friendly. You will note it as the client that it is full of the surprises and also delighted. He helps you starting from ideation, the budget required in the execution site and that makes him the first shop to stop if you will be requiring events needs. He is working well on managing your even and producing the music.


Clay Hutson made a decision of joining Tim McGraw together with Faith Hill during their second leg which is for Soul2soul. Even though the country duo has not been able to tour since 2007, this is a world tour. In the first leg tour, it included the 70 sold-out concerts which were from April 2017 up to December 2017. The demand was high making the tour to be extended where Clay Hutson will be available so that he can helm in the exciting live production.


In the second Soul2soul leg, the world tour was to kick off on 31st May in Richmond, Virginia. It will be featuring Caitlyn Smith who will be the opening act, then Devi Dawson will follow, Brothers Osborne, then NEEDTOBREATH, then Seth Ennis, then Midland, Margo prince, and many more. Clay Hutson has been feeling honored to join the amazing world show tour team that was put by Faith Hill and McGraw.


Having been respected in live performing world, Clay Hutson has also worked with Kid Rock, Guns ‘n’ Roses, and Kelly Clarkson. He has been helping the musician in the last twenty years to give a live performance where he is excellent when it comes to sound engineering, tour production, and stage management.


In the early days, Clay Hutson used to work and tour with Billy Graham Sound team as their sound engineer. His love for rock music made Clay Hutson follow his heart and drove him to focus on the music industry. He has been able to travel to Australia, North America, and Europe where he has been able to help world greatest musicians and bring the most entertaining live show. Learn more: