Family Values Endorse Dick DeVos Generosity

As one who barely pays for her standards of living like utilities, food and shelter how is it some people are able to provide for the needs of others and society? Introducing one of the heirs to the Amway fortune, his name is Dick DeVos. He is the person who can afford to pay for faith-based charities, education, and sports for other people. He foots the bill.


He is the son of Richard DeVos; so in history when people considered themselves flower-children in the nineteen-sixties Richard DeVos set out to provide for his family. As ladies dressed in mini-skirts and guys styled with hippy hair were dancing and making peace, Dick DeVos’ father was hard at work directly selling simple household products. Direct selling is an independent and self-motivated effort. This approach to business is rigorous and uses individual integrity. It takes resilience and stamina. It is not easy, it takes work.


Consequently, Richard DeVos’ self-starter job was successful and supplied ample family income. His son Dick DeVos says he does remember many days working in the family business in the basement of their home. The memory he has is the basement was headquarters where people worked. He and his brother welcomed people to Amway conventions. He demonstrated the usefulness of products. He recalls doing all and any chore required which aided his father’s company. It goes without saying the DeVos family displays good-old fashion American values. They are principled in honest, hard-working enterprise. They are not slackers.


Ultimately, Amway’s achievement rewarded the DeVos family a standard of living among the affluent upper-class. However, no one in this family squanders money; they are industrialist with a deep sense of ethical fidelity. The members are morally principled and find hometown values worthy. Good honest labor is respected and work performance delineates Dick DeVos from the masses. He went to school then returned to join the family trade.


Nineteen-seventies created disco fever, girls donned bellbottom and men wore tunics. Nevertheless, Dick DeVos remained savvy operations within the family circle. Firmly established as Amway Corporation he upheld time-honored ethics by positioning himself in different jobs and divisions inside the company. He didn’t just demand a lofty title. For this reason he earned the position of vice-president in the nineteen-eighties when stylized menswear and power-woman blazer were modish. Dick DeVos’ down-to-earth involvement with Amway doubled sales brought online by international markets.


Consequently, sustained by first-class morality and ethics Dick DeVos built Amway globally. He personally extends his good fortune and goodwill to charitable institutions like hospitals, education, sports, and arts. He is a private donor that contributes funds to organization like: Inner City Christian Federation, Young Life, Potter’s House, West Michigan Aviation Academy, and Education Freedom Fund.


As for one who wants to learn to be prosperous, I will read Dick DeVos’ book: Believe. It is a new and revised tenth anniversary edition. Dick DeVos explains in his book what values make America great, read more at: Rediscovering American Values