How Roberto Santiago has thrived in the Real Estate Business

Roberto Santiago is among Joao Pessoa’s most accomplished businesspeople. He has been living in the Brazilian city for most of his life and kicked off his business career about four decades ago. Santiago has established various firms that have made him a very wealthy individual. His first enterprise was a café that was in Santa Rosa. He saved for a couple of months and was able to start a cartonnage company that specialized in making decorative products from cardboards. The products of Roberto’s business were acquired by various host firms that were based in the city. The businessman is a graduate of the University Center of Joao Pessoa.


By 1987, Santiago had sufficient capital to venture into the real estate business. He started constructing the Manaira Shopping Mall, which was launched two years later. The building has been the best shopping and hangout place in the city since 1989. It has very modern entertainment and fan facilities that attract customers from Joao Pessoa and neighboring cities. The business center is visited by hundreds of thousands of the shoppers every year.


The Manara Shopping Mall is regarded as one of the busiest shopping centers in Brazil. Most people like the place because it houses hundreds of stores that allow them to access a wide array of products. The businesses that are run at the mall include a food court, financial institutions, gaming zones, movie theaters, a concert hall, and a college. This variety of enterprises that are housed in the building enable many people to get what they need.


The shopping mall is home to the Domus Hall, which is the city’s largest concert hall. The room was built in the building’s rooftop in 2009 and can accommodate up to 10,000 people during events. The main gigs that are hosted at the Domus Hall include art exhibitions, conferences, weddings, music concerts, and many other ceremonies. The hall has two stories.


Roberto Santiago likes offering the excellent services to clients, and therefore, he renovates the Manaira Shopping Mall on a regular basis. The place’s gaming zone, movie theaters, and many other amenities are very modern. The gaming area comprises of a bowling alley and an electronic amusement park. The mall’s food court has a variety of restaurants that range from cheap fast foods to high-end restaurants such as the Espacio Gourmet, Capital Steakhouse, and Waynes.


Many leading shopping stores have branches at Manaira Shopping, and this allows city residents to access several commodities under one roof. The products that are sold at the business center include furniture, sports gear, stationary, clothing, household goods, jewelry, and many others. Manaira has been operational for about 28 years and has attracted millions of shoppers from across the country.