Meet The Man Behind The Struggle For Human Rights

Most people living in the western world have probably heard of the Human Rights Foundation and the work the organization does to advance liberty across the world. The man who made all of this possible, Thor Halvorssen, is probably a name most have not heard. The 40 year old founded the Human Rights Foundation in 2005 holding high ambitions for its potential.

As successful as the Human Rights Foundation is it’s no surprise giving the history of Halvorssen’s family. He can honestly boast about descending from advocates of liberty such as Simon Bolivar, and both of his parents played a large in resistance against corruption in the government of his home country Venezuela. He even has a cousin serving time as a political prison in Venezuela. According to Forbes, From his beginnings in the early 1990s fighting against slave labor in China to his more recent efforts to fight religious censorship in Vietnam, Thor Halvorssen is leading the push against injustice and oppression.

The most amazing character trait Thor Halvorssen possesses is his courage. The work he does for the Human Rights Foundation constantly places him in dangerous situations where bleak outcomes are all too common. Dictators in general aren’t fond of journalism that exposes their dirt or movements that inspire citizens to stand up for themselves. He has faced prisons, beatings, and even threats to his life for the causes he takes up. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

An example of this was the time his interview with the head of the Unified Buddhist Church Of Vietnam got him incarcerated in the country. He was able to eventually to convince Vietnamese authorities to release after he claimed that he was seeking to become a Buddhist himself. Even after that ordeal he remains unshaken.

The sort of tasks Thor Halvorssen has assigned to himself are some of the most challenging the world has ever seen. He fights against cruel leaders who are all too willing to use violence against those that oppose them and terrorize their citizenry. Despite the more difficult parts of his role, he takes after his ancestors and strives to make a difference in the world.

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