Contributions of the Aloha Construction to the Illinois and Southern Wisconsin Areas

Aloha Construction has been on the leading front in offering customer centric and innovative products and services. Aloha was founded in 2008 by Dave Fabasky with the objective of providing general contracting and construction services. Over the years, the organization has grown into a powerhouse that provides construction services. Some of the services that are provided by the group include mold removal, vinyl s repair, window replacement, kitchen designs, fire, and smooth installation, stucco installation, bathroom repairs, and other services. The team is well trained and has the required certification. The regular training of the workers implies that they have improved expertise levels.




It is critical to note that Aloha Construction is fully licensed, bonded and insured. It is also an active part of different national and regional organizations some of the organizations include National Roofing Contractors Association, Better Business Bureau and the Chicago Roofing Contractors Association. In the past, Aloha attained accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. The certification points out that the organization conforms to the set standards. The operations of the group and puts into consideration the interests of the customers and the local communities. The products and services are customer centric and feature the views and benefits of the consumers. It is these considerations that have made Aloha one of the leading construction organizations in the region. It has some of the best customer friendly services in the country.




Aloha Participation in Social Activities




Other than pursuing improved revenue earnings, it is worth noting that Aloha Construction also takes part in different communal activities. The group has in the past taken part in the Building Better Communities program that seeks to empower people living with cancer. It has also been on the leading front in supporting sporting activities in the region such as Kane County Cougars Baseball team, Zurich High School Football Team as well as the Illinois Flying Ace Hockey Team.



Dr. Saad is a proficient Pediatric surgeon working at Eatontown. He studied and received his Medical degree from Cairo University. Throughout his career, he has been very successful whereby his innovation and expertise has been very valuable to the medical field. He has been recognized by various humanitarian groups, doctors, and even the Royal Family of Saudi. This recognition has led him to perform surgery to huge number of people during his career. His major surgeries include:


The surgery of three children from Palestine. In 2002, PCRF (Palestine Children’s Relief Fund) was in dire need of a doctor who could carry out a surgery on a child that had been wounded by a gunshot in the West Bank. The injuries were severe and complicated that he couldn’t be treated locally. As a result, PCRF approached Dr. Saad and accepted to perform a surgery to the child. Dr. Saad managed to perform a seven-hour surgery on the boy and mended up the injuries.


Another milestone was marked in May 2010 when Dr. Saad carried out a surgery on a girl who had been born with her intestines exposed out. PCRF flew the girl to Dr. Saad in the United States where he performed a five-hour surgery on her and was able to cover the entire abdominal area that was exposed.


In 2013, Dr. Saad carried out surgery to a boy who had been hit by a bomb and paralyzed in one of his leg in Gaza Strip. This injury had affected his nerve system, and therefore he needed a nerve transplant surgery. Since Dr. Saad was not a nerve doctor, he offered to find a good surgeon and facilitate the surgery of the boy. With the help of Dr. Saad, the boy was treated and got back to his feet again. Learn more:


Prior to his excellent job in performing the surgery on the Palestine boy who had been hit by a bomb, PCRF approached him to travel and carry out surgeries to the locals. He accepted and was able to move to Palestine in seven different accounts to carry out surgeries to the poor and the underprivileged. His main reasons to do that was that he wanted to treat the poor people who couldn’t afford medical treatment, pass down his skills to the young Palestinians surgeons, and help the economy of Palestine through taxes that were collected during the missions. Contributions of Dr. Saad continues to make a lot of influence in the medical field.



For his efforts in the medical field, Dr. Saad was recognized by the following awards:

  1. a) Humanitarian award given by PCRF in 2010
  2. b) Humanitarian services Award by Palestinian Ministry of Health in 2010.
  3. c) Palestinian Gold Medal given Palestinian President in 2015.

GoBuyside Provides Insight into New Regulations

One of the most valuable and important set of assets and investments that any business can have is it employees. And organization that has a quality set of employees will be able to develop and execute a variety of strategies that will be able to make them competitive in their industry. While having good employees is important in any industry, it is maybe more important in the world of is this in finance.

For those that are looking for help to get quality employees, working with GoBuyside could be a great option. GoBuyside is a modernized recruitment platform that is used by private equity firms and other finance companies all over the world. GoBuyside is quickly becoming the option of choice as a recruitment tool for organizations all over the world. They have more than 500 clients located on five different continents and continue to provide improved value.

While GoBuyside can provide amazing service and help organizations to match up well with qualified employees, it can also be used as a source to gain more recent information about regulatory changes. Recently, the company gave feedback about changes that are taking place across the European Union.

Later on in 2018, the EU will put forth a range of regulations and restrictions that will be used to better protect the data of employees, customers, and other stake holders of finance firms. The new regulations, which are called the General Data Protection Regulations, will help to reduce the risks and impact of data hacks and other electronic threats that have been challenging to organizations all over the world.

While there have been similar regulations set forth in the past, the General Data Protection Regulations seem to be taking things a bit further in the coming years. The General Data Protection Regulations will have a set of specific laws that are designed to help establish a clear set of rules regarding storing, transporting, and sharing data. This will then also require each business to be transparent and clear about what their processes are to ensure they are staying in compliance with the regulations and keeping their stored information safe.

While it is not yet clear what the extent of the punishment will be, the General Data Protection Regulations do give regulators the ability to assess fines that could impact all organizations that are not able to build a policy internally and stick to it.


Who is James Dondero

James Dondero is a man with many successes in his long career. James is the president and co-founder of a company called ‘Highland Capital Management.’ In the credit and equity market, James has over 30 years of experience. Highland Capital Management has won several awards and has $14.9 billion in assets. Highland Capital Management is based in Dallas, Texas. They were very honored to win the award of being one of the best places to work by the Dallas Business Journal. They were also honored to be named one of the best places to work for companies that have 50 to 249 employees. James was very honored in these awards. His exact words were, “We are truly honored to be recognized as one of Dallas’ best places to work.”

James career began in 19894. He got accepted into the Morgan Guaranty Training Program, thus his career as an analyst began. He graduated from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce in the same year. James received majors with the highest honors in accounting and finance. He’s also received certifications as a CFA and a CMA. James did quite a few different things before becoming the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management.

James is also a very giving man. He has donated millions of dollars to non-profits and charities around the Dallas area. He is also dedicated in improving educational oppurtunities for ones that live in the Dallas and Fort Worth area.

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James Dondero believes in giving back to Dallas

James Dondero has years of experience meeting the financial needs of people in and around the Dallas area, but even though he could be considered a high-powered executive, he has not forgotten the people who helped him get where he is today. The Highlands Financial executive engages in a great deal of philanthropic work in the Dallas area.

Dondero believes in continuing education and in supporting military veterans who sacrificed their time and a few years of life in service to their country. The Snowball Express is not a train as its name might suggest. It supports veterans and their family when they return home.

The Highland Financial executive does more than just support military veterans. Over the years he has lived in Dallas, Dondero has contributed thousands of dollars to the Perot Museum and the Uplift Education organization. The Perot Musuem helps school-age children better understand science and helps steer young people toward careers in science, technology, engineering and math fields. Uplift helps the public education system produce individuals who are ready to go to college or enter the trades when the time comes.

His philanthropy also extends to helping vulnerable children in need. Capital for Kids is an organization of financial professionals who use their expertise to bring money to other organizations that provide relief to vulnerable children and their families. Not everything Dondero does is wholly educational, he believes kids and adults should have fun as well. He rounds out his charity work by contributing to the Dallas zoo.

Honey Birdette Opens Exclusive Online Store for US Customers, Physical Stores to Follow

One of the famous and the most successful lingerie brand, Honey Birdette, has launched an exclusive online store dedicated to its US shoppers. The brand that has more than 55 stores in Australia has been seeing a demand for its products internationally. With the increase in their online sales to more than 300%, the company has launched an exclusive website for its US shoppers.

The new Honey Birdette website is set to offer a broad range of lingerie options to the buyers. With a user-friendly internet site, the shoppers can also enjoy faster delivery time, low delivery charges and easy returns on the purchase products. The company also secured investment from one of the private companies, BBRC.  The online website will also have an exclusive collection of its wide range of lingerie for US shoppers. The company has ensured that its customers have access to their collection the same time as their Australian counterparts.

Honey Birdette had recently launched the online platform for its UK customer base. It also opened about ten stores in the UK, including the ones at Leeds’ Victoria Gate, Westfield White City, and London’s Convent Garden. It also plans to open more stores in the UK by the end of 2017. Likewise, the company aims to provide the best customer service through its online portal and aims to open similar stores in the US as they did in the UK. With physical stores in the UK, the company seeks to provide their customers with a chance to try out their lingerie and pick the ones that they like best.      

While Honey Birdette has planned to launch their physical stores in the US as well, they have still not narrowed down the cities they would be opening their stores. The company is expected to make an announcement in the coming months.