Modern Canvassing with NGP VAN

The website Chronicle of Week recently published an article regarding NGP VAN’s app and how it affects canvassing. This is the practice where mostly volunteers go door-to-door across countless neighborhoods. They attempt to engage with and persuade potential voters. This is a very common component of most campaigns. It’s cost effective, adds a personal touch with the voters, and gets the word out on their respective candidates views. It’s an overall great tactic to overtake the opponent.

However, times are changing quickly with the integration of technology. Social Media has made it much easier for someone to share their opinion. Due to this, the amount of people who politically identify in the middle are growing smaller with each election cycle. The effectiveness of canvassing has even recently been called into question. Professors from Stanford and UC Berkeley came together to study its effects on the voter base. They found it to be weak, but not completely worthless. An early start can go a long way, and using it get one’s own voter base to the polls is also important. This where NGP VAN begins to come in. This a software used by the democratic party to help organize voter information. It highlights the best areas for canvassing. This saves time, resources and most importantly money. The NGP VAN app will custom make a route for the user and it includes voter information of people they should meet.


Voter canvassing is a classic political campaign tactic. The concept of going out and interacting with the voter base is a key essential to any political candidate. As social media has grown in recent years, finding the ideal base to canvass has become increasingly difficult. NGP VAN great helps campaigns narrow in areas where they would be most effective. Its voter database is vital for time and money resource management. In such a competitive and fluid environment, this type of information can make or break a candidate.

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