Julie Zuckerberg: Recruiting The Best Talent

Julie Zuckerberg, Executive Talent Acquisition Lead at Deutsche Bank is a role model for the recruiting managers. The skills shown by her to recruit the right candidates, developing recruiting strategy, conducting training, talent utilization, etc., are a textbook for them to study. She is known for professional excellence with a commitment to deliver what her role asks. Throughout her career, she showcased her efforts to make recruitment process simple and efficient at the same time choosing the right candidates. Deutsche Bank is a global financial firm based in Germany but has footprints across the world. She joined the Bank in April 2014 as Vice President Executive Recruiter and collaborated with different hiring managers. She helped in the full-cycle recruitment of Managing Directors and Directors for different business verticals across Compliance, Audit, Strategy, Regional Management, Investor Relations, etc. She had initiated many sourcing strategies and assessed it by consulting with hiring managers in search firm or agency, internal movement along with direct sourcing. She also engaged and maintained the contract governance with external search firms and other firms to ensure high quality and diverse pool of candidates. She also assumed the role of Executive Recruiting Lead who oversaw the design and implementation recruitment initiatives that require regulatory requirements such as IHC and CCAR mandates.



In her current role, Julie Zuckerberg collaborates with business leaders of various verticals such as Asset Management, Global Technology & Operations, and Private Wealth & Commercial Clients to develop regional recruitment strategies and to initiate steps to improve recruitment process. She provides guidance and coaching to sourcers, recruiters, and recruiting coordinators. She also leads the senior management in negotiating and developing Managing Director level offers. Her career started with Hudson in 2002, and she worked there as Director of Candidate Placement with roles spanning from recruiting attorneys to employee counseling and coaching. She joined City as Vice President Executive Director in 2007 and provided support for full-cycle recruitment of Directors and Managing Directors for various verticals. She helped the senior leadership with advice on compensation trends, talent, recruiting strategies and competitive markets. She also led the negotiation and development of complex job offers that included relocation, deferred awards, clawbacks, equity buyouts, etc. She left City in Nov. 2013 and worked with New York Life Insurance Company for a brief stint before joining Deutsche, where she took care of recruiting process outsourcing team that consists of recruiters, team project manager and sourcers. She also took the role of client relationship lead to supervise all experienced hire roles.



Her 15 years of professional life helps her to source the best talent in the industry. Julie completed her graduation in Philosophy from City University of New York-Brooklyn College and enrolled for JD at New York Law School before kick-starting her highly successful career. She is finding time to advocate human rights, economic issues, civil rights, technology, science and animal welfare in her busy professional life. She is also found to be spotted in the cultural scene of New York. She is active in social media including Facebook and Twitter. She resides in Manhattan, New York.

Malini Saba and Her Hard Work With Business And Charity

Malini Saba is a top investor and philanthropist. Known for her work all across South Asia, she has created numerous businesses that have greatly affected the lives of countless people. Saban is a company that has retained investments of interests across the globe. Everything from oil and gas from China is acquired from Saban. As chairman of the company, Saban has used her huge power to change the world with charitable work. She started the Stree: Global Invesetments in Women, which is a non-profit organization that is focused primarily on helping low income women and children at risk, and then providing them food and resources.

Stree gave women the chance to receive access to legal empowerment, healthcare, and other help to get them back on the right track. Not only has her work been capable of helping women emotionally, but also grow successfully in the world of providing real donations to different charitable organizations. She has explained that her work in this world is merely about staying up to date on what the world and society is currently doing right now. She creates her ideas and business ventures based off of what the world is doing right now and trying to base it off of what everybody will be doing in three or five years time.

She works deep in the offices with not just the other managers but also with every person in the company. She has never lost touch with the idea that working one on one and creating relationships is the way to go. Her work in the world of charity is what has allowed for her to make big change. Always on the go and constantly fighting for new ideas, Malini Saba is a woman who has conviction and has changed lives of those across the globe because of her approach to business and philanthropy.

As a businesswoman and philanthropist, she has a strong connection to women and providing legitimate resources for those in horrible situations to be put back in the right spot. As a hardworking woman, Malini can definitely provide a great foundation on crafting a startup, knowing how and where to help others, and how to be a business minded person and create successful ideas.