Dr. Saad is a proficient Pediatric surgeon working at Eatontown. He studied and received his Medical degree from Cairo University. Throughout his career, he has been very successful whereby his innovation and expertise has been very valuable to the medical field. He has been recognized by various humanitarian groups, doctors, and even the Royal Family of Saudi. This recognition has led him to perform surgery to huge number of people during his career. His major surgeries include:


The surgery of three children from Palestine. In 2002, PCRF (Palestine Children’s Relief Fund) was in dire need of a doctor who could carry out a surgery on a child that had been wounded by a gunshot in the West Bank. The injuries were severe and complicated that he couldn’t be treated locally. As a result, PCRF approached Dr. Saad and accepted to perform a surgery to the child. Dr. Saad managed to perform a seven-hour surgery on the boy and mended up the injuries.


Another milestone was marked in May 2010 when Dr. Saad carried out a surgery on a girl who had been born with her intestines exposed out. PCRF flew the girl to Dr. Saad in the United States where he performed a five-hour surgery on her and was able to cover the entire abdominal area that was exposed.


In 2013, Dr. Saad carried out surgery to a boy who had been hit by a bomb and paralyzed in one of his leg in Gaza Strip. This injury had affected his nerve system, and therefore he needed a nerve transplant surgery. Since Dr. Saad was not a nerve doctor, he offered to find a good surgeon and facilitate the surgery of the boy. With the help of Dr. Saad, the boy was treated and got back to his feet again. Learn more:


Prior to his excellent job in performing the surgery on the Palestine boy who had been hit by a bomb, PCRF approached him to travel and carry out surgeries to the locals. He accepted and was able to move to Palestine in seven different accounts to carry out surgeries to the poor and the underprivileged. His main reasons to do that was that he wanted to treat the poor people who couldn’t afford medical treatment, pass down his skills to the young Palestinians surgeons, and help the economy of Palestine through taxes that were collected during the missions. Contributions of Dr. Saad continues to make a lot of influence in the medical field.



For his efforts in the medical field, Dr. Saad was recognized by the following awards:

  1. a) Humanitarian award given by PCRF in 2010
  2. b) Humanitarian services Award by Palestinian Ministry of Health in 2010.
  3. c) Palestinian Gold Medal given Palestinian President in 2015.