Felipe Montoro Jens, Project Expert, Gives An Overview Of Brazil’s State

A declining nation no doubt, Brazil has long been embroiled in controversy and wreckage. 2017 was perhaps one of their worst years, but Brazil seems shockingly unconcerned about the critical state they’re in. As an attempt to light a fire under them, the National Confederation of Industry released a detailed report underlining Brazil’s severe condition. The study divulged that 2,796 construction jobs were terminated last year. 18 percent of those projects were infrastructure works. Railways, highways, ports, and waterways were halted, and Brazil lost a total of $10.7 billion. In essence, these “shutdowns consume resources without generating any benefits,” making it a lose-lose situation. Read more about Montoro Jens at baptista.com

Felipe Montoro Jens, a specialist who has keen insight into these matters, conducted some studies of his own to identify what areas need the most improvement. He concluded that finances, technology, business partnerships, and planning are all faulty cogs in Brazil’s operations. Given their many shortcomings, Brazil needs to implement change if they wish to revive their waning economy. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, the following solutions could mend their problems: refined micro planning practices, all-new technology, balanced contractual agreements, and financial planning methods.

If the country avails itself of this advice, Jens maintains that they’ll soon see a drastic shift in their economy. However, the onus is now entirely on Brazil to embrace reform. Though these resolutions are relatively simple, Brazil is unwilling to put them into effect. Jose Augusto Fernandes with the National Confederation of Industry maintains that Brazil’s inability to learn from their mistakes is in large part why they haven’t seen any improvement. What’s more, Fernandes believes that the most pressing issue is Brazil’s ongoing carelessness. It’s for this reason why Fernandes thinks special attention needs to be placed on devising “programs that are aimed at not repeating the same mistakes in the future.”

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