How Omar Boraie has Redefined Real Estate Development in New Brunswick through Boraie Development LLC

New Brunswick in New Jersey is home to one of the leading real estate developers in the area, Boraie Development LLC. The company has created a reputation for specializing in spectacular urban real estate development. Sam Boraie, the 72-year-old founder and president of Boraie Development, takes significant pride in witnessing his vision for New Brunswick being realized over the years.

Boraie Development stemmed from Omar Boraie’s need to redevelop New Brunswick in a bid to resemble what he had witnessed in Europe as a traveling scholar. He established his business in 1972while working in Europe. Omar’s initial project included a block of 21 run down and vacant buildings. He was at one point thought to be crazy because of building high-rise condos and an office building in the downtown area of New Brunswick. For more details visit Crunchbase.

According to Patch, to provide the New Brunswick city with additional quality residential units, Omar Boraie envisioned the development of a high-rise building similar to the ones in New York. The vision paved the way for the Spring Street Condominium Building, which is a 25-story building with 121 units, a parking garage, retail shops and office space. Later on, Omar Boraie identified an opportunity and market for luxury developments in the area.

Recently, Boraie sought to attract a younger and trendy lot of tenants that seek style and convenience through his latest development the Aspire. The building is located in an area that offers a wide range of night life, entertainment, and restaurants.

About Boraie Development LLC

Boraie Development LLC is a New Brunswick-based real estate development company. It has a reputation for providing services that are mainly focused on various areas of urban real estate market development. The company prides itself on its team of experts that is devoted to developing outstanding properties while offering unmatched services to its client portfolio. Working with architects with vision, the strongest financial institutions, and contractors that understand deadlines has allowed Boraie Development to ensure not only success but also the timely completion of its projects.

Over three decades, Boraie Development has shown a deep commitment to employing its reliability, capital and vision into all the company’s projects. Moreover, the company’s development record of accomplishment has played a significant role in steering it into one of the leading developers in New Jersey. To undertake its projects, Boraie Development LLC gets funds from private capital sources like leading commercial banks as well as from its own capital. As a result, it creates projects that are appealing enough to financial partners, residents, and tenants who are in turn pleased with the company’s long-term ownership commitment.

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