How SweetGreen Gets People Excited about Eating Healthy

Parents know that it is very difficult to get children to eat healthy. Parents know this because most adults have a hard time eating healthy meals themselves. It becomes extra hard when there are so many other choices outside the realm of healthy restaurants for people to consider. Nathaniel Ru stands out as the lone ranger that is trying to change the way that people think about healthy meals.


It has been through this new restaurant franchise called Sweetgreen that he has started to make people see the light. He has created meals that people can look at and see more than just another healthy meal presentation. Nathaniel has went above and beyond doing what the typical salad bar is doing. He is creating a franchise that is able to make people see the benefits of eating healthy, but he also brings about a delectable type of menu that people are actually interested in ordering items from.


A lot of restaurants take their chances with prepackaged meals, but Nathaniel Ru and his team have worked hard to bring forth the restaurant where the meals are made from scratch. This is something that calls for fresh vegetables and fruit from farmers. This is something that stimulates the economy and create a consciousness of healthy alternatives for consumers.


It may not be something that everyone is for familiar with just yet, but there are great possibilities ahead for Sweetgreen. This is the type of restaurant that people are talking about in schools and in the workplace. It has become the type of company that is also very intriguing to venture capitalists. At this point there are a lot more people that want in then there are people that are trying to get out. Sweetgreeen seems to be the healthy restaurant alternative that has managed to do what a lot of other restaurants could not do. This is an establishment that has made healthy eating cool.


Nathaniel has created the type of restaurant that has become known for organic ingredients that are products of farmers that are essential to healthy produce. This restaurant franchise has been around since 2007, but there are still a lot of people that are interested in getting to know more about it because they haven’t heard of it yet. It is still in the new stages, and venture capitalists are interested in funding the expansion of this franchise.