Dr. Saad is a proficient Pediatric surgeon working at Eatontown. He studied and received his Medical degree from Cairo University. Throughout his career, he has been very successful whereby his innovation and expertise has been very valuable to the medical field. He has been recognized by various humanitarian groups, doctors, and even the Royal Family of Saudi. This recognition has led him to perform surgery to huge number of people during his career. His major surgeries include:


The surgery of three children from Palestine. In 2002, PCRF (Palestine Children’s Relief Fund) was in dire need of a doctor who could carry out a surgery on a child that had been wounded by a gunshot in the West Bank. The injuries were severe and complicated that he couldn’t be treated locally. As a result, PCRF approached Dr. Saad and accepted to perform a surgery to the child. Dr. Saad managed to perform a seven-hour surgery on the boy and mended up the injuries.


Another milestone was marked in May 2010 when Dr. Saad carried out a surgery on a girl who had been born with her intestines exposed out. PCRF flew the girl to Dr. Saad in the United States where he performed a five-hour surgery on her and was able to cover the entire abdominal area that was exposed.


In 2013, Dr. Saad carried out surgery to a boy who had been hit by a bomb and paralyzed in one of his leg in Gaza Strip. This injury had affected his nerve system, and therefore he needed a nerve transplant surgery. Since Dr. Saad was not a nerve doctor, he offered to find a good surgeon and facilitate the surgery of the boy. With the help of Dr. Saad, the boy was treated and got back to his feet again. Learn more:


Prior to his excellent job in performing the surgery on the Palestine boy who had been hit by a bomb, PCRF approached him to travel and carry out surgeries to the locals. He accepted and was able to move to Palestine in seven different accounts to carry out surgeries to the poor and the underprivileged. His main reasons to do that was that he wanted to treat the poor people who couldn’t afford medical treatment, pass down his skills to the young Palestinians surgeons, and help the economy of Palestine through taxes that were collected during the missions. Contributions of Dr. Saad continues to make a lot of influence in the medical field.



For his efforts in the medical field, Dr. Saad was recognized by the following awards:

  1. a) Humanitarian award given by PCRF in 2010
  2. b) Humanitarian services Award by Palestinian Ministry of Health in 2010.
  3. c) Palestinian Gold Medal given Palestinian President in 2015.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco & His Successor

Introduction to Luiz Trabuco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the CEO of Banco Bradesco. He has been the CEO since March 10, 2009. Banco Bradesco is one of the most popular and largest banks in Brazil today. Trabuco has also fulfilled the position of Vice President and Managing Director for the bank. Trabuco has been affiliated with Bradesco for many decades. He initiated his career with them in 1969. Since then, Trabuco has been a key role in the banks success.

Trabuco attended USP’s School of Sociology and Politics. He majored in Philosophy, Sciences, Arts and Language at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil.

New Changes for Banco Bradesco

Trabuco’s role will be fulfilled by Octavio de Lazari Junior. Octavio de Lazari Junior will be the new standing president of Banco Bradesco. Luiz Trabuco will maintain his position of “Presidency of the Council,” and will fulfill his current term as CEO. Lazari Junior started working at Banco Bradesco 15 years ago in a sector branch of the company. The Banco Bradesco branch that Lazari worked for is located in 12 de Outubro, a very popular shopping complex in São Paulo. Initially, Lazari had other aspirations for his life, but decided to work in the banking sector. Lazari’s father was a client of Bradesco and was able to facilitate connections for his son.


Lazari stated he had no initial aspiration to become president of Bradesco, but opportunities presented themselves, and he was willing to try something new. Luiz Trabuco warned his successor about the hard work and dedication involved in the positon of CEO and president. Lazari stated his desire to uphold the pristine and quality reputation Trabuco leaves behind.

The deadline to announce Luiz Trabuco’s successor was on February 10th. There were many people that were involved in the decision, some of which include Maurício Minas, Alexandre Glüher, Josué Pancini and Marcelo Noronha.

Lazari is set to be the head of Brazil’s second largest bank. Bradesco holds $1.3 trillion in bank assets. Bradesco’s credit profile is also vast, holding $493 billion as of last year.

Luiz Trabuco will always be a key role in the bank as a result of over 40 years of hard work and dedicated to Bradesco’s endeavors. Trabuco fulfilled his position and helped grow Banco Bradesco to one of the most successful and reputable banks in all of Brazil.

Learn more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco:,bradesco-anuncia-substituto-de-luiz-trabuco-na-presidencia-do-banco,70002178384


Aloha construction prides itself as a company that cares about its community and more so its customers and employees. This family-owned company was established by David Farbaky in 2008 and has continued to offer excellent services to the residents in Illinois and southern Wisconsin.

The Aloha construction has been involved in the construction industry for a very long time. The company is engaged in the manufacturing of roofing materials and products using two primary raw materials, asphalt and steel. Its commitment to offering the best products and services in the construction sector has seen it win several major construction contracts right across the United States.

Its continued dedication to offering excellent services to the people and its esteemed customers has seen Aloha construction recognized and presented with numerous awards including the prestigious 2017 Torch Award by Better Business Bureau (BBB) for great ethical practices in its business activities. Also, the company was able to win the award due to its continued contribution towards the local community through its various charitable activities. For instance, the company has sponsored Roselle Medinah’s baseball and softball organizations and helping girls and boys clubs of Bloomington.

According to BBB CEO, Steve Bernas, the Torch Awards is the premier award that the companies can be presented by BBB as it recognizes professional and ethical practices towards managing businesses.

“The winners of the Torch Awards demonstrate the highest ethical standards of good behavior, honesty, and trust towards all the stakeholders’ including the customers and the community.” Steve Bernas further added.

Aloha construction was awarded the Torch award also because of its dedication towards providing excellent customer service. The company’s ten-year craftsmanship warranty is one of the superb customer service points the company has invested in heavily. This gives their customers the peace of mind as they will not be worried about any damage expense between one and ten years in addition to carrying roof inspections every year.

Key to its success and the BBB torch award recognition has been because Aloha Construction has created a reputable name and has involved and engaged their customers, employees and the community at every level.

The Benefits of Waiakea Water

Bottled water is the latest and most successful trend of the modern age. If someone said they were going to start selling bottled water 30 years ago, people wouldn’t laugh them out of town. Now, bottled water is a $100 billion industry and is on the rise.

When it comes to most bottled water companies, they claim their water is the best. It’s part of traditional marketing to boost their product more than what it actually is. That’s not a problem Waiakea Water has when it’s time to boast their product. Since launching in 2012, Waiakea Water has become the fastest growing bottled water company in the world.

What makes Waiakea Water better and different from the competition? For a start, Waiakea Water is based out of Hawaii, the only water company to do that. When people hear the name Hawaii, they immediately think of healthy, organic forests filled with lush wildlife and beautiful waterfalls.

It’s no surprise that people have responded to Waiakea Water so much. The name also sets it apart from their competition because everyone else tries to pick a name that people can understand. Waiakea derives from the Hawaiian words “wai akea”, meaning “broad waters.”

Waiakea Water also sets itself apart by embracing the environment. First, that embrace begins with their filtering process. While most bottled water companies filter using artificial processes, Waiakea Water is naturally filtered through 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock. That rock also adds all the minerals and vitamins that other companies have to add by hand.

Waiakea Water also challenged and solved the biggest problem facing most bottled water companies. Plastic water bottles are the most hazardous part of the beverage industry. It’s the only problem that no one in the beverage industry tried to solve.

Because so many people buy bottled water, companies want to use the cheapest packaging possible. Plastic bottles are cheap and can be recycled, so that what companies went with. Waiakea Water went with a special bottle that is degradable.

Wes Edens, The Humble Billionaire With Ordinary Beginnings

The assets managed by Fortress Investment Group are valued at approximately 43 billion dollars. What started out as a simple buyout firm blossomed into managing financial assets that include private equity, hedge funds, liquid equity and bonds. Wes Edens is one of the founding partners and he also serves as Co-Chief Executive and Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors. Wes and the four other partners began operations as Fortress Investment Group in 1998. Since that time they have continually made forward progress by developing major capital projects in other countries. In January 2017, it was announced that Wes Edens was heading “multiple investments” in Jamaica Liquefied Natural Gas.

After graduating from Oregon State with a Bachelors of Science degree in Finance, Wes Edens worked for a California bank. Eventually, his career trek landed him in prominent Executive positions such as Managing Director and Operating Partner with Lehman Brothers. He left the firm in 1993 after six years and joined BlackRock Financial Management. While there he established a private equity fund for the first time. The success groomed him for Fortress. Wes Edens journeyed through various top leadership roles before branching out into the broader aspects of private equity investing. Fortress is an excellent collaborative between the partners, working together has provided them with investment opportunities in healthcare, transportation and financial services and the energy sector.

Fortress Investment Group became a publicly traded entity on the New York Stock Exchange in 2006; but it wasn’t until February 2017 that Wes Edens became a billionaire. He’s currently #962 on Forbes list of the top billionaires in the world, with a net worth of $1.6 billion. While some other billionaires inherit a trust fund or take over a family business, Wes is a self-made billionaire. He and his managing partners have made steady gains in the alternative investment market. It also bears noting that Wes Edens is co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks and owner of the eSports battle arena team, FlyQuest.

Although, Wes Edens spends a great deal of time planning financial strategies as a private equity investor; his accumulated wealth is partly due to salary and other compensation. Wes has a reported income of $54.4 million dollars annually. Which is mostly earned from Fortress stock dividends in the amount of $41 million with the remaining $13.4 million from direct compensation. This differs from his reported salary (“take-home pay”), which has been estimated at $200,000. Wes Edens owns 63 million shares of Fortress stocks and the breakdown of his annual compensation in parts is from alternative compensation, a $12 million bonus, and $1 million in stock awards.

Wes lives in New York with his wife and four children. In addition to his work related ventures, he makes time to give generously to various organizations. Wes Edens’ philanthropic donations include gifts to the Chinook Charitable Trust, the Quincy Jones Listen up Foundation and the William J. Clinton Foundation and Autism Speaks, Martha’s Vineyard Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House of New York.

Wes Edens’s Facebook Page:

Alex Pall and pop duo “The Chainsmokers”

According to his May 2016 interview with “Interview Magazine”, Alex Pall of the highly anticipated “The Chainsmokers” pop duo, is still developing as a brand. The artist who relies on the help of his partner, Andrew Taggart, plans on growing his identity through music. As a result, they want to evovle with their audience, personalize their brand, and grow their ambitions as true artists with crafted human element.

Alex Pall grew up in the music industry, and creating music was his hobby. He started making music in New York City, where he worked to transform his hobby into a career he would be passionate about. He met his music partner, Andrew, in 2014, which he considers “love at first sight”, and have been making music ever since. The duo originated off of each other’s drive and ambitions and still continue to create their identities on a full-time basis.

Pall states that his listeners connect to his music on a deep level; something he considers to be a journey of self-discovery. The duo believes that in order to stay interesting and engaged in their work, they must keep trying new things such as new genres and meeting new people in the industry. The musical duo believe their approach will work out in the long term.

The group enjoys producing music for today’s young generation. Their electronic beats and ambitious and bold lyrics draw inspired audiences from all ages and walks of life. Their records have generated many profits and featured famous celebrity artists such as Halsey, an up and coming pop star whose genre is also targeted for today’s young generation. The pop duo group, “The Chainsmokers” plans to expand their brand, continue their progress and accomplishments, including releasing new music albums, features, and touring the country with their crew.

PSI Pay — E Cash and Wallet Types

PSI Pay is another kind of payment offered by one of the predominant payment companies in the UK. They recently begun giving customers a payment technique to replace conventional methods. The strategy comes in the form of a wearable ring fabricated from ceramic that customers will use for contactless payments. They made a joint agreement with Kerv Wearables to craft the rings. If a client needs to get an item in a department store, restaurant, café, or other location they simply place the ring near the merchant’s contactless card reader. The dealings are processed instantly. PSI Pay has designed their company by accepting open and innovative technologies. They’re invariably checking out new ways to form new industries and change the world of payments.


MasterCard had to approve the PSI Pay rings for public use prior to their release. The rings had to be certified ready to stand up to all weather, extreme wear and tear, and they had to be electronically safe. PSI Pay had the rings created from a ceramic outer shell that’s stronger than steel. The inner portion will not aggravate allergies, and it is made out of a comfortable material. Everything that transfers to and from the ring is encrypted, therefore they are safe. The rings don’t need a charger or battery. They receive their main source of power from the POS station through electromagnetic waves in the air and PSI Pay has worked out all the kinks in this system.


The 2 models of payment wallets are the European and the American. Within the American model, merchandise and services are changed for currency on-line. The transactions are conducted in an exact exchange manner – like for like. The chance of charge-backs happens as a result of this. The payment is created directly with the merchandiser. The dealings go directly through. Within the European model, the pocketbook, as PSI Pay points out, could have multiple payment or load card choices. There are also accounts joined to ATMs and merchants for payment. After loading any currency in such a pocketbook, the owner is creating a transaction of E cash. This kind of account is the same as a checking account. A checking account can store the currency, and it will have numerous payment cards connected.


The benefit of the funds is given to the operator. In the classic example, this might be the establishment. Until the funds are required for withdrawal, they’re going to be held within the establishment as E cash. In effect, by storing funds in a checking account, a client is getting digital cash.

Read more about PSI Pay and their partnership with Kerv:

Author Sean Penn Introduces Debut Novel: Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Well-known and celebrated as a motivating force in acting, producing and directing, Sean Penn has emerged as a first-time novelist.

Born in Los Angeles, California in 1960, Penn initially appeared in movie roles such as Taps and Fast Times at Ridgemont High. As one of Hollywood’s most gifted and controversial actors, he went on to establish his talent in movies that include The Falcon, At Close Range, Casualties of War and Carlito’s Way.

Penn won two Academy Awards (Oscars) as Best Actor in Mystic River and Milk.

He recently talked about his book, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, from his home in Los Angeles, with Vogue magazine.

The book, which is about a sewage expert who is also a government operative, has received reviews that range from keep your day job to the possibility that Penn and Bob Honey are the same person.


He described how unlike the experience of writing a book is from wrapping up on a film project. Rather than collaborating with others, Penn benefitted from something all of his own and will be making the most of his artistic energies for writing more books in the near future.

Penn detailed how he takes pleasure in moving faster than his fingers and as a result he composed the book by dictation rather than by manual typewriter (which he previously used for screenplays).

He also pointed out while there are no acting projects in the works, there is a movie he may want to direct at some moment in time.

Penn called attention, in his book Bob Honey Who Just Do stuff, to the comparisons people are making of his writings to other authors. He indicated if someone’s words have an impact on you, that influence is actually the enthusiasm that takes place from their freedom with words. He added he would rather leave it to the readers to draw their own conclusions.

When discussing how the #MeToo moment fit in to his book, Penn explained it is determined by how a person reads it. He added if people look at the book as an opinion piece, “they have picked up the wrong book.”

Read the full interview:

Randal Nardone’s Hard Work Gives Him the Help He Needs

Fortress Investment Group does what they can to help other people with the issues they’re facing. Randal Nardone helped start the company and knows how to make things better for those who are a part of the company. He spent a long time giving people the chances they need to do things right. He also did everything he could to promote positive opportunities within the environment he worked. For Randal Nardone to do these things, he had to prepare to help people with their own issues. He spent his time giving them what they needed and allowing them to see how things get better.For Randal Nardone, the point of the business is giving clients the help they need. He’s confident in his investment skills and that’s part of what made him the best person to co-found the business. He had experience investing and experience running a business. He felt there were things he could do to give clients what they needed. He spent a long time trying to make sure people knew he was doing everything right on his own.

As long as Randal Nardone felt confident, the business would continue pushing forward and helping people with the investment issues they faced.No matter how hard they fought to stay open on their own, there were things they simply couldn’t do. Randal Nardone recognized it as a business opportunity. He wanted to offer more to clients, but he’d never be able to until he made the business better. He chose to find a corporation that could help them. Softbank offered to buy out the company and help them with the options they needed. Through their acquisition, they prepared to make sure Randal Nardone and others who started the company stayed active in it.

Since all of this was their idea, it was important to them to stay active and make the company better.As long as Randal Nardone felt good about the company, they were doing things they could to make a difference. They felt good about the business and about everything going on in the business. For Randal Nardone, Softbank was an important part of their business model. As the corporate parent of Fortress Investment Group, they’d be active in day-to-day operations. Randal Nardone would finally get the support he needed. He had been asking for support for a long time and that’s how he made things easier for everyone on their own.

How Otto & Sons Ltd., Transformed into the Billion-Dollar OSI Group

In the early nineteen hundreds, America was undergoing an economic renaissance of near-epic proportion. The economic prosperity was and still is, fueled by the arrival of immigrants from all over the globe to the US. One such immigrant family that came to the USA with a tunnel vision were the Kolschowskys. The patriarch of this German descended family was called Otto Kolschowsky and together with the wife and the kids they successfully opened a small meat trading store in one of the emerging suburbs in the state of Chicago. Barely three decades into the meat business, had that once small outlet transformed into a regionally recognized entity bearing the name, Otto & Sons.


In the early-to-mid-1950s, America welcomed a hotel franchise business called McDonald’s. Very few people, save for maybe luminary business minds like Otto Kolschowsky recognized the remarkable opportunity and joined forces with McDonald’s. The CEO of McDonald’s met up with the leader of Otto & Sons in the most formal meeting ever. By then, McDonald’s had just broken ground on its premier store in Des Plaines, Illinois.

New Preservation Method

The first meet up with the leaders of these globally acclaimed companies culminated in a simple handshake, but the strong professional relationship forged that day would endure the coming decades to this very day. OSI’s meteoric rise to the top of the fast food franchise business was catalyzed by the company’s invention of a new and more effective method of preserving processed meat and meat products. Fast track to the 1970’s and the quality meat retailing establishment rebranded and it was now called, OSI Group of Industries.

Forbes Listing

OSI Group of Industries built up a behemoth supply network consisting of close to 200 independent and verified suppliers. With time, the quality meat company diversified their clientele portfolio to include other emerging restaurants and hotels in the state and elsewhere as well. Towards the turn of the millennium, OSI Industries acquired full rights for the Glenmark trade name. Such moves would ultimately propel OSI Industries to become the 136th most profitable and valuable private American company.

Sword of Honour Award

Today, OSI Industries has a strong valuation of $6.1+ billion and it’s expanded operations to far places like mainland China, Eastern, and Western Europe and in the lucrative Asian Pacific region. OSI’s outstanding track record and service performance have won the OSI Group fans and customers all over the planet. For instance, OSI walked away with two top awards at the 2015 British Safety Council (BSC) awards. OSI Industries scooped the coveted Sword of Honour award for their innovative measures to enhance the overall safety and wellness of their ever-growing clientele.

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