Papa John’s Is Moving Forward With Steve Ritchie

Steve Ritchie assumed the role as Papa John’s President and Chief Executive Officer on January 2018. His humble beginnings started as a customer representative for a wage at 6$ per hour in 1996. After a number of years at Papa John’s, he became the franchise owner and operator in 2006. Their current headquarters reside in Louisville, Kentucky where Papa John’s became the world’s third-largest pizza company for 16 years. Steve Ritchie ensures consumers receive the best quality pizza and efficient delivery service right at the doorstep. Customer care is his number one priority, so employees at Papa John’s receive proper training for providing customers with excellent service in the industry.

Steve Ritchie traveled across the country to meet with people who work and run the business in several states such as Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Detriot. He believes they are the focal point in the business and without them, Papa John’s is nothing. The teams have had difficult interactions with customers due to the trust they lost with them. The managers supported local schools and charities in their communities because they are apart of it themselves.

Though it was tough for Steve Ritchie to hear, he believes the team shares optimistic opportunities to start fresh. His team is committed to moving Papa John’s forward. The employees no matter what position they’re in, recognize they’re part of a community they serve. Steve Ritchie Papa Johns is driven to make Papa John’s a better brand and believes the company will grow as the community strives for excellence. To Steve, making progress means he and his employees must understand proper feedback, and acknowledge criticism from the community in order to build a better company for the employees and the customers at Papa John’s. As mentioned on their website, his passion and commitment will only grow as he continues to make the company a better place.

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