Paul Herdsman Is A Mover And Shaker In The World Of Business


Paul Herdsman is an entrepreneur and businessman. He has more than 10 years of experience in online customer acquisition and consumer software. He is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Nice Global. Opening their doors in 2014, the company specializes in near shore business solutions. The company is based in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Paul Herdsman is a problem solver by nature, as well as a marketing and sales maverick.


The idea for the company came from the desire to bring their outsourcing under one roof and build their own center. Nice Global was born after associates did an exceptional job handling the business needs of the company. The decision was made to offer the same services to other clients. Herdsman starts and ends his day the same way and that is seeing his children. The time in between is spent working with an always changing business environment and creating results.


Paul Herdsman’s best ideas present themselves when he is away from an office environment. His business associates are his sounding board, as well as a source of feedback. The ideas are brought to life in the office and after a lot of discussion and finding the answer to questions; the idea is implemented on a small scale and given a test drive. A successful test drive results in an expanding implementation where the build goes hand in hand with interest.


Paul Herdsman finds it interesting and encouraging those companies are beginning to utilize near shore services rather than off shore services. It is an exciting turn of events that Herdsman sees with a great deal of promise. Paul Herdsman sees a very bright future for his company and the expansion possibilities seem limitless.


He is not a big fan of wasting time and makes his correspondence short, sweet and simple. Anything not concise often results in creating busy work and finds that is often the biggest distraction to his day and diminishes his productivity. Advice he offers to others is to become a problem solver. Cut through the unnecessary and get right to the chase. If focus stays on upward movement, the business as a whole will always be moving in the right direction. See This Article for more information.


In the article, “Lessons from Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman”, Herdsman gives six lessons: create culture, invest in the players, reward employees for performing well, understand everyone’s position, find the best people, solve a problem for clients.



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  1. The system employed by him is one that many in the line of business would agree to be working perfectly well because it spurs success. To a very large extent has earned the respect of a lot of investors and clients because of the kind of system that is been instituted in his company. People need to be rewarded for the work that they have been doing and its really good seeing him do same with his group.

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