Seacrest and Rippa Pay Homage to Decades of Sitcom Humor…

Kelly Rippa has been a television host for quite some time. More recently, she’s been co-hosting with Ryan Seacrest. Seacrest, an American Idol finalist, is the perfect choice of a co-host for Rippa’s series. For their Halloween special, Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest), Rippa and other cast members dawned a series of costume schemes that were quite unique indeed. Each one involved a different sitcom from years past! The televised event was referred to as, “Live’s Best Halloween Show Ever: The ReBOOOOot.”

Who got hit with this Homage?

Who didn’t get hit with this homage might be a better question for the reader to ask! Keep in mind, even if Ryan has to transform into the opposite sex, anything goes! He did just that for the Charlie’s Angels theme! At one point during an interview, Seacrest even mentioned that he could feel glitter somewhere near his eyes. The fun doesn’t stop with Charlie’s Angels, however. I dream of genie, Chips, I love Lucy, and even Married with Children all got dragged into the theme mix! Upon initial inspection, one can clearly see this is a cast of hosts that takes homage themes quite seriously!

Ryan also Takes Charity Quite Seriously…

That’s right, sitcom homage photo shoots is not Ryan’s only area of expertise, he enjoys charitable institutes a great deal also. In fact, he has his very own foundation, The Seacrest Foundation. The foundation’s mission is simple enough, utilize education in combination with entertainment to help develop the young communities that you donate financially to.

How does this Charity Work?

The foundation builds educational facilities that they refer to as Secreast Studios. These studios allow children, of all ages, to explore various types of media development and broadcast. There are also other educational experiences worked into a child’s stay at once such studio. The possibilities really are endless with Seacrest Studios.

Could this Young Blood be a better Fit?

This seems to be the general consensus among many Kelly fans. One has to admit, it’s quite difficult picturing one of her other co-hosts dawning a feminine wardrobe for a sitcom homage photo shoot! A high level of open-mindedness certainly goes quite a long way in the world of television hosting. See the latest update from Ryan Seacrest on instagram.

Here’s Ryan’s latest radio show: