Success of Vijay Eswaran, and the QI Group

Dr. Vijay Eswaran heads multi-business conglomerate being the founder and also the Chairman of the QI Group of Companies. The company has various sectors such as retail, direct selling, education, and hospitality as well as financial services. The company’s flagship subsidiary is QNET and was started in 1998 by the businessman who hails from Malaysia. Today it has become a global company and has offices in various places including the UAE.

The company has managed to merge the traditional methods of sales with the model of e-commerce on Facebook. The entrepreneur says that he was looking for a company that would combine the power of the people of a direct sale force and yet reach worldwide by use of the internet. The company with the help of Vijay Eswaran tested direct selling business model by incorporating the e-commerce platform, and they yielded success.

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In the year 2013, Vijay Eswaran was awarded the Malaysian Business Award (MBA) becoming the CEO of the year. It was on November 8, 2013, when the Asian Business Advisory Council awarded him the prize receiving it from Dato Sri Mustapa Mohamad, the Malaysian Minister of International Trade. The award recognizes exceptional leaders who are innovative and have excellent practices so that they can achieve optimum business results. Vijay Eswaran is also a well-known motivational speaker and a philanthropist. He established the QI Group in 1998 and the company has diverse activities.

QI Group is a conglomerate that is multinational. It has offices in different locations such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, and Malaysia. There are also subsidiary companies in over thirty other countries. The company has a range of business lines such as lifestyle and leisure, telecommunications, collectibles and luxury, property development, training and conference management and e-commerce direct sales. Source: