The Who, What And Where of WEN By Chaz Helps Lift Blogger’s Mane

Emily McClure is a beauty blogger who admits having fine, thin, do nothing kind of hair. It isn’t easy trying to force her hair to behave in the proper way. Emily dreams of celebrity hair that is voluminous, glossy and manageable. So, she decided to try the no lather shampoo system people around the world love, WEN by Chaz.
Emily planned on a one week test of the famous brand that she posted to She even featured daily hair selfies to show readers her progress.

Chaz Dean is no stranger to beautiful heads of hair, because he is a celebrity stylist on the LA scene. He developed WEN by Chaz to give his elite clientele a better hair experience, one that didn’t contain harsh detergents. He removed the sulfates and created unique cleansing conditioners like Bamboo Green Tea and Mandarin Italian Fig. These luxurious formulas are pure and plant-based and nourish each strand from root to end. The no lather shampoo system delivers radiance and strength to every hair type out there. Dean sells his products exclusively on Amazon and at high end cosmetics stores like Sephora.

However, because it isn’t a regular shampoo, this system works ideally with massaging in lots of formula.

Still, Emily achieved quite a crowning glory with abundant shine, volume and manageability. As long as she blow-dried and then used her favorite styling tools, she was able to create that Hollywood hair that people envy. Her hair selfies are all the proof one needs; Wen by Chaz rocks and really does what it says.

Emily says that WEN by Chaz is not for lazy girls. If you take the time and effort, the system will never fail you. Visit for more information.


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